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Aghast View - Phaseknox
posted a review of Aghast View - Phaseknox. 12 months ago
I reply after 18 years !

Yes, i quote everything you wrote, is not as good as Carcinopest, but it's more accessible for sure.

And, #4 Glass Vawes is an ASTONISHING track ! Lovely !
Skinny Puppy - Last Rights
posted a review of Skinny Puppy - Last Rights. about 1 year ago
Your Skinny Puppy knowledge is impressive!

Thank you for all of your contributions!
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Boys From Brazil - We Don't Need No World War III
posted a review of Boys From Brazil - We Don't Need No World War III. over 2 years ago
No review of this 1987 Hi NRG - Nu Beattrack ?

The monologues during the verses just sound so well inserted in to the track , and don't even get me started on the strange "Huh!" grunt randomly thrown in.
Just such a danceable song, with some... See full review
Type O Negative - Love You To Death
posted a comment on Type O Negative - Love You To Death. over 2 years ago
“Love you to Death” appears on here in two versions, the first being the radio edit that was also the version heard on the music video. It is among the better radio edits in that it mostly omits repeated sections that are not really missed, although... See full review
Skinny Puppy - Dig It
posted a review of Skinny Puppy - Dig It. over 7 years ago
I could spend hours talking about Skinny Puppy and how brilliant they are.

I used to make my girlfriends watch Ain't It Dead Yet (VHS - yes I'm old) on our second date. If they ran out screaming, it wasn’t meant to be. I did find one that stayed and... See full review
雅尔* - 演奏的电子合成器
posted a comment on 雅尔* - 演奏的电子合成器. over 7 years ago
This is what i call *rare*.

W O W.

I want this.
Depeche Mode - Violator
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Violator. over 8 years ago
Sometimes an album comes along and changes things forever. When Depeche Mode's seventh studio album arrived in 1990 (a whole 3 years after the colossal 'Music for the Masses') it certainly changed things.
It set a new benchmark in electronic pop... See full review
U2 - Duets
submitted U2 - Duets. over 9 years ago
U2 - Pop
posted a comment on U2 - Pop. over 10 years ago
Definitely quote what you wrote,

i'm a Classical IDM / /EBM /Industrial music lover, BUT Zooropa, Pop and Achtung Baby are MUST HAVE albums.

You can definitely feel the Brian Eno feel on these albums.
Various - The History Of Industrial - The First Part Of An Ultimate Aggression
submitted Various - The History Of Industrial - The First Part Of An Ultimate Aggression. over 10 years ago
Dulce Liquido - Disolución
posted a comment on Dulce Liquido - Disolución. over 10 years ago
Absolutely agree, cannot stop listening this !

It's like an AFX Ambient Works, but in a wicked (WICKED !) way .
posted a comment on KMFDM. over 10 years ago

agree with your opinion...but also Einsturzende Neubauten must be considered :)

Anyway, your comment is 4 years you know how many people would assume that the 'most influential German Industrial Rock Band Ever'....are.... R+ ?

Lovebrrd - True Faith/Blue Monday
posted a comment on Lovebrrd - True Faith/Blue Monday. over 10 years ago
Absolutely QUOTE what you wrote .
Bigod 20 - Like A Prayer
posted a review of Bigod 20 - Like A Prayer. over 10 years ago
The 'Like A Prayer' cover is really one of the best Madonna cover ever :)
I have no firm data on how well received this cover of a classic Madonna hit was, but I can only imagine how many of her fans would react to it. Many, I’m sure, would be... See full review
Front 242
posted a comment on Front 242. over 10 years ago

being 242 on of my favourite bands *EVER* and for sure the *BEST* live electronic band existing (yes, i'm SURE about this 'cause we're speaking about Real Hardware Instruments,Keyboards and Synths , not Prootols or Logic or other... See full review
Front 242 - [: RE:BOOT: (L. IV. E ] )
posted a comment on Front 242 - [: RE:BOOT: (L. IV. E ] ). over 10 years ago

but i dont' agree at all.
Re:Booot '98 is heavily edited and overdubbed, it IS NOT WEAK in any the contrary it's one of the loudest electronic live albums i 've ever heard!

They're contemporary, that means their sound will change... See full review
Front 242 - Parted Tragedy
posted a review of Front 242 - Parted Tragedy. over 10 years ago
Really good bootleg from the Front By Front and Tyranny ▷For You◁ Tours.
As I recall all the tracks on it are taken from the "Body Beats" bootleg cd, except on body Beats at
the start of a few of the tracks they have included the dj talking, giving a... See full review
Skinny Puppy - Worlock
posted a review of Skinny Puppy - Worlock. over 12 years ago
Although the puppies probably released more groundbreaking stuff, my favorite is still this one. The incredibly amazing blend of melody, atmosphere, samples and their trademark weird sounds scream ‘masterpiece’ from start to finish. The final... See full review
Rondo' Veneziano* - Concerto
submitted Rondo' Veneziano* - Concerto. over 12 years ago
Rondo' Veneziano* - L'odyssée De Venise
submitted Rondo' Veneziano* - L'odyssée De Venise. over 12 years ago
Front Line Assembly - Hard Wired
posted a review of Front Line Assembly - Hard Wired. over 12 years ago
Infra Red Combat is right up there with my favorite `industrial' songs of all time. I love music that builds and builds into a mound of emotion and sound, and this song does just that. The whole album almost takes on an organic-like form. Every piece... See full review
Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
posted a comment on Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile. over 13 years ago
Being an Industrial lover since 15 years (or possibly even more; i cannot stress enough the fact that albums like this are NOT Industrial, no way.
Sure,some kind of alternative rock or whatever, but NOT Industrial.

Ministry - Filth Pig
posted a comment on Ministry - Filth Pig. over 13 years ago
Great review;

and i completely agree with you; 'Filth Pig' is a really underrated album, plus the Dylan cover of 'Lay Lady Lay' is one of my favourite Ministry's song ever !
Gary Numan - Scarred
posted a review of Gary Numan - Scarred. over 13 years ago
"Scarred" brings the complete London Brixton Academy show from October 2000, 'Pure' Tour.
The set starts off with a sizzling "Pure". While it is followed by the familiar "Me I Disconnect From You", the majority of the songs after that focus on the... See full review
Push - From Beyond
posted a comment on Push - From Beyond. over 13 years ago
Dont forget Universal Nation.
*THE* track, the real hymn.
Front Line Assembly - Millennium
posted a comment on Front Line Assembly - Millennium. over 14 years ago
The "Surface Patterns" sample is took from Pantera's track "Walk", the "Millennium" one is took from "A New Level"; both are from Vulgar Display Of Power album.
Koan (2) - Still Dreaming
posted a review of Koan (2) - Still Dreaming. over 14 years ago
One of the most underrated and unknown Dream tracks of all times, a real GEM.
Found this on The World Of Dream compilation from ZYX Music, easily recognizable as one of the best, if not THE best track out of that compilation.

A classic 'Robert Miles'... See full review
Gary Numan - The Fury
posted a review of Gary Numan - The Fury. over 14 years ago
Thee Fury is one of those albums that may require many listenings to appreciate these days. Since you need to conduct a small research project to fully review Numan's catalog (20 studio albums or so), something like The Fury can go unnoticed while one... See full review
Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth
posted a comment on Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth. over 14 years ago
Definitely quote on 'Azymuth', incredible track, a real journey, in every sense of term.

IMHO, Moment Of Truth is the best MWNN's album to date,it would've been perfect if also Teleport was in,but that's it!
Quando Quango - Pigs + Battleships
posted a comment on Quando Quango - Pigs + Battleships. over 14 years ago
This is not Facebook, dear friend.

Your comment doesn't seem a review,to me.
Bowie* - Pinups
posted a comment on Bowie* - Pinups. over 14 years ago
Seems to be not in the Discogs database, but if you own the RCA pres of this record, please submit it!
Guru Guru - UFO
posted a comment on Guru Guru - UFO. over 14 years ago
Maybe it's a repress/reissue.

If you own it, please submit it,thanks!
Art Of Noise* - Custom CD
posted a comment on Art Of Noise* - Custom CD. over 14 years ago
Great memories, thanks for sharing them!
Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
posted a comment on Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland. over 14 years ago
I really LOVE your reviews,congratulations!
Elton John - Too Low For Zero
posted a review of Elton John - Too Low For Zero. over 15 years ago
From the opening chords of the first track, Cold As Christmas, listeners are in for a treat.
Elton's haunting vocal, coupled with the incredible backing vocals of the band, take the listener on a story of an elderly couple whose romantic flame as... See full review
Gary Numan - Berserker
posted a review of Gary Numan - Berserker. over 15 years ago
Berserker, as a complete work is astounding. And held against even the best known acts of the time, this is an extremely mature album for a 24 year old to write. The title track could be released today and sound as fresh as it did then. It's a very... See full review
Visage = ヴィサージ* - Whispers = ウィスパーズ
posted a review of Visage = ヴィサージ* - Whispers = ウィスパーズ. over 15 years ago
Perfection, Whispers is one of the most beautiful moments for Visage in my opinion…such an extraordinary piece of music one could just drowned in.
So very peaceful yet so sad which means pure genius.

Anyway, this Japanese 7' is particularly... See full review
Cybotron - Clear
posted a review of Cybotron - Clear. over 16 years ago
The only old-school electro LP with any amount of staying power (thanks in part to its release on Fantasy), this CD release of the Cybotron album -- previously known as Enter -- includes crucial, early singles like "Alleys of Your Mind," "Cosmic... See full review
Jon Hopkins - Opalescent
posted a review of Jon Hopkins - Opalescent. over 17 years ago
This is a masterpiece.
There are tracks on here that will make the hairs on your back stand up as its quite haunting in parts like 'Elegiac' which opens the album and the stunning 'Inner Peace'...but my favourite track is 'Cold Out There'.
Pure... See full review
M.I.K.E. - Changes 'R Good
posted a review of M.I.K.E. - Changes 'R Good. over 17 years ago
Another masterpiece from this man (alien :) )...a little more Electro than Trancey, this is one of the best 2007 tracks i have heard 'till now.

Between the 2 mixes, the Main-Tro one is superior by far, in my opinion.

Ipnotic, groovey See full review