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posted a comment on Alexander Hope - Happy Day. over 4 years ago
Definitely the rarest blaze tune in terms of no.s pressed, as below dubs where it's at.
posted a comment on House Of Jazz - Traxx Of Life. over 4 years ago
.......... ..
posted a comment on Damon Bell - Banyana EP. over 4 years ago
Great record, new but deep in an old way and varied, proper EP like people used to, A & B1 are killers
posted a comment on Awanto 3 / Makam / Lone (2) - Dekmantel Anniversary Series Part 2. over 4 years ago
Pregnant is amazing, just builds n builds, the floor loves it.
posted a comment on Various - Eros03. over 4 years ago
And Kikrokos - Jungle Dj, where is the'Just send it' vocal from though?
posted a comment on Hipnotic (2) - Are You Lonely?. over 4 years ago
The bootleg/unofficial copy I have is very good quality/loud press, have compared and holds up to the original
posted a comment on Greg Wilson - Credit To The Edit Volume Two (Vinyl One). over 4 years ago
Heavy edits especially the A side Roxy & Escort adjustments kill it
posted a comment on Jazz-N-Groove - Jazzy Grooves Volume 1. over 4 years ago
. . . . . . . . vibes anyway!
posted a comment on Doobie Dubs - Perfect Love. over 4 years ago
............. ................
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Jazz-N-Groove - Raw Flava E.P. Vol. No.1. over 4 years ago
Shame but people still played this out, great tunes, just go with it, lots of small press/ unmastered stuff like this at the time, still killer, people have got too precious because of mp3's etc I know it's not ideal but it is what it is and I'd rather ... See full review
posted a comment on Jazz-N-Groove - Jazzy Grooves Volume 1. over 4 years ago
The best Jazz n Groove, at there peak all about the A side
posted a comment on Various - SMK 14. over 5 years ago
Yes it is
posted a comment on Donnell Rush - Perfect Day For Company. over 5 years ago
5 stars all the way for Redawg's (Lil John Coleman) Outhere Alternative mix, timeless track
posted a comment on Moodymann - Moodymann. over 5 years ago
Mine came with Princes actual Raspberry Beret
posted a comment on Frank Booker - Hope. over 5 years ago
If he has this in the bag the B side would come on later then ,amazing music props to Frank.
posted a comment on Ice Band Featuring Unique Pleasure - Live People (Special Disco Edit). over 5 years ago
Agreed this is a magic record
posted a comment on Kenny Dixon Jr. - Emotional Content. over 5 years ago
Theres only 3 tracks on the original EP
posted a review of Roy Davis* - Tha Black Light Exposure E.P.. over 5 years ago
Under Tha Sun is sooo deep and hypnotic the keys/sample are so heartfelt it just sucks you in, perfect afterhours tune,AM no PM, this is food for the soul!
posted a comment on Romanthony W/ The Trojan Horse - Bring U Up. over 6 years ago
Yep the version on here is better than the one on BM11, sick track, RIP Anthony this is REAL house
posted a comment on Gene Hunt - Chicago Dance Tracks. over 6 years ago
Mike Dunn's "Gherkin Aftermath 909" actually samples Gherkin Jerks "Acid Indigestion" not "Tar-Disc"
posted a review of Marcos Cabral - Sym Phon. over 7 years ago
"Better Think Again" is just a rip of Kym Sims - Take My Advice (Maurice Joshua Underground Mix) b/w vocal/samples taken out and not as punchy, original is better imo
(in reply to comments below I didn't say rip off, I said 'rip of' in which i meant ... See full review