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posted a review of Push - The Real Anthem. over 9 years ago
Universal Nation was indeed one of the most memorable tracks ever in the trance scene and even further... MIKE did a nice masterpiece, and the tune is still fresh in everybody's memory. The amount of remixes afterwards even boosted the track. Now 10 ... See full review
posted a review of Dave Swayze - Goldwave. over 15 years ago
Received this as a Promo from CP himself couple of months ago, now it's officially released. Pole Folder & CP deliver a stunning remix once again, relaxing tune, like we're used to, nice building up of the elements.
posted a review of Pole Folder & CP - Dust. over 15 years ago
Received this promo from CP himself, official release is for 25th of November, but this track rocks, very spiritual, and the b-side is a must have for all you chill-break lovers.
Dust is the first release on Bedrock with a triple vinyl release. Great ... See full review
posted a review of Sasha & Maria* - Be As One. over 15 years ago
What a piece of masterwork, this beaty. What else can we expect from Sasha & Maria Nayler. Chilling-straight-to-the-heart vocals and a progressive dreaming tune in the background. This track is quite old, but I heard it in a club a while ago, and the ... See full review
posted a review of The Hose - One Million. over 15 years ago
This was one of the dance floorkillers from the legendary Club Zillion (Antwerp, Belgium). Real uplifting clubsounds and a stomping drums and beats section.
posted a review of Philippe Van Mullem - The Secret Folder. over 15 years ago
This is one of the best trance tracks he made, in my opinion. It's more like a very dreamy track, with a floating and relaxing break, more a track to really listen to then to mix in a trance set :)
posted a review of 4 Strings - Diving (Rmx's). over 15 years ago
mmmmm minimalistix came up with some brilliant mixes again. What more can we expect than quality piano riffs and dreaming melody and beat :)
posted a review of Marino Stephane* - Eternal Rhapsody. over 15 years ago
Together with Free Time, one of the best tracks he ever made, especially the Guitar mix, what a dreamy melody. Unfortunately this great producer died of an accident :(.
posted a review of Klea - Tic Toc (Remixes). over 15 years ago
What an uplifting track, The Magik Muzik remix is in 1 word "Brilliant", Geert Huininck remixed it (and not Tiesto as mentioned on only-djs). From the moment Armin spinned this track in May, i said to myself "gotta get me one of these" :) The lyrics may ... See full review
posted a review of Plank 15 - Strings Of Life. over 15 years ago
Great progressive track, the 11 minute mix is more relaxing and summer feeling, gives you the right mood to start a party. The Redanka Tar. remix is deeper like we're used to from these guys.
posted a review of DJ Fire - Ulan Bator. over 15 years ago
Jurgen Leyers aka DJ Fire hits the road with his first solo release. Together with his partner Laurent Veronnez (L-vee, Fire&Ice, Planisphere, Capetown,...) they produced a great progressive track. B-side is great too, a very floating and dreaming break
posted a review of Airwave - Another Dimension. over 15 years ago
The Flatline remix is an awesome one, great track to play in a progresive set, ease and calm, with a floating break. The a side : Another Dimension is harder then we're used to from Airwave.