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posted a comment on Off And Gone - Off And Gone. about 1 year ago
Namlohssa... what a trip! beautiful track. oh yeah exist dance
posted a comment on Eternal Basement - Taking Place In You. about 1 year ago
"Nothing To Hold" is the top episode here for me. Hard, yet gentle, spacey and releasing... I can see clouds when I'm listening to this track;)
posted a review of Hanuman T.M. - Gong *1. about 1 year ago
Ragg a time... One of the most original Hard Trance tune that I've ever heard. So wicked...
posted a review of PH 1 - Sizzling Love. over 2 years ago
SIZZLING LOVE! one of my fav tunes I play in my dj sets. amazing journey through the sound of happiness adding more and more beautiful compositions devided by lovely breakdowns as the journey goes on.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Slack (2) - Painkiller / Blade. over 2 years ago
Also can not understand this grading. Record is great! Amazing atmosphere and originality of both tracks.
posted a comment on Astralasia - Realise Your Purpose. over 2 years ago
Realise Your Purpose on this EP is "original testament mix"
posted a comment on Aquila - Low Level Attack. over 3 years ago
Matt Thomas = great artist. 5/5. This vinyl could be more available...