Hi there,

Here's a short introduction of myself. Normally I hate those "hi this is me and I like..." sort of things, but I guess that for this community it has some relevancy.

I'm hooked on most genres of electronic dance music since the late eighties. Went to my first party somewhere in 1989/1990 and loved it from the first bass till now.

The frequency of me visiting parties has dropped dramatically the last couple of years. Growing old, yeah it's true, and other responsibilities are the main reason. But my love for the music and 12"'s never stopped.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my collection or when you've got records up for sale in mint or near mint condition that are on my wantlist.

Do not contact me for mp3 requests, ebay auctions or items up for sale away from discogs, I'm not interested
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posted a comment on Exos - U Can't Stop Time. over 5 years ago
The promo copy I have, has the same label as http://www.discogs.com/release/146102, but with a Neuton Promo sticker on the A side. Wonder if all listed promos here are like this or are real white label as in white/handwritten?
posted a comment on Fabulon / Happyhead - Say Anything / Digital Love Thing. over 8 years ago
The copy I own of this release does have an inserted piece of yellow paper naming this release: The Dub Project "Volume*1" [unreleased M.K. mixes]