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YOUTUBE CHANNEL = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBA0XI4EhdbSP6OOsWixHIg

Dance music lover from the day I was born.
Getting excited on the 'synth' sounds of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Electric Boogie / BreakDance, Italo Disco etc.
Starting to love and buy Housemusic in 1988 when I was 12 years old, but it all started when I first heard Love Can't Turn Around from Farley Funk in '86, that sound filtered into my system and turned me into a HOUSE junkie ... \o/



DJ Eddy De Clercq, Paul Jay, Maz Weston, Per, Jeroen Flamman, Abraxas, Gino, Dano, Dimitri, Marcello, Eric Nouhan, Godard, Eng Bo Kho, Gert Van Veen, Ardy Beesemer, Fred Berkhout, Alfred Bos, Eric Cycle, Orlando Voorn, Pavo, Vox, Rubens, Neuv, Robert Meijer, Crazy Shaun, Voodoochild Waldo, Monde, King Bee, Da Juice, KC The Funkaholic, Carlijn, Eva, Marcel Kennis (RIP), D-Shake, Joost Van Bellen, Dylan Hermelijn, Sandy Huner, Surkus, Ad De Feijter, Ambient Daan, Wanka, Cellie, Pila, Skorp, Lady Dames, E-One / Erick E, Buzz Fuzz, Champ-E-on, Steve Green, Graham B, DJ Johnson, Mickey V, Edwin B, Pulsemaster E, Phantomas, Marque, Kosmo, Cellie, Jose Salvador, The Prophet, Spider Willem, Multigroove, Mazzo, Roxy, Richter, Waakzaamheid, IT, Latido, Metropool, Mayhem, Palace, Fun/Hemkade, Amnesia, Subtopia, Herengracht 114, Planet E, Beatclub, Luna, Pacha / TranceBuddha, Oostelijke Handelskade, Westelijk Havengebied, Coffeeshop 222, Outland Records (Pieter, Mickey, Jerry, Edgar, Hans, Jerome, Renato, Dano, Bart Skills, Theor, Anthony and the ones I forgot...), Black Beat (Budget Basement!), Dance Tracks (Maikel, Tommy, Soedesh, Unger), Rhythm Import (Singel / Nieuwendijk), Boudisque, Wild! Shop, ZX Fashion, DADARA, OTTO KRUIJSEN, THOMAS NOORDHOEK, ZENDER, GO BANG!, ESP, TORSO, LOWER EAST SIDE, TINK! Records, Radio 100, Amsterdam FM and all that I forgot!

One last shout out to the Rush Hour label and store and the Tink! Records crew for keeping it real and underground in the Dam area!

Recent Activity
submitted Don Kosaken Chor Serge Jaroff - Song Of The Volga / Monotonously Rings The Little Bell. about 19 hours ago
submitted Franz Kaisin - Faust / Les Pêcheurs De Perles. about 19 hours ago
submitted Mario del Monaco - Manon Lescaut / De' Miei Bollenti Spiriti . about 19 hours ago
submitted Emile Van Bosch - Lied Van Grootva / Bygeloofslied. about 19 hours ago
submitted Helena Zboinska-Ruszkowska, Dajos Béla - Arie Aus 'La Forza Del Destino' / Sérénade. about 19 hours ago
submitted Richard Tauber - Küß Mich Zum Letzten Mal, Natascha / Tausend Rote Rosen. about 19 hours ago
submitted Coro Belmonte - Vieni Sul Mar / 'O Marenariello. about 19 hours ago
submitted Costa Milona - L'Africana / I Pescatori Di Perle. about 19 hours ago
submitted Ruth Arden & Emile Van Bosch & Rensie Orkest - Nooit Mag Je Met Liefde Spelen / Liefste, O Vrouwke Mijn. 1 day ago
submitted Bob Scholte - De Drie Klokken (Les Trois Cloches) / De Zee (Le Mer). 1 day ago
submitted Anni Konetzni, Anni Frind, Constantin Stellakis, Gerhard Hüsch - Querschnitt Durch Die Oper: Cavalleria Rusticana. 1 day ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Zigeunerbaron. 1 day ago
submitted Homocord-Tanz-Orchester - Valencia / I Miss My Swiss. 1 day ago
submitted Willy Vervoort - Als Je Van Me Houdt / Hoor Wat Een Melodie. 1 day ago
submitted Willy Derby - Vogelijn / Koekoek-Wals. 1 day ago
submitted Willy Derby - Als Je Weer Vrij Bent / Schuld. 1 day ago
submitted Amsterdamsch Politie Muziekcorps - Zou Zijn Qui Passent / Triumph. 1 day ago
submitted Duo Hofmann - Gys En Tryn Naar De Olympiade. 1 day ago
submitted George Hofmann - Wat Is Er Met Paula Gebeurd? / O, Isabel Loop Niet Zoo Snel.. 1 day ago
submitted Anne Welch, Norton Collyer, Victor Conway - A Country Girl . 1 day ago
submitted Earth Leakage Trip - Earth Leakage Trip (Remastered Compilation). 16 days ago
submitted Fred Marley Künstler-Orchester - Im Hamburg An Der Elbe / Auf Der Reeperbahn Nachts Um Halb Eins. 25 days ago
submitted Leonid Iwanow - Potpourri Aus Zigeunerliedern / Ei Uchnem. 25 days ago
submitted N. Ramescu Orchestra - Musikalische Seifenblasen. 25 days ago
submitted Tino Pattiera - Tarantella Sincera / Manella Mia!. 25 days ago
submitted Dick McDonough And His Orchestra*, Johnny Johnson And His Orchestra* - South Sea Island Magic / Let's Sing Again. 25 days ago
submitted Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - Painting The Clouds With Sunshine / Tip-Toe Through The Tulips. 25 days ago
submitted Jacques Gerlagh En Zijn Trio - Roses Of Picardy I Want To Be Happy / Ramona - In A Little Spanish Town Always. 25 days ago
submitted Maurice Alexander & Son Orchestre* - La Valse De La Nuit / La Belle De Tolede - Valse Espagnole. 25 days ago
submitted Duo Hofmann - Haast Je Maar Langzaam / Hoera Olympia. 25 days ago
submitted Boris Lensky Trio* - Grootmoedertje / Droomen. 25 days ago
submitted The Scott-Wood Accordeon Quartet - Underneath The Arches / Marta. 28 days ago
submitted Wiener Bohème-Orchester - In Lauschiger Nacht / Eva-Walzer. 28 days ago
submitted Dajos Béla - Die Parade Der Zinnsoldaten / Siamesische Wachtparade. 28 days ago
submitted Saxophon-Orchester Dobbri - Annekin, Annekin, Drück' Doch Mal Aufs Knöpken / Laßt Uns Noch Einen Heben. about 1 month ago
submitted Willy Derby - Voorby.... (My Irish Home Sweet Home) / Bedrogen (Ay! Ay! Ay!). about 1 month ago
submitted Kapelle Merton - Das Lied Von Angeln / Ca... C'est Paris. about 1 month ago
submitted The Britannica Piano-Accordion Band - The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill / Sweet Adeline. about 1 month ago
submitted Alfredo Campoli And His Salon Orchestra* - Songs Of Italy. about 1 month ago
submitted Alfredo Campoli And The Dorchester Hotel Orchestra* - The Skaters / España. about 1 month ago
submitted The Britanica Accordion Band - Are We To Part Like This?. about 1 month ago
submitted Accordeon-Orchester - Remembrance / Love's Last Word Is Spoken. about 1 month ago
submitted Herbert Ernst Groh - Die Lustigen Weiber Von Windsor / Lied Der Liebe. about 1 month ago
submitted Billy Cotton And His Band - Ooh That Kiss / A Bed-Time Story. about 1 month ago
submitted Hans Schleger - Neapolitanische Nächte / Mitternachtswalzer. about 1 month ago
submitted Orkester* - Loflied Op Ons Biertje / O - Juffrouw Donselaar . about 1 month ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5 / Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 6. about 1 month ago
submitted Hugo de Groot - Bonzo Stelldichein / Froschkönig's Fackelzug. about 1 month ago
submitted Hugo de Groot - Mon Rêve / Les Fiancailles. about 1 month ago
submitted Jussi Björling - Cujus Animam. about 1 month ago