Hey Discogsers, I have financial underpinnings again! Woot! I also just invested my life's savings in my home studio and need to recoup some of that to afford time to focus on the music I will now be making. :) To this end and this end ONLY...I am selling my CD collection, all of it. It *was* my most prized 'possession', but I am getting old and find myself listening to the old less and less-- there's only so many hours in a day and I can fill them without my CDs around anymore.

So, rather than me dying and these getting given to charity or something (I have no offspring...), I am going to have a reverse-auction of sorts. I will list every CD I own, as is, clearly, for 'too much money', then start dropping the prices until it all sells. These are downright artifacts now and I want them to find good homes after decades of keeping them safe. I could do a Kickstarter or something, but this idea seems so much happier, especially since I plan to give my own music away for awhile still (and that costs money itself).

I worked in the record industry for near a decade in the late 80s and beyond, when electronic music was really first being born. What is left of my collection, unsold still after all these years, is the cream, to me (mostly). I've been to many shows, backstage at some, am filled with stories, some of which made it into the listings in brief. Electronic music has been quite the ride, to me. :) I started making it myself in the 80s and am finally getting serious about it. More time writing means less time listening...so here we are.

I have shipped all over the world many, many times. Hit me up with any questions. I have Crohn's Disease and am usually home and near this terminal....

In any case...brap on. :)

5 May 2016 - The reverse auction is underway. I'll be lowering the prices methodically from here on, as often as I feel like it, until I've sold all I can sell. :) Here we go.

8 May 2016 - All marked down again, the sales have started. :) Please help me pay my stupid insurance bill? o_O PERFECT driving record, but they make me. Let's do this. It's real charity, I promise. Also, I found a few more piles and listed some of them, will be listing more as we go.

10 May 2016 - And again...many of my prices now look competitive-- and the ones that don't are very precious to me. Just sayin'. :)

12 May 2016 - Sold some! Thank you, kind people! Marked most down again, hitting bottom for many ($8? c'mon). I also marked a very few UP, cuz it seemed smart. That won't happen much here, I promise. I also added to many of the stories told, since the reactions were so fun. 500 characters is not many, for me. o_o

14 May 2016 - Most again marked down, only one marked up. If I don't pay my power and internet bills soon, I won't be here to even see your order. o_o There's now even some good deals in there, yo. Help me out? :) I'm seriously serious.

20 May 2016 - Sold some more, thanks! But yeah, not nearly enough. I wanna sell almost all, honestly-- and am willing to sell all. To that end, I just marked stuff down very drastically, in some places. And very up in Plaid. o_o Cuz if I could only keep one band here, it'd be Plaid. Just sayin'.

24 May 2016 - Marked down almost 100 of the most expensive, some quite drastically. Still job hunting. :/ Threatened with eviction. All help appreciated.

27 May 2016 - Now I'm even offering actual deals, according to the marketplace. :) Almost every disc marked down! Come shop and help me not complicate life further while I look for a suitable job?

6 June 2016 - Almost got a job. :/ DRASTICALLY marked down most every disk. I am now officially competing for prices. When I get a job, I'll remove all this, tho...so act now, as I intend to be working this week. Eviction doesn't sound fun at all.

26 June 2016 - Pretty sure I found a job, but moved all discs off here as lots. Soon, it'll be a thing I used to do, this CD thing. :) I do appreciate the help through hard times I received here, y'all rock. And guess what? About to be published for a second time alongside some of my favorite bands...Autechre, Amon Tobin, Plaid, FSOL, MFin Richard H. MFin Kirk-- it goes on and on. Touched 3, out June 29, 2016, I do believe. 417 artists, utterly epic collection, all for charity. Dig it. ;)

9 August 2016 - I'm back with some of the collection. Sold some as lots, but it's harder than selling here. I'll be adding much back on here, if a bit more casually than before. :) Still looking for work, but finding some online now....

9 November 2016 - Aaaand I'm back, still looking for work, but with a bunch of CDs here again. Please buy them. I priced them competitively even. Once they are gone, I'm done with discs in life. It was a swell ride. Brap on.
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Sweet! I'm on Discogs! Thanks to whoever did that and I will add things to my artist profile. Eventually. :) I was one of the earliest Discogs users and knew this day would come, but just realized it's already here.