I'm a music collector, mainly k7 and vinyls. I listed here only a part of my collection (I need to check and add other items). Favourite genres: Industrial, New\Cold wave, various Gothic music, Black Metal, some kraut rock & good old heavy metal.

Feel free to write me if you have something to say or want something to ask.

_________WANTED ITEMS (NOT IN DISCOGS)_________

Argiope - Noise daylife (k7, 1994)
Djinn / Urna - "Depression / Lamiis" - Split 2003
Tombstone - Requiescat in pace... Amen... (k7, 1997, The Erzsebet Family)
Ungl'unl'rrlh'chchch - Rehearsal (2001)
Lyke Wake - 1981 - Necronomicon c60
Lyke Wake - 1983 - Loneliness c90
Lyke Wake - 1983 - When The Rest Of Heaven Was Blue (limited edition) c90


PRC 029 V/A - Arcane delight (was deleted on label)

_________VIDEO BOOTLEGS_________

BlutEngel live shows (especially early ones)
Welle:Erdball early live

I'm ready to buy these bootlegs
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Hospital murders is the best N. release of all! The music on this tape is sick Death Industrial with some Death Ambient parts. It's not noise album as other releases of N. but there are some noise. Each track differs from another but all of them create ... See full review