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Breakage - Staggered Dub / 4Me
posted a comment on Breakage - Staggered Dub / 4Me. over 5 years ago
Can't wait for the repress for this that's coming this fall.
Eric Random & The Bedlamites* - Time-Splice
posted a comment on Eric Random & The Bedlamites* - Time-Splice. over 5 years ago
"Father Cannot Yell" is a one-of-a-kind proto-DNB example. One of the earliest examples I've discovered.
A Number Of Names - Sharevari
posted a comment on A Number Of Names - Sharevari. over 6 years ago
Big influence from Telex's Moscow Diskow and Kraftwerk's Home Computer.
Weather Report - Black Market
posted a comment on Weather Report - Black Market. over 6 years ago
This is what I think of when I hear the word, "fusion".
Eduardo De La Calle
posted a comment on Eduardo De La Calle. over 6 years ago
His dub techno is amazing. Normally dub techno isn't dark it's usually serious, but Eduardo knows how to do it
&Me - Avalon EP
posted a comment on &Me - Avalon EP. over 6 years ago
Seems like Avalon's got a similar pattern to Leopard (Original Mix):
Squarepusher - Conumber E:P
posted a comment on Squarepusher - Conumber E:P. over 6 years ago
"Conumber" has amazing drum programming that's light years ahead of its time.
Nelver - What You Are / Soul Space
posted a comment on Nelver - What You Are / Soul Space. over 6 years ago
Fixed :)

- - - - - - - - -
Binary Digit - 38490 Electronics
posted a comment on Binary Digit - 38490 Electronics. over 6 years ago
A1 reminds me of Dopplereffekt :)

need 10 word minimum :(
The Invisible Man - The Bell Tune / The Tone Tune
posted a review of The Invisible Man - The Bell Tune / The Tone Tune. over 6 years ago
The Bell Tune is a quality tune. This release slightly reminds me of Peshay's "Piano Tune". This is probably the release that kicked off the intelligent jungle era.
Rumbleton - Pressure / Ultramagnetic
posted a comment on Rumbleton - Pressure / Ultramagnetic. over 6 years ago
Got a bad cut, new copy, tracks skip pretty frequently on both sides, what a shame.
Kaitaro, Cesar Martinez - VS 01
posted a comment on Kaitaro, Cesar Martinez - VS 01. over 6 years ago
100x Vinyl? Seems like an editing error to me.

10 words
Various - United Efforts Volume Three
posted a comment on Various - United Efforts Volume Three. over 6 years ago
Bleach sounds like Damon Wild's "Aqua"

(at least 10 words ... )
Leon Mar - Release The Love / Silent Running
posted a comment on Leon Mar - Release The Love / Silent Running. over 7 years ago
"Release the Love" drums are very similar to "Confessions" on Enforcers 9 / 10
Samantha Fox - Touch Me
posted a comment on Samantha Fox - Touch Me. over 7 years ago
I have one that says "1014-1-JD"? Isn't listed as a version here.
Chicago (2) - Greatest Hits, Volume II
posted a comment on Chicago (2) - Greatest Hits, Volume II. over 7 years ago
Why aren't there any identifiers listed for this release? Either way, I've found my version (only 1 other has this version as well) but wanted to clarify if had the same etchings... See full review
Ellis Dee - The Ellis Dee Project Part 4
posted a comment on Ellis Dee - The Ellis Dee Project Part 4. over 7 years ago
Origin Unknown - The Touch :)