Retired selector and DJ. I Have lost all interest in the DJ business, and I think it´s a silly, overrated profession by todays standard. Sold every bit of vinyl i had left and all equipment.
I Barely even listen to modern electronic music and such. It bores me. But i listen to the classics sometimes.

Today i play, fix, repair and assemble guitars (Stratocasters). Gone back to my roots so to speak.

I do not collect vinyl anymore, so please don´t contact me regarding spam, buying or selling records. Rarely on the site as well. I think Discogs has been in shambles for some time now.

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Sixto Rodriguez
posted a review of Sixto Rodriguez. about 1 month ago
Rest in Peace Sixto Rodriguez.. Thanks for two wonderful albums.
Lana Del Rey
posted a review of Lana Del Rey. about 1 month ago
She is just too good for us mortals.
She made me listen to music again after several years of being bored with it.
Chemtrails is my soundtrack of life. Absolute masterful songwriting.
She matured a lot since Born To Die and she is productive AF...
There's A Dead Skunk Records
posted a review of There's A Dead Skunk Records. 2 months ago
Best fucking label name ever.. . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Asomvel. 4 months ago
These guys are NOT influenced by Mötorhead.. Haha.. . . .
Tina Turner
posted a comment on Tina Turner. 4 months ago
Amazing power on stage. What a career she had.
One of the greatest. RIP Tina..
Mötley Crüe - The End - Live In Los Angeles
posted a review of Mötley Crüe - The End - Live In Los Angeles. 8 months ago
"The End" my ass..
It is 2023 and these guys are hitting the road again..
God save us all from Vince...
Billie - Nobody's Business
posted a review of Billie - Nobody's Business. 9 months ago
Written in the 20´s, and made famous by Billie Holliday in 1949...
Popol Vuh (2) - Popol Vuh
posted a review of Popol Vuh (2) - Popol Vuh. 10 months ago
Fantastic album.. They played Kalvøya Festival when Frank Zappa visited Norway for the first time and Popol Vuh played there as well. Frank was so impressed with them that he offered them a recording contract.

Solange (2) - A Seat At The Table
posted a review of Solange (2) - A Seat At The Table. 10 months ago
Blows her sister out of the water.. That she is not more popular than her is beyond me.
She seems to follow the pathline of Erykah Badu.. Amazing album.

Grand Alpaca - Staying Quiet Is An Easy Young Thing To Do
submitted Grand Alpaca - Staying Quiet Is An Easy Young Thing To Do. 11 months ago
Chad Smith
posted a comment on Chad Smith. 12 months ago
This guy is the spitting image of Will Ferrell. . .
The Allman Brothers Band
posted a comment on The Allman Brothers Band. about 1 year ago
another discography page ruined byt tons of live recordings..
Discogs obviously dont give a fuck fixing this shit..
posted a comment on Vangelis. about 1 year ago
Didnt know Schulze died... Sad news indeed . . .
Joey Negro
posted a comment on Joey Negro. about 1 year ago
i can only think of one reason why he dropped it..
Simone Istwa - Heartweb
submitted Simone Istwa - Heartweb. about 1 year ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Joe Bonamassa
posted a comment on Joe Bonamassa. about 1 year ago
What a total sellout. His face is on tons of guitar products. Signature guitars, wah & fuzz pedals. He advertises giveaways on facebook more than often.. And have you seen the dude´s website? Bonamassa T-shirts, mugs, clothes.. Is like a Bonamassa... See full review
Meat Loaf
posted a comment on Meat Loaf. about 1 year ago
Rest well Michael, You had some serious set of pipes in you.
Angel Moraes
posted a comment on Angel Moraes. about 1 year ago
His remix of kings Of Tomorrow - "I'm so Grateful" remain an epitome of Club music anthem.
First time i heard it i was completely floored.
Moraes is an unsing hero. Rest in peace.
Subtech - Timeshift / Celestial Skies
posted a review of Subtech - Timeshift / Celestial Skies. about 1 year ago
Timeshift is their best. An 14 min long celestial journey that sweeps you away. Very soft yet huge kick. Ethereal filter use. Yet so simple built up but damn effective.
You can play this for its whole stretch. It hooks you and keeps it energised all the way. See full review
Shall Not Fade
posted a comment on Shall Not Fade. over 2 years ago
Is like they release 3-5 records a week. Please stop!
Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
posted a review of Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club. over 2 years ago
Such a fantastic album. Born To Die was very aimed towards the young listeners, but Chemtrails is adulterated music with a big A. She has progressed more and more from the large sounds towards a more confined space and finding more inspiration in... See full review
Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. over 2 years ago
The cover is not a photo montage. What you see is real.
Storm Thorgerson was fed an idea from Gilmour about an empty bed on a beach. Storm liked the idea, but suggested "Well, lets have 500 of them" Which was a crazy idea itself.
Initially he tried to... See full review
Big Jim Sullivan
posted a comment on Big Jim Sullivan. over 2 years ago
Big Jim was Ritchie Blackmore´s first teacher sort of. .
Venus Dodson - Shining / Nightrider
posted a comment on Venus Dodson - Shining / Nightrider. over 2 years ago
Monster underground disco tune. Patrick Adams and Burgess mastery. . .
posted a comment on Vakula. over 2 years ago
He deleted these posts yes.
He said he would list them on his FB page.
posted a comment on Vakula. over 2 years ago
He seems to have found inner peace and sanctum with himself. Crossing over to meditation and transcendence. And it shows in his last works.
Mikhaylo now seems to retire his music production and studio. Announced today he is selling all his gear in the... See full review
Charles Webster - Decision Time
posted a review of Charles Webster - Decision Time. over 2 years ago
Oh Yeah Charles Webster, what happened to him?
It has been so quiet from him for years now. Looking at his discography, he has mostly done remixes every now and then, but no original works or albums in almost 20 years. He has been around lurking...... See full review
Jojo Mayer
posted a comment on Jojo Mayer. over 2 years ago
Jojo Mayer is as a modern drummer a modern drummer can be. Since i discovered him, it has opened up the world of drumming even more to my eyes.
He is not a jazz drummer per se. That is just the tip of the spear in the world of Jojo´s drumming.
He is... See full review
Saine - Kuu
posted a comment on Saine - Kuu. over 3 years ago
This fella. I just love everything he does. Finnish power, soothing synths, fat deeeeep slow kicks. He never seem to let me down.
Dawl - Born Abstract
posted a comment on Dawl - Born Abstract. over 3 years ago
Great release.. Just not enough bleep techno these days..
This takes me straight back to early British techno and rave. But then again, Dawl has been embracing the glory bleep for some time now.
Daft Punk
posted a comment on Daft Punk. over 3 years ago
So now what? Time to revive Roulé and do some damage in the underground again. But i guess those days are over. France is not what it used to be.
DJ Metatron - Loops Of Infinity (A Rave Loveletter)
posted a comment on DJ Metatron - Loops Of Infinity (A Rave Loveletter). over 3 years ago
Not an album.. more of a DJ tool.
So many tracks here that have potential for greatness. Loop 97 is proper trance heaven. So sad its a tool and not a long structured track with a start-middle-finish.
This whole package feels like i have to sit down... See full review
Sole Fusion - Bass Tone
posted a comment on Sole Fusion - Bass Tone. over 3 years ago
My twin cousins had this synth as well.. Remember those funny sounds.
Phil Asher
posted a comment on Phil Asher. over 3 years ago
Phil Asher passed away yesterday. What a loss.. Rest in peace Phil..
Words can not express the input and output Phil had for the house music and dance community. He had a knack of putting great grooves and soul into his works. A real soldier who had... See full review
Moodymann - Demos, Cassettes, ADATs & Floppies Pt​.​1
posted a comment on Moodymann - Demos, Cassettes, ADATs & Floppies Pt​.​1. over 3 years ago
Someone probably slapped him a illicit use of sampling without clearance email.
Moodymann - Taken Away
posted a comment on Moodymann - Taken Away. over 3 years ago
I had it on digital for many years. Its an old track.
posted a comment on Partiboi69. over 3 years ago
He is the hero everyone needs. When you step into his sting-zone you do it unprotected and always 69.
His DJ sets on YouTube is best viewed in 240p for the ultimate experience.
posted a comment on Gotye. over 3 years ago
This guy scored one hit, and he totally went away.
Moodymann - Taken Away
posted a comment on Moodymann - Taken Away. over 3 years ago
I asked Flo.
Me: Hey Flo, any Vinyl coming for Taken Away
Flo: You Know It!!!
Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder. over 3 years ago
Excellent restoration.. I can finally see Rachel Fury´s sexy curves and nipples in full HD..
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy
posted a comment on John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy. over 3 years ago
Mark David Chapman´s Copy... . . . . . .
Busta Rhymes - Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God
posted a comment on Busta Rhymes - Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God. over 3 years ago
So great to hear Ol Dirty Bastard again. Miss that genius.
Eddie Van Halen
posted a comment on Eddie Van Halen. over 3 years ago
The most humble guy in rock and was one of those very few that was natural on the guitar.
Rock on in heaven Eddie.
posted a comment on Erot. over 3 years ago
Anyone interested in the documentary can get in touch with me.
Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets - Live At The Roundhouse
posted a comment on Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets - Live At The Roundhouse. over 3 years ago
The member of Pink Floyd are getting very old now. So Mason gives us his efforts in his final chapter. I think it is a great idea to bring to early space/acid rock of Syd Barret and the young Waters back on the road. almost all of the songs have never... See full review
Kelli Ali - Ghostdriver
posted a comment on Kelli Ali - Ghostdriver. over 3 years ago
What happened to this release? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Erick Morillo
posted a comment on Erick Morillo. over 3 years ago
He did live there in the 90´s atleast. Masters At Work recorded "Deep Inside" in Morillo´s studio at the time.
Erick Morillo
posted a comment on Erick Morillo. over 3 years ago
Damn.. Morillo was there from day one for me. Rest in Peace my man..
Ian Dury And The Blockheads
posted a comment on Ian Dury And The Blockheads. over 3 years ago
VERY British band. I love´em...
But you can not argue that The Blockheads (the band) was a group of top-tier musicians. With Davey Payne who could play two saxophones at the same time, and Norman Watt-Roy on bass responsible for the funky 16-note line... See full review