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submitted The Firm (5) - The Drums Of Navarone. 1 day ago
posted a comment on Way Out West Featuring Miss Joanna Law* / Sasha & Maria* - The Gift / Be As One. about 1 month ago
So was this meant to be a promo for the Deconstruction Presents compilation on the sticker? Cause that's the only reason I could think to add the unrelated Sasha & Maria track to this single.
posted a comment on Opus III - It's A Fine Day. 2 months ago
I think "dream house" refers to a few different scenes that happened. This one is the Orb-inspired hardcore-tinged ambient house with a faster tempo scene.
posted a comment on John Digweed - Renaissance - The Mix Collection Part 2. 3 months ago
Why exactly is most of the Opus III track drowned under a heavy flanger effect?
posted a comment on Various - Deep Magic Dance 50 - The Best Of 10 Years. 3 months ago
Always fun to see this pop up when searching for pretty much any dance track from the 90s
posted a comment on Deepsky - Jareth's Church. 3 months ago
The B-side is a blank groove that runs an astonishing 48 minutes. Must be some sort of record outside of locked grooves.
posted a comment on Wasted - Cohesion. 3 months ago
Both sides sound like they're in mono words words words
posted a comment on Hedrock Valley Beats - Darklight. 3 months ago
A side samples Charly by The Prodigy words words words
posted a comment on MV* - Hollow. 3 months ago
The second hand copy I found has the regular A-side label, but the B-side label of the test press
posted a comment on Billy Idol - Heroin. 3 months ago
Pretty comprehensive package. None of the tracks are really "great", but most of them are pretty good for different reasons. Has a variety in sounds (House, Progressive House, Trance, Hard Trance), pretty forward thinking for 1993. White vinyl looks... See full review
posted a comment on Pete Heller / Stardust - Big Love / Music Sounds Better With You. 3 months ago
Both sides sound pretty good for a bootleg, could very well have been CD sourced
posted a comment on Deep Forest - Deep Forest. 3 months ago
Deep Forest (RLP Trance Mix) is a offkilter but pretty nice progressive house track
posted a comment on The Grid - Figure Of Eight. 3 months ago
Figure Of Eight (Grid Total Trance Mix) is a decent track
posted a comment on Ready For Dead - Ready For Dead. 3 months ago
Neither track quite keeps a steady BPM, but you can work with them if you play your cards right
posted a comment on LaTour - Cold. 3 months ago
Track mixes matched up to other releases:

A1 Cold (Ralphi's Club Mix)
A2 Cold (4 On The Floor House Mix)
A3 Cold (Album Version) [not on the commercial 12"]
B1 Cold (Mark!'s Adventurous Mix)
B2 Cold (Maurice Underground Mix)
posted a comment on Mike Oldfield - Let There Be Light. 3 months ago
Sounds like there's some DAT errors in the BT mix, the "zipper" noise, though they're brief.
posted a comment on Shawn Christopher - Make My Love (Mixes By Stonebridge - Motiv 8). 3 months ago
Good StoneBridge mixes, but the Motiv 8 mix is a real winner.
posted a comment on The Clash - London Calling. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Der Dritte Raum - D3R-25 Eins (The Remixes Part 1). 3 months ago
The Maceo Plex remix sounds surprisingly bad. It's technically not sourced from an MP3, but it seems like multiple parts of it are sourced from MP3, that and the EQ sounds mediocre. A shame, a great track otherwise.
posted a comment on Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo. 3 months ago
Two anecdotes: I first saw these pop up in the stores on RSD 2016. Also, I've seen this go for some ridiculous prices, like $50-70.
posted a comment on Humate - 3 & The Remixes. 3 months ago
Why did the German and UK 1998 reissues not include the original version of 3.2?
posted a review of Sasha / Emerson* vs. BT - Scorchio Never Come Down (Full Bootleg Mix). 3 months ago
Not an incredible pressing, but better than the YouTube video would have you believe. Decent housey remix / bootleg.
posted a comment on Daft Punk - Homework. 3 months ago
I remember when used copies of this went for $30, lol
posted a comment on Prodigy* - The Fat Of The Land. 4 months ago
The unlisted "Narayan Beats" track on the start of side D is a great DJ tool since it's 129bpm, then goes right into the 141bpm Firestarter, so you can switch from a slower BPM to a faster one in a cool way in your set
posted a comment on The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode. 4 months ago
Any reason why this didn't get a proper US release?
posted a comment on Coldplay - Clocks. 4 months ago
Peaked at #31 in the Dance Club charts in the US, despite not having an official dance remix for DJs. Perhaps the bootlegs were just that popular?
posted a comment on Donna Summer - Hot Stuff / Bad Girls / I Feel Love. 4 months ago
The first kick in I Feel Love is slightly off time, otherwise it keeps time astonishingly well for such an old track
posted a comment on Orbital - Radiccio 1. 4 months ago
Try mixing the acapella ending of Halcyon into a pad-filled intro of another proggy track, when the Opus III vocal gets louder by the end, it can work wonders with other tracks.
posted a comment on Orb* - Orblivion. 4 months ago
This has a unique master to the CD version, as some of the transitions heard on the CD were redone to sound better with the side breaks on vinyl.
posted a comment on Bushflange - Cloud Cover. 4 months ago
Decent release on the cheap, the A side is a good piece of proto big beat / progressive breaks, and the B side is a new agey ambient piece which name is a reference to the Phillip Glass-composed Koyaanisqatsi.
posted a comment on Up Yer Ronson - Lost In Love. 4 months ago
Sasha had a very distinctive production style at this time for his tracks and remixes, kind of a lofi midrange heavy sound reminiscent of early BT. Maybe he learned a few tricks from him when working with him in the studio?
posted a comment on Yahel - Run Away. 4 months ago
If only he had used a different snare sound for Massive Control
posted a comment on En-Rage* - Run To You. 4 months ago
In addition to being a cover of the Bryan Adams song, it also nabs the bassline/melody from I'll Be Your Friend by Robert Owens. Nice track though.
posted a comment on Zhi-Vago - Dreamer. 5 months ago
I actually really like the Dream With A Dream Mix, unfortunately my second copy has a ton of hiss from the PVC sleeve it's stored in melting into the record over the years.
If anyone in the US is selling a copy on vinyl with this mix, let me know
posted a comment on Psyche \ BFC - Elements 1989-1990. 5 months ago
Nice credit to "Republicans for always being assholes", lol .
posted a comment on Flack Jacket - Heaven Rescent. 5 months ago
B side is kinda eh with it's synth trying to recreate the original, but the A side, which seems to directly sample the original, is killer
posted a comment on Sunscreem - Pressure US. 5 months ago
A2 - Pressure US (SXS) is a decent bit of acid proto-trance
posted a comment on Floorplay - Redemption. 5 months ago
Nice remix from the always-reliable The Light. Sort of a goa vibe to this one.
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea 2001. 5 months ago
Great remix by Hybrid, however the bpm drifts a bit toward the end, not by much though, but just something to be aware of. Also the hi hats are somewhat distorted (most noticable in the beginning).
posted a comment on Fluke - Slap It (The Return...). 5 months ago
Side A sounds quite a bit like Positive Education by Slam
posted a comment on Platipus. 6 months ago
Some class act stuff on here, especially keep an eye out for that classic 93-99 sleeve
submitted Floorplay - Redemption. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Sasha - Global Underground 013: Ibiza. 6 months ago
If anyone's looking to sell a copy that's missing just Disc 2, lmk
posted a comment on The Light - Expand The Room. 6 months ago
Don't sleep on the flip side, the Illumination mix is a full on 4 to the floor trance mix of the track (with no vocals)
posted a comment on Sm:)e Communications. 6 months ago
Lotta great stuff here, and the 10 inch and other novelty releases are a lot of fun
posted a comment on Joi Cardwell - Soul To Bare (Hard Remixes). 6 months ago
The Kabal remix seems the feature a pitched down sample of Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy, very sneaky
posted a comment on Empire Of The Sun - Alive. 6 months ago
Sounds really good for a flexi-disc, only mild distortion and noise
posted a comment on Fade - So Good. 6 months ago
Great B side, but it sounds like it's in mono. What gives?
submitted Twilords - Twilords EP. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Pob - Waah. 6 months ago
Waah sounds to me like it shares similarities with another Pob track, Beast. Perhaps it's a remake?