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posted a comment on Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky. over 3 years ago
Way more than 50 of these.
posted a comment on Descendents - Milo Goes To College. over 5 years ago
Earliest version on new alliance with heavy cover and insert. Also a repress on new alliance with lighter cover and no insert (seems like there are more of these versions around there)
posted a comment on Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown. over 7 years ago
For the record there are 2000 first press copies (numbers stated by the band in their interview in slash magazine circa 79 - 80) also if you think about it this record shows up almost weekly on eBay and much more frequently than antidote, abused , deep ... See full review
posted a comment on Fucked Up - Hoxton Cunts. over 7 years ago
The music is just random techno 7"s (not all the same ones) and the music is not created by fucked up at all. No need to hear it but it would be nice to fill out your fucked up collection!