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posted a review of Cirez D - On Off / Fast Forward. 2 months ago
Hmmm, for 150 Bucks i cut a private second copy :D
posted a review of Various - Italo Nites. 4 months ago
B1) Hypnosis "Bormaz" = Nothing more extras. sounds near like a 1on1 Copy from the Original !
posted a review of Tyler Dancer - Resisting In The Darkness EP. 8 months ago
A1 = sick shit, out of the normal range !
posted a review of Jaimy & Kenny D. - Spread Your Wings. over 2 years ago
"Basic Needs" is a wonderfull and brilliant Track ! I love it very much - sounds still fresh today...
posted a review of Estelle (2) - Estelle E.P.. over 2 years ago
Synch-Session is massive - Secret Weapon from the past in all german Techno Clubs !
posted a review of Atom Heart - Pure Function. over 2 years ago
Repress coming end of April 2018 - look out for it in your Recordstore
posted a review of Karim Sahraoui. over 3 years ago
Yes, very good producer - makes his Music with heart and soul - i like all past Releases very much !
Much respect for this !
posted a review of DJ 3000 - Take Me Away . over 3 years ago
The Truncate Remix is a bomb !!!
Buy or die !
posted a review of Various - 303-101. over 3 years ago
"...cuts made with the legendary TB303 and the SH101 machines" ahh yes - ok - might be more than this - at least a sampler and some PC Edits. All in all 999999999 plays 92/93 Standard Acid - nothing almighty special, just recycled stuff from the past... See full review
posted a review of The Horrorist - Mission Ecstasy 2003. over 3 years ago
Killer Remix by By Marc Acardipane !
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posted a review of Krypt (4) - Unknown Frequency EP. over 3 years ago
10 Words i had to say ? Ok here we go:
Epic 12" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted a review of Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson - Miss Strict. over 3 years ago
Holy Cow ! Track "Thumb Cuff" is a very darky Techno Banger :)
posted a review of Risksearcher - Risksearcher. over 3 years ago
If Video Sound Files not wrong - same Tracks as on
posted a review of Developer - Developer Archive 2. over 3 years ago
Looks like Natalie Portman ♥ on that Label Picture - of course NOT the nude Side :)
Anyway, great unconventional typical Developer Release !
posted a review of Paul Hazel - Go. over 3 years ago
The Spira Remix kixx Asses ! Buy or die :)
posted a review of Stereoheadz - Houseweek. over 3 years ago
Trust me, this is a: Bomb ! Bomb ! Bomb !
posted a review of Flux (2) - True Feelings. over 3 years ago
"(Get Ready for the) Darkness" is a unique Floorstomper and was a goal in every Set at this time. In Summer 1992 DJ Sets by Frank De Wulf in heavy Rotation ! Tiny Footnote: Vocal Sample taken from Acacia Records 001 Rhythm Formation ‎– Ready For The... See full review
posted a review of X-101 - X-101. over 3 years ago
Sonic Destroyer had to be named as a huge Milestone in Techno History.
After all these Years still a fresh sounding Floor Weapon !
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Koenig Cylinders - 99.9. over 4 years ago
Unrivaled Milestone in Technomusic - forget all futher Remixes, Edits ect.

posted a review of The Horrorist - One Night In N.Y.C.. over 4 years ago
Please Note: Don't get confused with all the cleaned and re-edit Versions of "One Night in NYC"
This Version on the Orginal Release is the one and only with the real roughness what is missed in any other Versions !
posted a review of Tape Archive. over 4 years ago
Groundbreaking new unconventional Label with very intresting Releases.
Gets my Attention because of the phenomenal 3rd Release.
Would like to know more, who's behind that secret Label/Music Project ?
Let me know and write me a PM :)
submitted Waitress - Copy 2. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Luis Ruiz - Baalsequent EP. over 4 years ago
..."Argentina loves Acid"...and we too. Superb Acid Sound as it should be, simple, functional and groovy. Track "Angal" falls a bit out the row - Hard bangin' Acicd Tracker wich reminds of the good old Woody McBride Times on Drop Bass Network or Communique. See full review
posted a comment on Elvis Presley - Blaues Hawaii. over 4 years ago
Just one Side (the "good" Side) was tested on a mid 70s (or 60s) Compact Record Player.
Other side looks ugly what i've see - rather "fair" than "good"
posted a review of Joris Voorn - The First Sound. over 4 years ago
"It Ain't Our World" - underrated hidden gem by Joris Voorn !
For me the best track he every made. > Grooves like hell and let you fly away !
posted a review of Kenny Dixon Jr. / Moodymann - I Like It. over 4 years ago
I'm afraid to touch my copy again after all this years at these actual prices...
Got my copy regular 1994 in a Ibiza Record Shop - i forget the Name, but was near the Harbour somewhere. Just bought it because of Track ("..i said ") "Emotional Content"... See full review
posted a review of Frank Biazzi - Fiction. over 4 years ago
A Side "Friction" is a Bomb Track with a Killer Break !
posted a comment on Elvis Presley - Blaues Hawaii. over 4 years ago
Condition playable Side "good", blank Side "fair" sold for 850 EUR. Seller had a Artikel from a Newspaper cut out from Mid 90s who reported a Deal from 5800 DM (2900 EUR)
posted a comment on Voltage 9 - Candema. over 4 years ago
"with no surface noise" - Dude ! Thats a DJ Record not a Pink Floyd Album !!!
posted a review of The Electric Company - Electronique. over 4 years ago
"Tronic.....Tronic.....Tronica.........E l e c t r o n i c a"
Yeah - Secret Weapon from the Past - and sounds surprising fresh today.
The Vocal Sample makes it to a real Gem !
posted a review of Developer Archive. over 4 years ago
I love this non compromise Form - straight quality outputs here by Developer.
Sometimes nothing more need than a sick modulating Sequence and damn good groove.
Thats it !
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Developer - Archive 7. over 4 years ago
Hands Of Inevitable Change - Very monotone Mad Techno Track that kicks Asses !
Buy or die !
posted a review of Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid. over 4 years ago
Dont Trust the Video Sound of the most Favorite Version "George's All Nighter".
All exisiting Youtube Videos (expect one, who pitched it on minus 8 !) have the CD or mp3 Audio Track behind. It does not sound like the Vinyl Version. The vinyl Version... See full review
posted a review of Indo Silver Club (2) - Part One. over 4 years ago
A Side is a Killer Track ! One of the best Daft Punk Tracks imho before the hype begins...
posted a review of The Patterns Of Change - PC 05. over 4 years ago
Very Cheap prices here for a secret Jeff Mills played "Murder Bomb" in 2000 :)
A Side is a real Killer of a Track and still sounds fresh kickin' today and plays very nice pitched on -1
posted a review of Breaker 1 2 - Breakin'. over 4 years ago
As i rememiber right some repress waves floods the market a couple of month before with some several Forbidden Planet Releases. This Release here also, and some rest copys are still left in Stock. So buy or die - maybe last Change to get it regular in... See full review
posted a review of Norken - Tidal Frequencies. over 4 years ago
Now i remember why i bought this 12" in the past: Track "Motor Breeze" is a fantastic broken beats ambiendish tune.
Makes hypnotic...i like it very much ! Rest on this 12" is also nice, no mainstream shit.
posted a review of House Hallucination* - Prisoners Of Ectasy. over 4 years ago
WOW - The Trance Mix still sounds fresh after all these years ! Next Future Music by Jammin Unit & Walker !
posted a review of Whizzkid - I Control The Party (Die DJ Hymne). over 4 years ago
Truly a commercial and embarrassing Release to Set on the "(i want to be/i'm a famous) Rave/Club DJ Train" But the Track "The Great Gathering" is not so bad as it looks like. May "Hands up" a bit, but in fact a solid Floor Trance track with a nice Melody.
posted a review of Kool Vibe - Deep Inside (Brawther's 7inch Of Dub Edit). over 4 years ago
For 100 EUR and more, i go letting cut at minimum 3 private copys for myself at dubplates and have a B Side too and room for 3 more Tracks ! Thats an Expensive 7" - €75.00 Median means at 4:48 running time a minute cost you about 17 bucks.
You see,... See full review
posted a review of S-Ence - Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
Real sick and wired Stuff here - just found my copy while seaching some other Record.

posted a review of Mr. Happy - Come Back To Love. over 4 years ago
Forget all Mixes - The Stickman's Crawlspace Mix is one of the best progressive House Tracks i ever heard ! Sadly complete underrated Stickman Release...
posted a review of Lester Fitzpatrick - L Trax. over 4 years ago
"Fireworks" on B1 is a Killer Track !
Sounds still fresh Today
posted a review of Kolde - Vision D. over 4 years ago
Holy Shit - "Vision 116" is an awesome wired bangin' Techno Track. The pumpin' Bassdrum cuts your Hair for free :) Listen to this and it will tell you f**** o** lazy boring tralala music !
Really a Bomb Track alert !
posted a review of Massa (7) - Sovegon EP . over 4 years ago
Great Release for the Start ! All Tracks are high quality deep minded Techno Sound - buy or die !
posted a review of - Octagon. over 4 years ago
OMG - The Acronym Remix is epic !
20th Century fly away Techno tune - buy or die....
posted a review of Birth Of Frequency, 2030 - Construct Re-Form Invites CLFT. over 4 years ago
That Life's Lake Track is Epic !
Completed different Style to the A Side wich has monotone 90s Techno on it.
Pumps solid on Vinyl (wich means forget mp3), but nothing special here. The Highlight is deffo the B Side ! Buy the 12" and catch it if it's... See full review
posted a review of Kosel - Rename EP. over 4 years ago
Phat filtered dark and raw Acid shit on B2 - sounds like a Greg Beato cloned Track !
Screw on your Potis dude, we want more :)