Hi. I am honest with gradings and aim to grade everything to the same standard as if I were buying the records myself.
I am a vinyl collector too, so know the importance of tracking down those gems for the collection at a reasonable price. Please contact me if you're interested in anything you see or if you have any issues, I'm very approachable.

I try to list records together by genre in my inventory but this isn't always possible, so if you're after a certain style or era inparticular, use the Discogs search to narrow it down to year etc.

At present, I'm only able to send out orders on a Saturday, although every effort will be made to send out sooner.

Please contact me if you need time for payment, I will work with you to sort something out. If messages are ignored ^ I hear nothing back, the order will be cancelled after 5 days & negative feedback left.

Recent Activity
posted a comment on DJ Easy - First Flight / Pitch Black. 1 day ago
Awesome Hardcore. The sound effects on the intro to Pitch black are sampled from The Orb by the sounds of it.. not heard the tracks in years but from memory the telephone sample is from Close encounters and the spaceship-kinda sound from Blue room.

The ... See full review
posted a comment on Sub Focus - Special Place / Druggy. 10 days ago
Not keen on Special place, although I can see its appeal, especially as an intro tune. All about Druggy here for me, which builds into a Ram-style Techy roller before unleashing the cowbell for a bangin' 16 bars
posted a comment on New Force - Shockin' To Da Max EP. 3 months ago
Ruff Hardcore! How it should be. My copy is scratched to fuck but still does the job.
Bought it as part of a smallish collection many years ago with other similar tunes that were otherwise destined for a skip.
Back in the days before Discogs when these ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Narrows / DJ Wire - Saved Soul Remix (The Britney Version) / Believe Me (Bootleg). 4 months ago
As played by Principal at Sidewinder Bonfire Bonanza 2002. The DJ Wire track has been ripped off a Dubplate but is still good quality & is a pretty damn good bootleg which must've taken some time to remix
posted a comment on Dub II* - Bad Man (Tuffness Mix) / Sensi Tip. 4 months ago
Anyone able to tell me what the audio quality is like on the black label version ? Had the green one & it wasn't that great
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Decadence / In My Mind. 5 months ago
In my mind is pure Gold. Would love to know who made this so I can check out their other stuff
posted a comment on Shy FX - Wolf (Remixes). 5 months ago
Any one got any audio for this p l s ?
posted a comment on Sticky - Triplets / Try Again. 5 months ago
Wicked 2-tracker. This was the most wanted vinyl by the time it was out of stock, when Triplets really started to gather momentum & was played at all the big raves. Our prayers were answered when it was re-released with Triplets 2 on the b-side. Still ... See full review
submitted Jack Reuben / Robbie Ellington - Boxing / Heavyweight Champion. 5 months ago
submitted Paul Z / Dog Section - No One Knows / Buttfucker. 5 months ago
submitted 702 vs 2 Good To Be True - You Don't Know vs U Ain't Ready. 5 months ago
submitted MC Juiceman / Roni Size - Alone In The Dark / It's Jazzy (Bootleg Remix). 5 months ago
submitted Marvellous Cain / Runninz Crew - Creep (Unreleased Remix) / High Chaparral. 5 months ago
submitted D.J. Wax & Transmixer - Suffers Height (Original / Remix). 5 months ago
submitted Rampage / Rogue Unit Vs The Dream Team Featuring The Voice Of Princess - Godfather / Good 2 U. 5 months ago
submitted Dark & Deadly / The Ganja Kru - Eternity / Mash Up Da Place. 5 months ago
submitted Kaos Theory / ST Files - Sooth My Soul / Part 1. 5 months ago
submitted MC Duke - Sunraise / Dance Hall Clash. 5 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Unknown. 5 months ago
submitted Drumdriver / Da Intalex - Skyy (Micky Finn & L Double remix) / Nice & Slow. 5 months ago
submitted Studio 2 - Dirty Games (Remix) / Junglism. 5 months ago
submitted Dillinja, 2 Deep (4) - Static / Destination. 5 months ago
submitted Just Jungle, Conquering Lion - Double Crisp / Code Black. 5 months ago
submitted Venom Crew - Stomp. 5 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
submitted Fallen Angels, Solution (2) - Hello Lover VIP / What Can I Do. 6 months ago
submitted Dillinja, 3 Way - Deathrow / Smooth Operator. 6 months ago
submitted Renegade, Nookie - Terrorist (PA Version AKA Part 3 - Unreleased) /Sound Of Music VIP. 6 months ago
submitted Photek - Say It / One Nation . 6 months ago
submitted Gang Related & Mask / The Dream Team - Soldier (Dubplate Mix) / The Ride. 6 months ago
posted a comment on DJ Spencer T* - The Lost Tapes . 6 months ago
Great track. Rolls like a '93 Basement release with accompanying uplifting, euphoric synths
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - STOMP!. 6 months ago
Quality piece of vinyl consisting of 2 very credible Hardcore slammers. Very limited, only 200 (or maybe 250) copies pressed
submitted Adam F / Unknown Artist - Circles (Roni Size Remix) / Untitled. 8 months ago
submitted S.P.Y. / Concord Dawn - Til Dawn VIP / Broken Eyes. 9 months ago
submitted Noisia / Dizzee Rascal - My World / Dirtee Cash (Sub Focus Remix). 9 months ago
submitted DJ Die / Studio 2 (2) - Cure 4 Dis / Travellin' Man (Ray Keith Remix). 9 months ago
submitted MC Juiceman - Speed Of Light / Unknown Title. 9 months ago
submitted Narxy One - Every Passing Minute / Pacifica. 9 months ago
submitted Jam Thieves / Muwookie - Take Over (Jaybee Remix) / Comfort Blanket. 9 months ago
submitted K-Dan, In-Fluence - Come Around / Fall Down. 9 months ago
submitted K-Dan - T-Virus. 9 months ago
submitted Flame (10) & Kano (3) / K-Dan - Source Code / It. 9 months ago
submitted K-Dan - Electrodes. 9 months ago
submitted K-Dan - Selassie I Remix. 9 months ago
submitted K-Dan - Love Nouveau / Droid 3000 / Unknown. 9 months ago
submitted K-Dan - Cease Soul / Electrodes. 9 months ago
submitted HLZ - Jane Doe / Ndrx. 9 months ago
submitted K-Dan / Data (15) - Heal Us All / Isolate. 9 months ago
submitted Narxy One - They're Inside / Timekeeper. 9 months ago
submitted Narxy One - Scrape / Crackpunch / You Got Rhyme. 9 months ago