SW. - Untitled as reviewed by CARPEYOLO

June 6, 2017
This is one of those records that gets better with each listen. It can be played first thing in the morning, by the pool, on a rainy day, or late at night. It's one of those great chameleon albums. It's intricate, unpredictable, and hard to categorize, basically everything I want in an electronic album. The pressing quality is also superb. 5/5 without a doubt and maybe, in a little while, it will become a classic.

Patsy Cline - Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits CARPEYOLO

December 30, 2016
Really nice compilation to add to the collection. Sound quality is quite good!

Various - Mind Over Matter CARPEYOLO

December 16, 2016
Giegling is hyped for good reason imo. Sure they have some releases that aren't my cup of tea, but releases such as this one warrant all the hype. This is a fantastic comp.

Various - Mind Over Matter CARPEYOLO

December 15, 2016
This is my best music purchase of 2016 by a wide margin. It is 3 discs of pure Giegling bliss. Get it now, before it's too late.

Pulshar - Nospheratu CARPEYOLO

November 26, 2016
The B side is a phenomenal piece of dub techno. The tension builds and builds and then a bit over the halfway mark it delivers with the introduction of a simple yet highly effective piece of percussion that makes you want to move. A slick and underrated piece of music right here.

Lord Of The Isles - In Waves CARPEYOLO

November 14, 2016
This album is incredible. If you're a fan of house, balearic, ambient etc. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS.

Tirzah - Make It Up CARPEYOLO

February 14, 2016
agreed. fantastic track with a dark vibe and great vocals.

Alvin Aronson - High Rise EP CARPEYOLO

January 6, 2016
'Mat' is sooo good. Great release!

Lovebirds Feat. Stee Downes - Want You In My Soul CARPEYOLO

October 15, 2015
A1 gets the love but B1 is the one. Amazing track.

Jo - Jo - Mind Games CARPEYOLO

September 24, 2015
theres definitely a drum machine or two being used here. great tune.

Edward - Birds CARPEYOLO

August 22, 2015
agreed. excellent release.

Frankie Knuckles - House Masters as reviewed by CARPEYOLO

August 21, 2015
This is an amazing collection of house music. Sound quality is superb, booklet is well written, and the music is the work of a genius that was decades ahead of his time. Absolutely essential.

Sam Cooke - Night Beat CARPEYOLO

June 24, 2015
this is the truth

Tiger & Woods - Through The Green CARPEYOLO

May 13, 2015
this doesn't have a vinyl release? mind blown. great album.

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing CARPEYOLO

April 8, 2015
this is an amazing record musically and sonically. the songs are so good and the instrumentation is minimal-reggae and just perfect. a must have.

Dauwd - Jupiter George CARPEYOLO

April 1, 2015
all 3 tracks are quality

Sam Cooke - The Singles Collection CARPEYOLO

February 28, 2015
This sounds surprisingly great. Especially for the price.

Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue CARPEYOLO

February 24, 2015
So good for the price. Get it.

Mo Kolours - Mo Kolours CARPEYOLO

February 23, 2015
such a great, though overlooked album.

Carl Craig - More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art CARPEYOLO

February 15, 2015
i can see that. the sound quality is superb throughout. they did a great job with the RM.

Gesloten Cirkel - Submit X CARPEYOLO

January 31, 2015
my favorite album of 2014. sounds like it could have come out 30 years ago or 30 years from now.

Nirvana - In Utero (2013 Mix) as reviewed by CARPEYOLO

January 28, 2015
dead silent pressing and ups the intensity of the recordings. this really rips.

Carl Craig - More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art CARPEYOLO

January 26, 2015
The abbreviated track length enhances the listening experience when listening front to back in the context of an album. Notable exception being that Butterfly should be extended. Either way, essential album from an essential artist.