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posted a comment on Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack). 2 months ago
Who had the brillant idea of putting the center hole right on his ass on the vinyl version...
posted a comment on Epsilons - Epsilons. 12 months ago
Is this the first ever Ty Segall LP ?
This is his high-school band
posted a comment on Pujol / Meth Dad - Relive At Queen Ave. over 3 years ago
Horrible quality...i like this record for the item it is but the sound is just awful
posted a comment on Fuzz (16) - II. over 3 years ago
I don't think we can consider this record as a Test Pressing...Nowadays there's way too much Test Press copies. there are 3 or 5 test press for a record but i can see on this page that there are 9 persons who already have the record...
posted a comment on Mikal Cronin - MCIII. over 4 years ago
there's a limited clear edition
posted a comment on Fuzz (16) - Sleigh Ride. over 4 years ago
20 copies have been made for "friends", 2 of these copies are for sale on discogs for 5000€...thanks "friends"
posted a comment on Ty Segall - Manipulator. over 4 years ago
how many copies ?
posted a comment on Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs. over 5 years ago
Hi i've got a weird release : gatefold cover made in great britain SHVL 765 and for the vinyl the label has the EMI Box and on the right it's wrote : STEREO, SHVL 765, SHVL 765A
absolutely none of the UK release has a a label like this way, i can't be ... See full review
posted a comment on Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall. over 5 years ago
i see a lot of brand new copy for sale these time, is there a reissue of something ?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
submitted Barney Wilen Quintet - Barney Wilen Quintet. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Fuzz (16) - Sleigh Ride. over 5 years ago
e8ghtmileshigh, this record was made out 20 copies for band, family and friends, just one copy have been on ebay for a californian association...the one who decides to sell one of this EP (gift by the band) is not very nice haha !
posted a comment on Ty Segall - Sleeper. over 5 years ago
is there a special version of this album ? something like a colored limited version or something else ?