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posted a comment on Pan Sonic - B. 2 months ago
maybe i should remove the cd entry on this page, is it could prevent further confusion.
posted a comment on Mark Van Hoen - Where Is The Truth. 4 months ago
is it me, or is there a face in that mirror on the album cover?
posted a comment on Bedhead - 1992-1998. 4 months ago
are 'Golden Brown' & 'Intents and Purposes' unreleased tracks?

there are no mentions of them as coming from singles or ep's.
posted a comment on Tram - Heavy Black Frame. 4 months ago
"could i be cancer?...before it grows..."

i'll never forget that line.

a truly talented, classy, beautiful band.
posted a review of Keuhkot - Latistaa Totuudenetsinnän Sanahelinäksi. 4 months ago
that 'Huonot Jumalat' needs to be heard to be believed.
egyptian instrumentation with demented synths.
vocals that sound like some angry market stall holder having a go at you because you short changed him.

...ahh, i give up, just listen to it on ... See full review
posted a comment on Pan Sonic - B. 4 months ago
did you ever come across this in the end?

i admit that i have never.

anyone else?
posted a comment on Hood. 4 months ago
missing compilation tracks:

Bomb Scare #14
A Knowledge Of Agriculture
A Piano As An Object
A Job Well Done
attached by traces
It's Oil
Abstract Paintings Of Meaningless Thoughts
Alfred Wainwright
I Wish I Was A Crowbar
Suspension Bridge ... See full review
posted a comment on Hood. 4 months ago
missing tracks from singles:

Girl Called Heaven
Forced Indignation
Did I Really Say That?

posted a review of Low - Murderer. 4 months ago
does the track murderer hint at a crisis of faith, maybe?

eitherway, astonishingly beautiful.

what more is there to say?

i had to type that last sentence to satisfy the discogs minimum word count.
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - Boc Maxima. 5 months ago

oh well, some people have either got bigger disposable incomes, or they're dumb!
posted a comment on Maeror Tri. 5 months ago
posted a comment on The Trigger Quintet - The Trigger Quintet. 6 months ago

run dmc lyrics on the run-out's!

that gave me a happy :)
posted a comment on Urban Dance Squad - Life 'N Perspectives Of A Genuine Crossover. 6 months ago
i have the original album, but do you happen to know how the remastered dbl cd edition sounds?
is it worth shelling out again or not?
posted a comment on Severed Heads - Bad Mood Guy. 6 months ago
that tends to be the only time i ever put up comments on discogs!
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posted a comment on Holographic - 2nd. about 1 year ago
"industrium!" say that again twice, then play the track the same amount of times as you said it, but multiplied by four!!!

a great idea!! :)
posted a comment on AFX* / Autechre - Quex-Rd / Skin Up You're Already Dead. about 1 year ago

just a bit of patience and you can save pant loads of money.

i've known some good friends that were (probably still are!) hard core collectors (they had to have EVERY edition of certain records etc.).

i felt sorry for them at times, due to the ... See full review
posted a comment on Omit - Negative Pulse Logic. over 2 years ago
thank god you can get this on bandcamp too! just listening too it now. one of the world of music's best kept secrets.
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posted a comment on First Down - Jaw Warfare. over 2 years ago
i hear you, skim,

always remember back in 1990, coming out of richards records in in ashford town where i lived, seeing the first down posse walking around the corner off wimpys sporting their crew logo on some fresh goose jackets!

that right then was, ... See full review
posted a comment on William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops. over 3 years ago
now THAT, my friends, is how you review a william basinski box set!
posted a comment on The Pushkins. over 3 years ago
this band is nice, nice, NICE!!!
it was 'same old story' for me (my favourite track from the john peel show).
i was umming & ahhing over to shell out for the LP, when i noticed a bandcamp link to all their stuff in lossless for lovely prices!
sometimes ... See full review
posted a comment on Omit - Echo Dot. over 4 years ago
well, one can only hope he brings this out on bandcamp so we can all celebrate and show our support. i would love to hear this.
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posted a comment on Omit - Recycled. over 5 years ago
music ?
posted a comment on In Dust - Nosebleed. over 5 years ago
1 for sale: £99 :D
hee hee!
posted a comment on Run DMC* - Tougher Than Leather. over 7 years ago

I always felt it was their strongest offering. JMJ's production, samples & beats are wonderful, golden-era Hip Hop at its best. If I recall, Raising Hell sounded more like the Beastie Boys than Tougher Than Leather. The fact that It was the ... See full review
posted a comment on Cocteau Twins. over 7 years ago
A brilliant review!!

posted a comment on King Sun - XL. over 7 years ago
Indeed, a very good Hip Hop LP, even though the last three tracks are of a slightly 'ballady' (?) ladies type affair), it doesn't detract from the overall good mood of the LP.
"Fat Tape" is wonderful!
posted a comment on Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown. over 8 years ago
I'd stick with my older version of the CD, as this remastered version has been pushed too hard. Ain't It Good To You is quite badly distorted, and there really isn't any excuse for that.
But for the extra tracks? Well worth the money [although the Hip ... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - Oversteps. over 9 years ago
One of the best pieces i have read about Autechre. You don't bog it down in uneccessary poetic twists and turns. It's good stuff, clearly written and speaks a lot of home truths about the scene and their followers. I enjoyed reading this. Baz.
posted a review of In Dust - Nosebleed. over 10 years ago
In the hope of encouraging disagreement, I'll say now that in my humble, In Dust were the best Irish band of the '90s. First saw them in '91 at the Art College in Belfast, and they stood out first of all visually as they were synth based - I swear that ... See full review