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posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Tour De France. 8 days ago
The 30 page booklet unfortunately shows the same ugly ultra-pixelated images than in the inner sleeve of LP and booklet of CD from 2003. A shame ASO wasn’t able to give them decent quality pictures. Or, if it was intentional, then of the rare time ... See full review
posted a review of Kraftwerk - Tour De France. 8 days ago
First the bad news : this is a great 180 pressing, but, straight out of the plastic wrap, background noise is quite present.
Then, the good news : this is more than a remaster : it is a complete re-mix in the sense that balance between sounds is ... See full review
posted a comment on Ministry - The Land Of Rape And Honey. 2 months ago
The sleeve has obviously been made from a scan of the original pressing. it is slightly blurred.
posted a comment on Ultrasonic (4) - Rain Dance. 2 months ago
This record is strongly underestimated, not for its cool main track, regular mix being a nice moody house track, but for the Sacrifice Mix which is an unoticed hard techno monster, in the vein of Mental Cube. Yes It does.
submitted Lamb - What Sound (Album Sampler). 3 months ago
posted a comment on Various - In Order To Dance. 5 months ago
Listening to this piece again, I feel that all the tracks were slightly accelerated (between +5 to +8) compared to the 12 inches. Perhaps an attempt to pass from the New Beat era to the coming Hard beat and Techno-house period that was coming in 1989, ... See full review
posted a comment on Gigamesh - Gigamesh EP. 6 months ago
Red-light is a hell of modern disco track with lots of soul and clearly not enough length !
posted a comment on Various - DE:10.06. 8 months ago
Nice and moody track from FSOL, great, even if too short. The Monolake track that follows is a bit fast and strongly techno compared to the usual works from M. Henke, but with his trademark warping atmospheric feel. Then her comes David Morley and ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - 1991 Rave Re-Gener8tor EP. 8 months ago
Excellent EP from start to finish. All tracks have a delicious retro feel propelled by a blasting modern production. What De:tuned does to electronica /ambient, Nocturbulous does for Techno-rave. Keep up the good work, guys!
posted a comment on The Holy Ghost Inc.* - Up-An'-Atom. 8 months ago
Hi-Speed (Pirate DJ Club Mix) uses extensively the bass line from Orr-Some « we can make it » as a foundation.
posted a comment on Various - DE:10.01. 9 months ago
Excellent set of works by Kirk Degiorgio : smooth electronica with Jazz influences, deep and bewitching. Quality pressing too, and nice sleeve. This whole series of De:Tuned feels like a revival of R&S and Apollo spirit from the mid 90', and that's a ... See full review
posted a comment on F.O.G* - Electricity. 9 months ago
The cover image is a digital remake of a famous Art Deco poster by French artist Cassandre for "L'intransigeant", a newspaper, from 1925
posted a comment on Loïc Bénart. 10 months ago
Besides being a gifted craftsman with all the passion and dedication you can expect from a top-notch sonic enthusiast, Loic is a cool and extremely nice person, and a kind and helpful producer.
posted a comment on Brainstorm - TZ 9. 11 months ago
Indeep, B is more like a techno remix of Moroder's "Utopia - Me Giorgio" track on the LP Giorgio* - From Here To Eternity, but accelerated and going really beyond the simple audio theft, by expanding it in a sophisticated moody techno-trance feel. A great track.
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submitted Off - Step By Step. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Biochip C. - Biochip C. E.P.. about 1 year ago
Acid breakbeat going berserk. The main attraction here is Psi-Shock, a relentless uptempo acid trance track, while the rest of the EP offers breakbeats layered with rolling acid waves and speeded up samples. Classic stuff from the period.
submitted Major Problem - Love Parasite. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Sinister Cuts - The Blue Clanger e.p.. about 1 year ago
A both incredible and mysterious release. "Job Seeker 1" is a long and exquisite exercice in hypnotic and smooth Detroit techno. Whether Juan Atkins or Darrick May ("Sinister" rings a bell concerning the later one), this is a brilliant enigma.
posted a comment on Major Problem - Give Me A Show. about 1 year ago
Absolutely. As for Rhythm Device's "Acid Rock" that was released as "ACTIVE rock".
posted a comment on Jean Bruce - Chicago Side / Belgium Side. about 1 year ago
Two slices of the past mashed-up with reverence and wit. Simple but effective, in the spirit of early house, when sampling was so new you could dare this kind of stuff. Yes, these are mash-up, and yes, it's fun, nothing more... and nothing less!
posted a comment on LFO - LFO. about 1 year ago
This milestone sleeve design by The Designer Republic is mostly an homage to the English TV serial "UFO" from Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame (among his many other great productions), where the SHADO had a logo that inspired the doodle from LFO guy. ... See full review
posted a comment on Pills - Air EP. about 1 year ago
IMHO, the brilliant one here is "Urba (city mix)", a slow bleepy and progressive techno-house track surprisingly melodic. The rest of the EP is cool, on the rave tip, but less original.
posted a comment on Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. over 2 years ago
I discovered this Album via the Original Soundtrack of Michael Mann 's thriller movie from 1986 "The Sixth Sense", where the track "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" gives the final scene a great touch of sonic madness. The whole album has a strange but enjoyable ... See full review
posted a comment on Angel* - 1st Voyage. over 2 years ago
One of those marvelous sleeve design from R&S at that time : how to express more elegantely that this EP is a glamorous and hammering disco techno ?
submitted Various - Les Grands Moments Du Concerto Pour Cordes Et Vents (I) (Extraits). over 2 years ago
submitted Various - Les Grands Moments Des Concertos Pour Piano (Extraits). over 2 years ago
posted a comment on 2 Body's - 4 Dancetrax. over 3 years ago
I agree with AdamX, the original release of this record, with the picture cover (that I own and uploaded here) has definitely Gay moanings. Then It is also true that these versions are not that interesting, and that the true gems here are the ... See full review
submitted D-Shake - Techno Flow / Spinning Dive. over 3 years ago
submitted D-Shake - Techno Bass / Rave Garten. over 3 years ago
submitted D-Shake - Magnetic Bass. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Jean Bruce, Woody McBride Aka DJ ESP - Techno Soul EP. over 3 years ago
Excellent 4 tracker! Perfectly blends the charm of soulful retro techno with the stomping power of modern club music. The tracks from DJ ESP are both brilliant and infectious acid monsters long and deep, especially B2 that is a fantastic voyage into 303 ... See full review
submitted Unknown Artist - Spatial Disco. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Impedance - Don't You Forget About Me. over 3 years ago
A quite forgettable cover of a late Simple Mind smash hit, but a brilliant bleepy track on the flip. "To The Bone" is deep, smooth and moody, and even if there are some lyrics, this is pure Brit' Balearic house from the 90'.
submitted Hergé - On A Marché Sur La Lune. over 4 years ago
submitted Hergé - Les Aventures De Tintin ⋆ Objectif Lune. over 4 years ago
submitted Hergé - Le Lotus Bleu. over 4 years ago
submitted Hergé - Les Cigares Du Pharaon. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on René Goscinny Et Albert Uderzo - Astérix - Le Menhir D'Or. over 4 years ago
Certainly the best adaptation of Asterix on a live media, with an original story, wonderfully written and put into sound, and exquisite acting by Roger Carel, Pierre Tornade and all the 1st class dubbing French artists of the time. Far more interesting ... See full review
posted a comment on Freddie Fresh* / Andre Estrada - Aurora EP. over 5 years ago
Both sides are offering an uptempo track and a meditative ambient one, both on the trademark style of the two artists. As expected, Andre Estrada gives us a beautiful and melodic semi-acid trance piece with the Title track "Aurora", typically post ... See full review
posted a comment on LFO. over 5 years ago
The sleeve is mostly an homage to the English TV serial "UFO" from Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame (among his many other great productions), where the SHADO had a logo that inspired the doodle from LFO guy. Hence the LFO-UFO visual pun.
posted a comment on Various - Technophile. over 6 years ago
Absolutely brilliant track list, but disappointing quality. Obviously, this compilation was made by recording vinyl copies of the records, and you can clearly here the needle cracks, hisses and pops. Besides, mastering is, IMO, quite rough.

If, like ... See full review
submitted Orbit 48 - Rave On!. over 6 years ago
posted a review of In Sync + Pluto - Ratcatcher EP. over 7 years ago
A funny thing to note is the generic sleeve from Irdial on this one. At first, I was pissed off having such a bad condition Irdial generic sleeve... until I realized it was a joke from them : this plain black holed one is printed with lots of scratching ... See full review
posted a review of Art Of Noise* - Daft. over 7 years ago
At the very same time The Art of Noise went from quintet to trio, and decided to leave ZTT and Trevor Horn's sphere of influence to become a real band, ZTT released this compilation on CD.
It certainly was a way to gather the band's main ZTT releases on ... See full review
submitted French Theory - Kids In Belgium (Remixes). over 7 years ago
posted a comment on DV8 - Freedom. over 7 years ago
'Thoughts Of Tomorrow' is more than just a good deep house release by Roger Sanchez : it blends neatly the "Egotrip" atmosphere with the Warp sound then coming from England, bleepy like Tricky disco, and with a devastating sub-bass à la LFO.
posted a comment on Vitalic - No More Sleep. over 8 years ago
I wouldn't say cheesiest. What is sure is that this track, like a good half of his new album Rave Age is heavily inspired by italo-wave records of the 80'. Here in particular, the brief certainly was "Let's do it like Valerie Dore's "The night" with a ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Edge - Diversion EP. over 10 years ago
If the A-side is the obvious crowd mover, I must insist on the fact that the B-side (in fact a two tracks effort, with File 57 first, and then a continuous drift that gathers the 3 last tracks), is a killer : an acid perfect slide that interact superbly ... See full review
posted a review of Kaos 007 - On Acid. over 11 years ago
These versions are very different from the one on KAOS 10 compilation, and on other compilations : it may bear the same name, but the versions on this 12" are much more dry, and using a different sound for the acid bass (more classical 303). it also has ... See full review