Jon Carter, (Monkey Mafia)* - Live At The Social Volume 2 as reviewed by BigBeat25

June 1, 2019
Man, this DJ set is a banger. A magnificent combo between ragga, hip-hop, funk and big beat. You won't see the 67 minutes flying by.
The highlights of this release include, in my humble opinion, tracks n°6,7 and 8. "Play Wit' Fire" has a sort of alarm sound and awesome vocals that remain stuck in your head, the cartoon space sounds of "Bells of N.Y." are super dope and track n°8 has a cool vibe.
Another honorable mention goes to track n°11, "The Program (Ragga Mix)".This one is the definition of a joint, great tribal beats with vocals and instrumental full of funk.
At last, the last track "Mr. Loverman" is a straight killer. Quite a menacing atmosphere.

Of course, the ultimate way to fully enjoy it is to listen from first to last without skipping, as it remains quite consistent through the whole play.

I've known Jon Carter thanks to his stellar album "Shoot The Boss" released under his alias Monkey Mafia. A real big beat monster which also features a ragga influence.
I will never recommend enough this live set "Live At The Social Vol. 2" and "Shoot The Boss", and that's a random millenium guy who says so.

Amethyst - Golden Fish Fever as reviewed by BigBeat25

February 7, 2019
edited 4 months ago
A lost treasure. It's like Depeche Mode, BT and The Chemical Brothers reunited in a studio making an album like this.
I've discovered this CD thanks to the song "Electric Jesus" which is featured in a compilation CD called "Big Beat Royale". The voice is cool, the sounds are hypnotizing and the beats are spectacular.
However, some moments are truly emotional. Listen to the first 15 seconds of "Tequila", with your headphones on and at full volume. Don't watch "Grave of the Fireflies" after that… Despite the beats that will come after, it remains beautiful as the same time.

If you like some artists like Fluke, Way Out West or BT, then you will LOVE this release.

Adam Freeland - Coastal Breaks II as reviewed by BigBeat25

December 28, 2018
The essence of breaks right there. I loved the first "Coastal Breaks" release (and still love it) and this second one does not disappoint.

To precise the previous comment, my feedback concerns the mixed version. This latter features more songs than the unmixed one and got an "ocean blue" sleeve, when the other includes a turquoise one.

Anyway, this double mix is a killer and features some of the finest breakbeat producers who were active during that era, including Freestylers, DJ Punk-Rok, Rabbit In The Moon and Tipper to name a few.
Another bomb that I'm proud to have in my collection.

DJ John Kelley* - FunkyDesertBreaks 2 as reviewed by BigBeat25

December 22, 2018
For me, I only discovered this CD in the beginning of that year 2018. One of the best intros I've ever heard. Meaningful, calm, and progressive before more serious things.

I enjoyed this album as much as other CDs like other Moonshine releases such as "Moonshine Over America 2000", "Big Dirty Beats", "The Trip Hop Test Part One" and "Tricked Out".

A must-have for connoisseurs, a recommended try for novices.

DJ John Kelley* - FunkyDesertBreaks as reviewed by BigBeat25

December 22, 2018
edited 6 months ago
I just can't imagine listening to current electronic music when I heard this. It's two completely different worlds.
When I play the duo "SF2UK"/"A-1 Love Is A Superstar", my day is made. When I play the entire set, I definitely see reasons to enjoy life.

Thank you Moonshine Music ! Thank you Mr. Kelley !

DJ Hardware - SoundShock Vol. 1, The Funky Breaks Edition as reviewed by BigBeat25

December 22, 2018
Biased mark there, but I am a fan of breakbeat to death. The first choon "Raise Your Hands" remixes by the king of Funky Breaks has got sounds that will make you dream and that have to be perserved.
Other highlights include "Hard Hop Ree Bop", the "Billy Club" remix and the classic "Chemical Meltdown". A rarity from StreetBeat for breakbeat collectors.

Krafty Kuts - Slam The Breaks On as reviewed by BigBeat25

December 22, 2018
edited 6 months ago
Space Raiders, Mr. Scruff, Freddy Fresh, Fatboy Slim, Pepe Deluxe, Sir Drew… The list is quality and definitely announces a moment full of funk, hip-hop and of course big beat.

For an advertised audience, I also recommend the whole FSUK series featuring Derek Dahlarge, Frestylers, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Cut La Roc. All of it makes an remarkable melting-pot of styles that will bring diversity and bliss for entire days and more. I can also quote stuff from bands like The Herbaliser, The Wiseguys… but the list is huge.

Have fun !

DJ Icey - Essential Mix as reviewed by BigBeat25

December 22, 2018
edited 4 months ago
As far as I'm concerned, I have been hooked, and still am each time I play it. "Escape" was my first personal favorite of this CD, the galaxy vibe is incredible. I hadn't heard something like this since I listened to the album "Back On A Mission" from Cirrus for the first time.
But it actually forms a spectacular duo with the "Everyday" remix. This track itself would prove to anyone that electronic music can have soul. When you've heard a masterpiece like this tune, it's hard, very hard to play the radio again.

This is the kind of music that definitely has the power to "escape" from the daily, or "everyday" life that may become boring or even bad at moments. Play this and it will do an efficient remedy job.

For more fun, I also recommend "Break To The Dance", "Continuous Play" and "Generate". These beauties from Florida will bring an incredible amount of euphoria, without any drug needed. This music is a drug itself.

DJ Hardware - Trip Hop Acid Phunk as reviewed by BigBeat25

December 22, 2018
The USA hadn't the same definition of trip-hop as the British one which is more well-known thanks to many artists like Portishead.
This first "Trip Hop Acid Phunk" set is at the opposite of calm, and will haunt your system with beats & loops from the breakbeat world.

Absolutely in love with this CD.

Kraftwerk - Computer World as reviewed by BigBeat25

November 16, 2018
edited 8 months ago
Kraftwerk were definitely at the forefront of the electronic music scene back then. Like their prior releases, "Computer World" sums up pretty much what our society is and how it works.

Another influental album that has contributed to the emergence of several acts such as Grandmaster Flash and the Detroit techno scene, amongst others.

This, "Autobahn", "Radio-Activity" and "The Man-Machine" are albums that have to be listened at least once in your life.

Specimen A - Pulse as reviewed by BigBeat25

October 31, 2018
A very nice breakbeat release. Simple but efficient.
Good pulsations on various tempo completed with catchy melodies and loops that appear around 2 minutes after the beginning.

It's not as breathaking as The Crystal Method, yet it constitutes an entertaining soundtrack that may recall you some old video games music which were (and still are) just fabulous.

To conclude, I will also list a few other breakbeat releases that are as unknown as this album. Most of them are the unique album release made by the corresponding artist.
Some rarities include :
- The Merchant Of Menace :" Outside Looking Out"
- Goon : "Mental Reflex"
- PNFA : "The Urban Music Box"
- LHB : "Dig, You May Find A Friend"
- Bonobo : "Hostile"
- Deep Metal Mechanic : "System Failure"
- Zart : "Zart"
- Hybernoid : "Advanced Technology"
- Speed Freeks : "44.1"
- Bass Trip : "Breakzone Vol. 2"

Bomfunk MC's - Reverse Psychology as reviewed by BigBeat25

October 24, 2018
Unlike it's predecessors "In Stereo" and "Burnin' Sneakers", "Reverse Psychology" left heavy electronic sounds to the benefit of a more alternative work. DJ Gismo left the band, and his absence can be clearly noticed when you hear songs like "No Way In Hell" and "Hey Everybody" where electric and acoustic guitars dominate instead of pure electronic.

It's not bad at all and, moreover, a certain Bomfunk touch is still hearable with more electronic tracks such as "Hypnotic" and "Turn It Up".

"Reverse Psychology" was their last bomb before Bomfunk MC's split up in 2005. Therefore, I predict a good future for their discography (including this third release) as it was made by one of the most classiest acts from the 90's.

Various - Mortal Kombat: More Kombat as reviewed by BigBeat25

September 8, 2018
edited 10 months ago
Most of the songs featured there are actually not played during the movie, yet it pictures the fighting spirit of "Mortal Kombat" thanks to these dark techno, metal and industrial rockin' tunes.

"Come2gether" from The Crystal Method is exclusive to this soundtrack, therefore it's a gem for fans of this group like me. "Oxyacetylene" also has such a pumpin' vibe that will make you jumpin' !

As an electronic head, I prefer the soundtrack from the following film "MK: Annihilation", but this one ain't boring at all too.

More Kombat ? No… but more music like this, I say YES.

Various - Mortal Kombat Annihilation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) as reviewed by BigBeat25

September 5, 2018
The "Mortal Kombat" series offers such a kick-ass soundtrack. This one from the "Annihilation" is my number one since the first time I watched this movie.
The film itself ain't a masterpiece, but the music is stellar !

My favorite songs are the catchy "Ready Or Not" from Manbreak, "Back On A Mission" which was also featured in "NFS: Underground 2" and the bloody amazing "Panik Control", one of the very last tunes ever produced by Psykosonik. However, none song from the entire OST will leave you unconcerned because it has a freakin' dance flava.

This CD rocks, and reaches easily the level of "Matrix", "Spawn" and "Blade" in terms of musical composition.
It may be more than 20 years old but it's a witness of the golden years of electronic music. Now, this genre has become way less exciting and emotional.

An absolute must-have for fans of the franchise and/or for breakbeat/techno/industrial/EBM heads.

Omar Santana - Hardhop Tricked Out as reviewed by BigBeat25

August 28, 2018
The original "Tricked Out" CD released a year before this one is pure steady energy. A true perfection !

For "Hardhop Tricked Out", each track sounds different, making this album more heterogeneous. However, the production quality is still on top and whose who like dark hardcore acid breaks & beats will be thrilled with that beauty.

An incredible breakbeat album. Let it not be forgotten. Thank you Mr. Santana.

Various - Moonshine Over America 2000 as reviewed by BigBeat25

August 27, 2018
edited 10 months ago
One of the greatest mixed albums from one of my all time favorite record labels.

Just looking at the cover, you already know it's gonna be something good. I'm in love with these radio telescopes under the blue sky and the moon in the top left corner. If only a few aliens located somewhere in the Universe could catch these signals emitted thanks to these radiotelescopes (as well as our speakers, computers, radios, televisions…) corresponding to music like this, it would be a dream come true.

Musically, the set starts rather nicely with the funky breakbeat flava of "Ghetto Blaster", whose version sounds better than the "Counterfeit" one for me. Then follows numerous house and mostly techno tunes that shake your whole mind and body very efficiently.
The last of this genre, the remix of "Raver's Damnation" produced by the Hardhop master finally gives way to two drum and bass choons.
The latter, the AK1200 remix of "Drawning" is a masterpiece. I absolutely adore the part where a captivating and gorgeous sound accompanies a beautiful female voice. This is the kind of atmosphere that has almost totally disappeared nowadays.

This compilation is part of the prime days of electronic music, when it shared real emotions and rhythm.
I was born a little too late to live this era, yet I still watched the linked documentary of the "Moonshine Over America" tour and it's bloody awesome. Even if I don't understand everything (I ain't a native English), it showcases a part of a culture that isn't as popular as today.

To finish, I'd say that this CD sounds fresher than most of today's electronic productions. I'm definitely proud of having discovered it, and I warmly recommend it for fanatics of beats, bass, melodies, energy, diversity and thrill.

Various - Hardhop + Trypno V.2 as reviewed by BigBeat25

August 27, 2018
edited 10 months ago
In the vein of the first "Hardhop & Trypno" CD, this second one shares minimalist tracks which have more or less beats, bass, acid and rhythm. "Chemical Meltdown", "Fire Like Dis" and "Punk To Funk" are surely the most well-known of them.

If this comp' ain't a real masterpiece, it deserves credit because it keeps a repetitive fun atmosphere in a consistent way. If you're on the road, it can be a very interesting driving soundtrack since you'll be sure to be awake.
Just listen to the track n°8 "Too" and you'll know what I mean. "You Better Work It Out" and "Moondusted" also offers incredible sounds.

Another stunning release from Moonshine Music.

Various - Blade - Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture as reviewed by BigBeat25

August 25, 2018
I give it 5 stars because the epic "Confusion" remix is already enough the whole CD. This tune just can't leave anyone indifferent, it's impossible.

The thing is that the first big half of this OST basically features gangsta rap that actually sounds pretty good, with decent lyrics and nice instrumentals.

You'll have guessed it, the main genre that most of those who've seen the movie expect is electronic music. For those who really don't like rap, the four last choons will be your only sources of satisfaction.

An excellent compromise between hip-hop and electronic music, as well as one of the best soundtracks of the 90's.

Various - Urbal Beats :03 as reviewed by BigBeat25

August 4, 2018
"Urbal Beats :03" is a brutal and dark combination of savage breakbeat, techno, hip-hop and drum & bass.

The first four tracks feature great names of hip-hop such as Mos Def, Method Man and Afrika Bambaataa, and then we enter into the breakbeat world thanks to DJ Icey, Orbital, Underworld, Hardknox and Bassbin Twins.

For me the top tune from this CD is the Millenium mix of "Now Is The Time" from The Crystal Method, which gained fame with Gran Turismo 2.

At last we got two slower-paced songs from Moby and UNKLE. Their respective albums "Play" and "Psyence Fiction" are highly recommended for those who are looking for cool trip-hop and eclectism.

This compilation was released on a record label which hosted artists like DJ Icey, Orbital, Armand Van Helden, CJ Bolland, Goldie, Utah Saints and Carl Cox. Therefore you can pick up this CD confidently, unless you're not into electronic music and/or hip-hop.

Various - Underground Dance as reviewed by BigBeat25

July 29, 2018
One more awesome compilation of electronic music. This time we have breakbeat with an important rock fuse. The track selection is distributed in such a way that different atmospheres are distinguished from each other.

For example, the seven first songs are classic big beat stuff.
Then, the three next ones are more into alternative and electronic rock. The banging beats aren't missed at all and the guitars are bloody amazing.
The third and last part, including tracks from n°11 to n°15 offers a chill-out ambiance with trance-ish sounds. The last song "Hot Knives At Lunchtime" offers a sort of threatening western vibe.

To conclude, this is a cool CD that will seriously make you move. The Crystal Method, The Prodigy, BT, Curve… how can you resist ?

Various - Total Trip Hop - Homegrown In The U.S.A. as reviewed by BigBeat25

July 28, 2018
With "Vapor Trail" and "Cherry Twist", "More" has to be my favorite Crystal Method tune. The atmosphere created by this track is unreal.
It's an experience to have lived at least once in a life, and that the main reason to buy this CD since this choon is so rare on physical releases.

But the other songs Don't have to be left behind. Apart maybe from the ninth song "Wicked Vibes" where the voice becomes annoying after several minutes, the remaining ones are pretty good and even sublime. It creates a compilation that could have been from DJ Icey himself, because it's kind of the "Break To The Dance" style in my opinion.

At last, the "Trip Hope" mix of "Keep Hope Alive" finishes the set beautifully. It's different from the original but it also has a hypnotic feel that is incredible.

Thank you City Of Angels for allowing people to be happy thanks to this CD, as well as your whole references.

Various - The Trip Hop Test - Part One as reviewed by BigBeat25

July 26, 2018
Apart from songs number 4, 5 or 7, this CD sound rather like breakbeat than the predilection genre of Archive, Massive Attack and Portishead.
This compilation is a piece of history since it features two particular lost gems : "My Mercury Mouth" from the early Chemical Brothers during their "Dust" era and "Dubiliscious Groove" from The Crystal Method. The latter is pure genius and chill-out, it can help you fall asleep.
"Lemon Interupt", introducing the birth of Underworld also forecasts the big beat style that will reach some success during the following years.

Musically it's pure euphoria. Like someone said before, it takes you into places you wouldn't ever have dreamed of.

If you're looking for the sound of albums like "Londinium" or "Dummy", then this comp isn't for you unless you're not against catchy rhythms and addictive melodies.

DJ Icey - Continuous Play as reviewed by BigBeat25

July 24, 2018
Another CD I will love until my funeral. I am delighted to have been able to get this wondrous DJ Mix from the king of Florida breaks.

It's basically a non-stop suite of dreaming sounds combined with beats offering a generous pace.
Let's hope that we will hear this kind of sound again in the future thanks to the media, but I doubt about it a little bit…

A lost gem to get for listeners of artists such as The Crystal Method, Fluke, Overseer, Propellerheads and Junkie XL.

Various - Sunshine State Of Mind as reviewed by BigBeat25

July 22, 2018
I discovered Florida breaks not so long ago and this compilation is a hell of a treasure. Catchy breakbeats, relaxing breaks and ethereal sounds are the real deal there !

"The Air Is Full Of Sound" already sums up this CD, chillin' and boomin' at the same time. The eargasm reaches its peak with the sixth track "The Forest". This is definitely the kind of music that will remain forever engraved in your memory until the end.

My personal advises to dig deeper into Florida breaks are any DJ Icey release from the late 90's-early 00's and another compilation called "Electro Breakz Volume One".

Various - Sound Of The Nu Skool as reviewed by BigBeat25

July 21, 2018
Excellent stuff on the whole. "Forget It" and "Sweet Pea" sound a bit cheesy and ain't fully enjoyable for me, but the rest is amazing.
Breakbeat with a heavy hip-hop touch and a little extra funk, this is what awaits you. A cool urban sound for electronic collectors.