Vakula Bourbonman

April 26, 2021
He deleted these posts yes.
He said he would list them on his FB page.

Vakula Bourbonman

April 22, 2021
edited 3 months ago
He seems to have found inner peace and sanctum with himself. Crossing over to meditation and transcendence. And it shows in his last works.
Mikhaylo now seems to retire his music production and studio. Announced today he is selling all his gear in the coming days.
"108 Mysteries" will be his last album and production.. most likely ever. No more 12"s.. nothing.
Thanks for the adventures V.

Charles Webster - Decision Time as reviewed by Bourbonman

April 15, 2021
edited 3 months ago
Oh Yeah Charles Webster, what happened to him?
It has been so quiet from him for years now. Looking at his discography, he has mostly done remixes every now and then, but no original works or albums in almost 20 years. He has been around lurking... until now.
Then i suddenly stumbled over "Decision Time" after just having a sudden thought here the other day if Webster was still around.
There is no denying it that Webster still has the magic of creating something admirable and well crafted to grace ones ears and making a firm impact after its end.
He never forgot the relevance of using vocalist in is music. A trait for Webster to elevate any track. He is a master of working them in.
Talking about mastering his skills. Albums in electronic world is a sometimes daunting task to accomplish within the genre. But he has his own formula and ideas to do them. Yet he crafts the concept of making the album format just as good as before.
You have a multi-facets and many layers of sounds on each tracks. Good ol 4/4 is present on some tracks, but merely as a groove maker and backbone of what it´s really is shaped to present.
Juggling different styles, each track stands firmly of its own. Yet each track are tied together vocally. He does leave the music heavily spacious and suspended with deep synths and textures.
I dare say he still has the touch good ol´ Webster. This work has been on repeat for many days now.
Hats off to the master. This was easily the best album last year for me. (Although discovering it a bit late)
Buy blindly.

Jojo Mayer Bourbonman

March 31, 2021
edited 4 months ago
Jojo Mayer is as a modern drummer a modern drummer can be. Since i discovered him, it has opened up the world of drumming even more to my eyes.
He is not a jazz drummer per se. That is just the tip of the spear in the world of Jojo´s drumming.
He is probably the best thing if you want to see Drum ´n Bass taken to real acoustic life. His venture into electronic music has pretty much broken down any barriers that a drummer can have. His technique is very sharp. Takes flow and feel to another level.
Jojo is just a must to experience for any open minded musician.

Saine - Kuu Bourbonman

March 8, 2021
This fella. I just love everything he does. Finnish power, soothing synths, fat deeeeep slow kicks. He never seem to let me down.

Dawl - Born Abstract Bourbonman

March 5, 2021
edited 5 months ago
Great release.. Just not enough bleep techno these days..
This takes me straight back to early British techno and rave. But then again, Dawl has been embracing the glory bleep for some time now.

Daft Punk Bourbonman

February 22, 2021
So now what? Time to revive Roulé and do some damage in the underground again. But i guess those days are over. France is not what it used to be.

DJ Metatron - Loops Of Infinity (A Rave Loveletter) Bourbonman

February 22, 2021
edited 5 months ago
Not an album.. more of a DJ tool.
So many tracks here that have potential for greatness. Loop 97 is proper trance heaven. So sad its a tool and not a long structured track with a start-middle-finish.
This whole package feels like i have to sit down and stitch every loop and groove together myself. Maybe that is the future for DJ tracks. Put them together by your own like a jigsaw puzzle.
"Create the album you want to hear"

Sole Fusion - Bass Tone Bourbonman

January 23, 2021
My twin cousins had this synth as well.. Remember those funny sounds.

Phil Asher Bourbonman

January 22, 2021
edited 6 months ago
Phil Asher passed away yesterday. What a loss.. Rest in peace Phil..
Words can not express the input and output Phil had for the house music and dance community. He had a knack of putting great grooves and soul into his works. A real soldier who had great integrity in what he did behind the studio desk.
His discography will be a true testament of solid craftmanship. Too many classics to pick from.

Moodymann - Demos, Cassettes, ADATs & Floppies Pt​.​1 Bourbonman

January 13, 2021
Someone probably slapped him a illicit use of sampling without clearance email.

Moodymann - Taken Away Bourbonman

January 13, 2021
I had it on digital for many years. Its an old track.

Partiboi69 Bourbonman

January 5, 2021
edited 7 months ago
He is the hero everyone needs. When you step into his sting-zone you do it unprotected and always 69.
His DJ sets on YouTube is best viewed in 240p for the ultimate experience.

Gotye Bourbonman

December 22, 2020
This guy scored one hit, and he totally went away.

Moodymann - Taken Away Bourbonman

November 26, 2020
I asked Flo.
Me: Hey Flo, any Vinyl coming for Taken Away
Flo: You Know It!!!

Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder Bourbonman

November 24, 2020
Excellent restoration.. I can finally see Rachel Fury´s sexy curves and nipples in full HD..

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy Bourbonman

November 22, 2020
Mark David Chapman´s Copy... . . . . . .

Busta Rhymes - Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God Bourbonman

November 6, 2020
So great to hear Ol Dirty Bastard again. Miss that genius.

Eddie Van Halen Bourbonman

October 29, 2020
edited 9 months ago
The most humble guy in rock and was one of those very few that was natural on the guitar.
Rock on in heaven Eddie.

Erot Bourbonman

October 3, 2020
Anyone interested in the documentary can get in touch with me.

Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets - Live At The Roundhouse Bourbonman

September 26, 2020
The member of Pink Floyd are getting very old now. So Mason gives us his efforts in his final chapter. I think it is a great idea to bring to early space/acid rock of Syd Barret and the young Waters back on the road. almost all of the songs have never seen stage life since the 70´s.

Kelli Ali - Ghostdriver Bourbonman

September 11, 2020
What happened to this release? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Erick Morillo Bourbonman

September 2, 2020
He did live there in the 90´s atleast. Masters At Work recorded "Deep Inside" in Morillo´s studio at the time.

Erick Morillo Bourbonman

September 1, 2020
Damn.. Morillo was there from day one for me. Rest in Peace my man..

Ian Dury And The Blockheads Bourbonman

August 13, 2020
VERY British band. I love´em...
But you can not argue that The Blockheads (the band) was a group of top-tier musicians. With Davey Payne who could play two saxophones at the same time, and Norman Watt-Roy on bass responsible for the funky 16-note line on "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"
Live they were tight. Check out their concert at Ronnie Scott in ´99, not long before Dury hung up the phone for good. What chemistry and groove.