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Dance music lover from the day I was born.
Getting excited on the 'synth' sounds of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Electric Boogie / BreakDance, Italo Disco etc.
Starting to love and buy House music in 1988 when I was 12 years old, but it all started when I first heard Love Can't Turn Around from Farley Funk in '86 and infected me with the House virus, that sound filtered into my system and turned me into a HOUSE junkie ... \o/



DJ Eddy De Clercq, Paul Jay, Maz Weston, Per, Jeroen Flamman, Abraxas, Gino, Dano, Dimitri, Marcello, Eric Nouhan, Godard, Eng Bo Kho, Gert Van Veen, Ardy Beesemer, Fred Berkhout, Alfred Bos, Eric Cycle, Orlando Voorn, Pavo, Vox, Rubens, Neuv, Robert Meijer, Crazy Shaun, Voodoochild Waldo, Monde, King Bee, Da Juice, KC The Funkaholic, Carlijn, Eva, Marcel Kennis (RIP), D-Shake, Joost Van Bellen, Dylan Hermelijn, Sandy Huner, Surkus, Ad De Feijter, Ambient Daan, Wanka, Cellie, Pila, Skorp, Lady Dames, E-One / Erick E, Buzz Fuzz, Champ-E-on, Steve Green, Graham B, DJ Johnson, Mickey V, Edwin B, Pulsemaster E, Phantomas, Marque, Kosmo, Cellie, Jose Salvador, The Prophet, Spider Willem, Multigroove, Mazzo, Roxy, Richter, Waakzaamheid, IT, Latido, Metropool, Mayhem, Palace, Fun/Hemkade, Amnesia, Subtopia, Herengracht 114, Planet E, Beatclub, Luna, Pacha / TranceBuddha, Oostelijke Handelskade, Westelijk Havengebied, Coffeeshop 222, Outland Records (Pieter (RIP), Mickey, Jerry, Edgar, Hans, Jerome, Renato, Dano, Bart Skills, Theor, Anthony and the ones I forgot...), Black Beat (Budget Basement!), Dance Tracks (Maikel, Tommy, Soedesh, Unger), Rhythm Import (Singel / Nieuwendijk), Boudisque, Wild! Shop, ZX Fashion, DADARA, OTTO KRUIJSEN, THOMAS NOORDHOEK, ZENDER, GO BANG!, ESP, TORSO, LOWER EAST SIDE, TINK! Records, Radio 100, Amsterdam FM and all that I forgot!

One last shout out to the Rush Hour label and store and the Tink! Records crew for keeping it real and underground in the Dam area!

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submitted K.O.C. - At The Bottom. 15 days ago
submitted Los Descontrolados - ¡Pirata! (Flamenco House). 2 months ago
posted a review of Musto & Bones Featuring P.C.P.* - Dangerous On The Dancefloor. about 1 year ago
Props to the unknown writing down the lyrics:

I know a girl by the name of Rita
light skinned Puerto Rican, I call (MIRA)
the way she moves i can’t ignore
shes a porno flick on the dance floor

twistin churnin drips of sweat
a little bass thump, rita’s ... See full review
posted a comment on Monarch - Forever Slammin' / I'll Be Right There. over 2 years ago
That must have been Marcel Kennis, excellent DJ on AFM and Mazzo, I still have 3 mixes of him, timeless sets, his memory lives on <3
posted a review of Robert Görl - Darling Don't Leave Me. over 8 years ago
Robert Görl teaming up with Annie Lennox in a time when they both where busy with DAF & Eurythmics.

The B side is cool but it is the title track on the A side that needs ya attention.
Cool drumcomputer programming and ace wizardry done on the synths ... See full review
posted a review of Khemistry (2) - I Can't Win For Losing. over 8 years ago
Lazeraregroovediscofunksoulalicious cut that makes ya dance and groove and foremost a happy Dancer on the dancefloor.

Tight as fuck cut produced by Willie Lester + Rodney Brown that's hard to find these days with an instant recognizable chorus line ... See full review
posted a review of Pallas - A Taste Of Ulysses. over 10 years ago
What a smashing release by the guys named Arnout Winkler & Jochem Peteri on the Lower East Side label.

3 Deep Techno House cuts that ya still can play today.

Ulysses Horizons is build round Adonis his 'We're Rocking Down The House' voice sample and a ... See full review
posted a review of Mecca - Allah Hoo. over 10 years ago
An early Dutch House production involving Eddie De Clerq and Gert Van Veen.
A record that defines the spirit and atmosphere and energy from the days in clubs like The Roxy in Amsterdam and De Waakzaamheid in Koog a/d Zaan.

Allah Hoo is a House track ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Best Belgian Beats. over 11 years ago
A solid selection of trax on this New Beat compilation LP.

The A side contains one weak spot with the Confetti's but the rest is wicked!
From pure New Beat tracks wich sound melancholic and heavy...to more uptempo Acidic sounds.

The B side is like ... See full review
posted a review of Various - The Ambient Groove. over 11 years ago
A rare piece of Ambient 'n Trance here on ESP Records.
This twelve is a Limited Edition promo teaser for the compilation CD 'ESP VOL. 3 "The Ambient Groove"'.

On the A side we find Ken Ishii under his Rising Sun alter ego delivering us a nice cut of ... See full review
posted a review of Sypposytyk Hypnozya - Hard Oclusio. over 11 years ago
...Forgotten moments in Dance history, these quality tunes on that quality label BUZZ.

The first thing you think off when hearing this is ' DAMN!, a record by Mark 'Fantasy UFO' Ryder I never heard of', whilst it is produced by some Belgian lads of ... See full review
posted a review of James Bernard - Unreleased Works 1994-1999. over 11 years ago
After some delay I finally got this 3 CD set delivered at my doorstep today.
Extra nice is the fact that James gave it to me as a present, a very nice thing of James to do :)

210,11 minutes of pure Chill Out extacy.
Every track is a winner and ... See full review
posted a review of Ursula Hybsch - Orgasm. over 11 years ago
Another Italian 'Realm' sampling clone from '90, and like Pierre Feroldi's The Beat this also samples the Realm but gives it another twist, also adding that Italian flava wich makes it an unstopable tune.

Hypnotic, trippy Italian Techno at it's best, ... See full review
posted a review of Eric Nouhan & Dimitri* - The Best Of Eric Nouhan & Dimitri : Careful Digit. over 11 years ago
This CD took 16 years to be released, Careful Digit is first mentioned on the first release on Be.S.T. Records, Page 001: from the forthcoming cd (September '91) Careful Digit.
Then on Page 003/004 again but then with as date April 1992.
Now finally in ... See full review
posted a review of Grace Darling - Dreams. over 11 years ago
Quality tune from the stable of Klaus Jankuhn, delivering 2 well produced cuts of German House spiced up with Grace Darling's vocals.

Give Me The Heat is one Groovy Tribal dancefloor stomper with a dark rumbling bassline that makes you move and ... See full review
posted a review of The Beloved - The Sun Rising. over 11 years ago
How DEEP do you wanna go?

We all know the Original version of The Sun Rising, that Deep, nostalgic sounding tune for those early morning hours, lying on the beach, watching the Sun Rising above the horizon....feeling already the beams touching your ... See full review
posted a review of The Hypnotist - The Hypnotist EP. over 12 years ago
Rainbows In The Sky is my alltime fav tune, BIG sounding Rave madness by the Hypnotist.
This is the tune they have to play @ my funeral!

The Original mix borrows from Afrika Bambaataa's Planet Rock and Fade To Black - In Synch.
A great tune with Bleeps, ... See full review
posted a review of A-Men - Pay The Piper. over 12 years ago
If it is the first Dutch House record or not, it doesn't matter, it ain't important!
If you are familiar with their other project House Of Venus wich came after this you know what to expect:

A strong 'percussive' House beat, a pulsating funky ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Head To Head (Kickin Music vs. Vinyl Solution). over 12 years ago

Brilliant compilation LP with the @ that time creme de la creme of the British 'Rave' scene.
A good collaboration of two of the leading labels from that time, Vinyl Solution and Kickin' Records, delivering their best ... See full review
posted a review of Codine - Dream Sequence / Prologue. over 12 years ago
The only white guys to release toonz on this label that is dominated by black artists.

The two geezers are giving you a good hard 12" full of analogue noise.
Hard 909 drum beats and lots of vintage synth sounds to make you trip.
Don't expect the ... See full review
posted a review of Orpheus (2) - Saludos. over 12 years ago
Why oh why did they decide to delete this record, I know why but I'll leave that for Maarten to write ;)

Saludos is given a remix threatment by the Fierce Ruling Diva guys and that's one thing you hear immediately: Militant percussion, typical FRD ... See full review
posted a review of Taboo (4) - Good Life. over 12 years ago
Nice 'remix' of that Inner City classic by DJ Tone.

The Deeper Mix gives you a good rework of Good Life with a nice TB303 line bubbling thru the song.

The Tighten Up Mix is a wicked Piano monster that builds and builds to explode into one massive ... See full review
posted a review of Well Hung Parliament - We Can Be. over 12 years ago
One of those records from that 1st Progressive House wave in 1992.

Good groovy tribal House tune that uses the deep strings of How II House - Let Me Show U in a good way without sounding like a How II House rip off.

For those who like the ... See full review
posted a review of J.M. Silk - Shadows Of Your Love / Music Is The Key. over 12 years ago
The first 'Hiphouse' record to come out of Chicago.

Shadows Of Your Love is just one of those Deep Chicago jackin' tunes with on the credits some big and known names.
Good produced and to this day a quality tune.

Music Is The Key is DEEP and ... See full review
posted a review of Pierre Feroldi Featuring Linda Ray - The Beat. over 12 years ago
Another good example of how the Italians sample another track to create their own tune.

This track samples the acapella's of C'hantal - The Realm, but Pierre did a good job making this tune not sound like The Realm.

Hypnotic, epic sounding Italian ... See full review
posted a review of Jo Smith - Angel Of Love. over 12 years ago
If you like Phantasia - Violet Skies I suggest you go out on a hunt for this more then good record.

What a rush from this, to me unknown, lady named Jo Smith.

The track builds and builds to the ultimate climax, an absolute monster.
Bleeps, bass, ... See full review
posted a review of Lost In Bass - Out On A Mission. over 12 years ago
Behind Out On A Mission we find some very known names from the early 90's UK rave scene.

Jamal, Jones, Malkani, Dyce, Kelly AKA The House Crew, the production crew for the famous Production House label.

This record is prolly their first release, ... See full review
posted a review of Flora Orrery - Classified Love. over 12 years ago
No signs when listening to this record that Renaat would be BIG in the Belgium New Beat scene.

Sounding like an average 80's tune that's covered with sex, late night bars and young, lonely people.
That's the feeling you get while listening to this ... See full review
posted a review of Tina Joy - Hurry Make Love. over 12 years ago
Quality House tune from 1990.

Catchy vocal hooks, a bassline that grooves, piano's, a male rapper all blend to a wicked piece of music that somehow reminds to Double Dee's, Found Love since they sampled that Organ hook.

But both being released in ... See full review
posted a review of Umoja* - Unity. over 12 years ago
Good piece of Garage House by one of Marshall Jefferson's aka's Umoja.
Also released as Umosia - We Are Unity on the Other Side label wich is harder to find.

The Joey Negro mixes are as we expect by the man, good strong quality House music.
He's one ... See full review
posted a review of Thompson Twins - Come Inside / The Saint. over 12 years ago
Forget the just average Morales mixes on the B side but put your needle straight on the Feedback Max House Mix on the A side.

As I once read there was some involvement by some lad named Norman Cook on this mix. . .

Sampling the piano riff from the ... See full review
posted a review of Jago - Profondo Rosso (Remix). over 12 years ago
When I recall correctly Profondo Rosso is an Italian thriller / horror movie and the melody sampled on this track was used in the opening main theme.

Spooky haunting track with it's organ synth pads, a brain washing tripping bassline and sampling ... See full review
posted a review of 100 Hz - Progress. over 12 years ago
Good piece of UK Techno with absolute slammin' mixes by the lads of F.S.O.L.
The best mixes to get the crowd crazy are the People Living On Mars and JX3P mixes, both by F.S.O.L..

The People Living On Mars mix is one wicked trip with trippy synth ... See full review
posted a review of Timebase Feat. Kromozone - Unity / Fireball. over 12 years ago
If you hate ya neighbours put on this twelve to piss them off, cops @ ya door garantueed.

Unity is a good Hardcore track with bleeps, deep subs and a simple synth riff.

Fireball is the best Hardcore track I ever heard and mi old time ... See full review
posted a review of Shoot The Moon - Tin Soldier. over 12 years ago
Brilliant rave stuff by Shaun Imrei before he established his name in the UK Hardcore scene with his Terrorize project.

While the A side is a bit cheesy mainstream sounding piano stuff it is the B side that is ABSOLUTE great!

Tuff beats, rave ... See full review
posted a review of Bass Bureau - Comin' Hardcore. over 12 years ago
One of those many white labels to come out of The Exhange, London in 1991.

Prolly a demo tape that was given a chance and that got pressed.
Unknown to me who was behind this tune that had a good airplay on the Amsterdam pirate stations back ... See full review
posted a review of Locka Loca - Coco Love. over 12 years ago
Never judge a record by it's cover!

This sleeve looks like a bad 'holiday' Disco tune with two good looking young ladies drinking from a coconut on some Bounty Island, running in the sea, on a boat and with a good looking young Adonis.

When you ... See full review
posted a review of Cybertron & Doc Savage (3) - Climax (The Acid Test). over 12 years ago
Damn fine UK Acid House tune on that label that will never let you down, Warriors Dance.

Good vocals over deep trippy Acid basslines on the Radio Club Mix Vocal.

The Real Deal Acid Mix samples Rhythm Is Rhythm and goes deeper and deeper, IMO THE ... See full review
posted a review of LX & Careem (3) Featuring Beat Patrol (3) - Can U Feel The Acid. over 12 years ago
Great piece of early 'European' House music on this obscure German label Big Sex Records that later was named Tresor.

Simple track but maybe that's why it still makes me move to this day when I put it on mi turntable.
Not in a big studio produced ... See full review
posted a review of Trancemission - Trancemission (Rock Da House). over 12 years ago
Absolute classic 'Hardcore' twelve by the guys now known as the Klubbheads.

'Trancemission (Rock Da House)' is a great hard Techno tune with its hardcore piano stabs, funky assed bassline that makes your stomach goes up and down.
A track you've got ... See full review
posted a review of Soul City Orchestra Featuring Ruth Campbell - Keep On Lovin' Me (Remix). over 12 years ago
Good 12" produced that reminds you of early Nexus 21 / Inner City productions on the B side by the guys of the Dis Gang.

Deep basslines, piano stabs, Inner City sounding synth chords and a good female vocalist by the name of Ruth Campbell.

The ... See full review
posted a review of Techno Grooves - Mach 4. over 12 years ago
The best MACH from the Techno Grooves series.
This volume goes from Techno to Hardcore and back.

If you are into early Rotterdam 'Hardcore' drop ya needle on Instinct, a hard track with a killer bassline.

Or maybe you like Techno like made by ... See full review
posted a review of 2 For Joy - In A State. over 12 years ago
If you like BLEEPY Techno this is a tune worth hunting down.

From Madchester and not Sheffield the Bleep capitol nr.1.
Best mix is the Juno Latuno mix wich is faster then the other mix wich is a bit slow.

Great use of bleeps and vocals on this ... See full review
posted a review of Kool Rock Steady - Power Move. over 12 years ago
BIG BIG Hiphouse tune.
Deep phat TB303 bassline that makes you move and shake ya body untill ya drop.
Lidell Townsell and KRS did a great job here, the rapping is simple but very effective.
This is jacking madness for a big warehouse rave.

If ... See full review