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Dutch Liquid - Rush / Smooth Groove
posted a review of Dutch Liquid - Rush / Smooth Groove. 7 days ago
Well, lets talk about "Rush" - thats the real deal here. Progressive Killer Track at it's best. I remember had to search my ass of to get a 12" Copy. Found it finally at Outland Records in Amsterdam. Sadly no Sound Sample available...
B.T. Express (2) - Level Three
posted a review of B.T. Express (2) - Level Three. 10 days ago
"Just About To Snap" hammered by Carl Cox in his Legendary Mayday X Set 30.04.1996
Perpetuum Mobile - Für Sanne
posted a review of Perpetuum Mobile - Für Sanne. 10 days ago
Track "Vermona" are genius. Was a huge Club/Rave Hit in the past and for sure Secret Weapon alert.
Andromatic - Pure Energy
posted a review of Andromatic - Pure Energy. 10 days ago
Frank De Wulf open his Set at Future Sonic Rave in Stuttgart, Germany 1992 with Track "Exit". That was at this time a real "Statement" and a distinguishing feature against all other DJs from that Night (the others played mostly well known usual... See full review
posted a comment on Sandra. 12 days ago
Good News for Sandra Fans:
Exclusive (Pre-)Order at

The following Sandra Abums will be released
in several colored Vinyl Editions:

Fading Shades 1995
(pobably Gatefold Cover)
2x12" each green/purple/black

Wheel Of... See full review
Working For A Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts
posted a review of Working For A Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts. about 1 month ago
Even i wish there was a 'Record", but only CD Release.
However, outstanding Album and imho best Release from WFANFC. Maybe a Vinyl Output will come someday. I will be first who Order ;)
Serena Butler - From The Cloud To Our Bodies
posted a review of Serena Butler - From The Cloud To Our Bodies. about 1 month ago
"Ceatures in It" = Deep emotional Ambient Dub-Tech. What a Masterpiece of a Track ! I'm sure, the time will come and all Serena Butler Releases gets more Attention ;)
posted a comment on NGLY - NGLY. 7 months ago
To be honest, only buy it because of "Speechless Tape". The rest of tracks are fillers for me.1 or 2 not bad, but "Speechless Tape" stands out. Fascinating Track, filtered to death, Sound Elements are struggeling into, Volume goes up and down. Makes... See full review
Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman - Showcase
posted a review of Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman - Showcase. 8 months ago
Great Compilation of the past Burial Mix Releases. I prefer the Vocal Tracks only, the Instrumental Parts (Version) of each Track get's boring after a while. Would prefer a Vinyl Release too 2x12" - Gatefold would be cool. One Record Vocal Tracks, one... See full review
Sandra - The Wheel Of Time
posted a review of Sandra - The Wheel Of Time. 8 months ago
Great (Comeback) Album. Every Song are quality produced and has it's own Fascination. Highlight for me personally are the great Remake of Talk Talk 80s Hit "Such a shame". Sadly the Album was Released at a Time where Vinyl Records are nearly dead on... See full review
B.O.D. - No More Mind Games
posted a review of B.O.D. - No More Mind Games. about 1 year ago
(It's A Dream Mix) = A "WestBam ‎– Hold Me Back" full cloned Track !
Marco Carola - Walking Dog
posted a comment on Marco Carola - Walking Dog. about 1 year ago
I'm sorry to say that: "Peak time..." ? where ? Perhaps good enough to "peak" an Elevator for a couple of seconds. Not even good enough for a "Warm up" - if you want to play a Club empty, go forward, no Problem...
K-Hand* - Soul
posted a review of K-Hand* - Soul. about 1 year ago
One of Kelli's Masterpiece - a Milestone in every way. Today it's a classic, each Track has it's own quality. Complete underrated imho - sadly living Detroit History getting smaller. She passed away 03.08.21 - Rest in Peace Kelli, you are a big Piece... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Joris Voorn - Lost Memories Pt. 2
posted a review of Joris Voorn - Lost Memories Pt. 2. about 1 year ago
For me are "Shining" still a Masterpiece of a Track. Sadly the BD and the Acidline sounds Digital to thin. The 12" beats you up and sounds deffo more phat. I'ts surprising how fast, hard and fresh some early Joris Tracks still are. To sad that he lost... See full review
Chito's Revenge* - Lagrimas / Oracion
posted a review of Chito's Revenge* - Lagrimas / Oracion. about 1 year ago
Track "Lagrimas" i hear Felix the Housecat "Thee Morning After (Drumdrum Mix)" sampled in the Background.
Matia Bazar - Ti Sento
posted a comment on Matia Bazar - Ti Sento. about 1 year ago
The pressing was good, but I think the german "Blow Up" Release was bad mastered. Some Hi-Tones sounds "crumbled" and "squeezed". Like to much Dynamic on it. Can some confirm ?
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
New Order - Education Entertainment Recreation
posted a review of New Order - Education Entertainment Recreation. about 1 year ago
Great Flashback and awesome Performance to hear. Pressing and Sound quality was really good. Not so good, all Records comes into a hard cardboard inner sleeve. Had to be carefully put out immediately switch into a antistatic foiled inner sleeve. I... See full review
X-Buzz - Overload
posted a comment on X-Buzz - Overload. about 1 year ago
At 1993 direction goes hader into gabber, on the other side hardtrance get popular. Later came Mickey Mouse Techno pushed by Marusha.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Arbouretum. about 1 year ago
Great Band, grounding oldschool indie rock blues. Every Release has its own fascination and was a gem foritself. Happy to hear more in the future.
New Order / Depeche Mode - Hurt / Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
posted a comment on New Order / Depeche Mode - Hurt / Oberkorn (It's A Small Town). about 1 year ago
Solution is quite simple: Some are confused by clickin "add to my wantlist" accidentally they click on "add to my collection". Right on Smartphones it's very tricky, happens every day by scrolling down you hit something accidentally.
Jeff Mills - The Divine EP
posted a review of Jeff Mills - The Divine EP. about 1 year ago
After a lot of crappy looped and sampled to death Techno Releases in the mid, now a very "silent", and untypical mills release. I like "Roots" very much, those pan flut melody inevitably stays in the ear.
Jeff Mills - Purpose  Maker Live Series
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Purpose Maker Live Series. about 1 year ago
Something for the Trash can. Sadly for the Vinyl Material, had to get used for better records. However, nonsens Release for hardcore mills addicts.
Jeff Mills - Steampit EP
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Steampit EP. about 1 year ago
Compare it with the User Releases, just functional working Loop Techno. If there would not written "Jeff Mills" on it, this will even lay somewhere in the electronic Music Nirvana.
Jeff Mills - Force Universelle EP
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Force Universelle EP. about 1 year ago
I would bet Track "La Force" was another hidden Archive Track from Jeff. Sounds from 1992 or even earlier.
Michel De Hey - Snert / Jetchi
posted a review of Michel De Hey - Snert / Jetchi. about 1 year ago
I love "Jetchi" - brilliant progressive groovin' from the beginning to the end. Still fits in a quality Tech House set. Track went very big in Dutch and UK Clubs when it was actual.
Test / Strong Heads - The Antwerp Anthems
posted a comment on Test / Strong Heads - The Antwerp Anthems. about 1 year ago
Forget the Sounds from the YT Videos below. May for a sneak okay, but sounds crappy thin. Buy the 12" and drop it, you will know what i mean 🤘
Sub System - Sub System
posted a review of Sub System - Sub System. about 1 year ago
Yes, "Subhouse" helps up the growing (underground) Raves and culture. But imho "Celeste" was the Goal getter here. Spooky, sneaky cool Track and still fresh enough to play.
Ramones - It's Alive
posted a review of Ramones - It's Alive. about 1 year ago
Powerfull sounding Re-Issue, i was surprised in fact both 12 Inches are colored. Focus are here 99% to get the best out of the live music. This was well out balanced. Problem, the audience in the background sounds digitally squeezed sometimes. But... See full review
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
posted a review of Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak. about 1 year ago
I can confirm, my copy had no sleeve marks from the hard die cut inner sleeve. Sound is powerfull and great, no crackles. Good quality re-release for a human price.
ADSX* - Introducing DSL
posted a comment on ADSX* - Introducing DSL. about 1 year ago
Far away from Mainstream Techno at that time. This Release was much ahead from style to get more attention when it cames out. Deacates later now it sounds genius, worth to play in a techno or electro set.
Roy The Boy Presents Mixmaster.B* - French Paradise
posted a review of Roy The Boy Presents Mixmaster.B* - French Paradise. about 1 year ago
May it help to get more attention to this Floor Bomb. Played at Westbams lagerdary Party Concept "Macht der Nacht" 1990 up and down by Mr. Westbam himself. Had a rare Mixtape from it, check mixesdb 👍
Salentino* - You'll Be In Paradise
posted a comment on Salentino* - You'll Be In Paradise. about 1 year ago
As ever, if you are in love with vinyl. For over 300 sales price i calculate my own private vinyl copy, 40 EUR for the dubplate and may 25 for the copying cover artwork. Much cheaper and a unique private 12" for me 💁‍♂️
Orientalist - Virtualize
posted a comment on Orientalist - Virtualize. about 1 year ago
"Resolve" is a brillant track. Still sounds great and can be played today. Catch your copy, good music for a cheap price :)
The Trancejock - Dreamworld / Soul
posted a review of The Trancejock - Dreamworld / Soul. about 1 year ago
Track Dreamworld was a Dutch Club Hit in the past !
Mologa - Subtrain / 2 Beauty 4 U
posted a review of Mologa - Subtrain / 2 Beauty 4 U. about 1 year ago
Label Design looks a bit cheap and ugly for some Releases. However, "Subtrain" was a damn huge Dutch Club Hit at that time.
Kool / Scar (3) - Come On / Tonics
posted a review of Kool / Scar (3) - Come On / Tonics. about 1 year ago
Scar = word play for Ska wich was the main loop Sample for the Groove plus some Ska loop elements (Saxophone, Vocal ect.)
Serena Butler - Konstrukt 007
posted a review of Serena Butler - Konstrukt 007. about 1 year ago
Awesome and Best Serena Release - Deep Sea Dive is a damn mind killing good Track.
Happy to hear more Serena Tracks in the future.
Serena Butler - From The Cloud To Our Bodies
posted a review of Serena Butler - From The Cloud To Our Bodies. about 1 year ago
Mind driven Sound Sculptures, very accurate an decent produced. A Must have, timeless stuff !
Serena Butler - Gynoids Dryads Swim Alone
posted a review of Serena Butler - Gynoids Dryads Swim Alone. about 1 year ago
Outstanding Release, deep atmospheric driven Tracks. B1 Gynoids was my highlight, i love it !
Aaron Carl* - Crucified
submitted Aaron Carl* - Crucified. about 1 year ago
Norman* - The Big Deal
posted a review of Norman* - The Big Deal. about 1 year ago
That first Release was huge success for Norman (with a little help from Tom) and he gets nearly overrun with askings/bookings after that. Can't remember any Techno DJ at that time whos not playing that Track over months in every Club, Rave, Festival... See full review
Tranceformer - Humanoid '93 X-Po EP
posted a review of Tranceformer - Humanoid '93 X-Po EP. about 1 year ago
Track "Parametric" one of kind stunning floor filler at Omen Frankfurt while sweat drops down the ceiling :)
Program 2 Beltram - The Omen
posted a review of Program 2 Beltram - The Omen. about 1 year ago
The Purists and Beltram Fans are shocked, untypical Release, Hoover Sound, what's that ?! However, nobody knows how deep Joey had his Hand in this Production except himself. And if the other guys do the work and just use Joeys Name as to get more... See full review
Reese Project* - Direct Me
posted a review of Reese Project* - Direct Me. about 1 year ago
Jay Denham Remix still stands out after 30 (!) Years. A bit genius here that untypical shuffling Hi-Hiats setting what makes it interesting. Another fact, i wonder no one makes a note, main Vocal Sample was Sven Väth, another word dropped later over... See full review
Motion Unit (2) - Re-Edit
posted a review of Motion Unit (2) - Re-Edit. about 1 year ago
No comment here ? Another genious release by Navid. Re-Edit is a Killer Track, dark, pumpin' and a real bad sounding modulated acid line. If you ask yourself what was the real Frankfurt Sound, this one here burned down the floor many times at the Omen FFM See full review
Various - Die Deutschen Kommen (Überarbeitete Neuauflage 2020)
posted a comment on Various - Die Deutschen Kommen (Überarbeitete Neuauflage 2020). about 1 year ago
What is wrong with the Re-Issue ? Rock-o-rama went into Nazi Music Distributor?
DJ Hyperactive - I'm Only Buggin'
posted a review of DJ Hyperactive - I'm Only Buggin'. about 1 year ago
I remember had to buy this in 1996, because it was so wired, different, outstanding stuff. My personal thinking was, if you want a statement in your set, play this crazy bleeping groovy music. And after all this years, still sounding outstanding and... See full review