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Various - Pop & Wave - The Hits Of The 80's - Vol. 1
posted a review of Various - Pop & Wave - The Hits Of The 80's - Vol. 1 . over 20 years ago
It seems that there are very different versions of this compilation (or at least different compilations with the same name) - the original release from 1992 (Sony/Columbia 471450 2) was the first version. The 1998 version (couldn't find the cat#) has... See full review
Various - Vertigo Compilation 01/96
posted a review of Various - Vertigo Compilation 01/96. over 20 years ago
The Psyche track on this compilation is a very rare one, from the short time where Dwayne Goettel (Skinny Puppy) was part of Psyche together with Darrin Huss. After some demo 4-track recordings Dwayne left the band. There was never an official psyche... See full review
Die Tödliche Doris
posted a review of Die Tödliche Doris. over 20 years ago
Take a look at their homepage. They've all their releases in mp3 format for download - for free and it's legal. Good way to get in touch with some essential early german experimental/industrial band.
Various - Maschinenfest 2000
posted a review of Various - Maschinenfest 2000. over 20 years ago
Just found a flyer I got at the Maschinenfest 2000 with that CD:

"The Tunnel track on the Maschinenfest 2CD is not a track by Tunnel, but a track by a new project called 'Sin-Tek'.
This Track slipped onto the CD by accident because Mieke M. of... See full review
Kybernaut - The Stalker
posted a review of Kybernaut - The Stalker. over 20 years ago
I guess this release can also be listed as flyco 001 as you might see it on several websites. But on the release it's listed as ITEM FR01001. So I guess they changed the way of numbering their releases when they released the Ammo CD/12" as flyco... See full review
World Serpent
posted a review of World Serpent. over 20 years ago
World Serpent isn't a label, it works as a distributor for many smaller labels like David Tibets "Dutro", Steven Stapletons "United Dairies" or Piski Disk. The styles tend between noisy industrial and accoustic neofolk. But besides that World Serpent... See full review
Hands Productions
posted a review of Hands Productions. over 20 years ago
I don't like everything from that label, especially some newer bands like S.I.N.A or Mono No Aware are too boring sometimes. But there are still many good artists on that label, have a listen to Orphx, Xabec, Ah Cama-Sotz, Squaremeter or Needle Sharing ... See full review
posted a review of Falsch. over 20 years ago
Their website is a little bit confusing at the first sight. But it's worth to get an account and look for some interesting stuff ...
Umek - Neuro
posted a review of Umek - Neuro. over 20 years ago
to C.E.O.: The Track vocals are indeed the same vocals as Laibach's. Umek did also some of the studio engineering for Laibach, so this might be the "thank you" from one band to another. It's not listed on the cover or inlay but it was written on the... See full review
Various - Music Research Promotional CD Pop.komm '99 Zoth Ommog
posted a review of Various - Music Research Promotional CD Pop.komm '99 Zoth Ommog. over 20 years ago
A very odd release if you look at the history of the label. Shortly after the german music-fair "Popkomm" 1999, where this CD was given away, the label was closed and most of the artists went to the Bloodline-label which was some kind of successor of... See full review
Various - Ant.Colony
posted a review of Various - Ant.Colony. over 20 years ago
Nice item to get a quick overview on the actual work of ant-zen artists. It's not that special compilation where you find tons of unreleased and rare stuff, everything should be still available via the regular releases, but as it's a free compilation... See full review
Various - RRR 500 (Various 500 Lock-Grooves By 500 Artists)
posted a review of Various - RRR 500 (Various 500 Lock-Grooves By 500 Artists). over 20 years ago
First of all respect to the guy who added this record. Must be a hard piece of typing ;-) This 12" is the 2nd locked groove release from RRR, after the first one (RRR100) was very successful. After RRR100 brought together 100 artists on one 7", this... See full review
posted a review of Pflichtkauf. over 20 years ago
Pflichtkauf is the label run by Thomas Hein, who's also the organizer of the Maschinenfest-Festival (former "Musik in Elektrisch") in Germany. The festival is one of the biggest festivals with music between Industrial, Rhythm Noise and Dark Ambient.... See full review
Snog - Beyond The Valley Of The Proles & Your Favourite Electro-Folk-Swingers
posted a review of Snog - Beyond The Valley Of The Proles & Your Favourite Electro-Folk-Swingers. over 20 years ago
The last output by David Thrussel is just in the mood of the "Third Mall From The Sun" release. 11 songs somewhere between conspiracy theories and anticapitalism with a strange kind of humor. This vinyl release comes with a bonus LP called "Your... See full review
Johnny Pinkhouse - Bad Acetate (1949-1999: 50 Fabulous Years In The Soleilmoon Lounge)
posted a review of Johnny Pinkhouse - Bad Acetate (1949-1999: 50 Fabulous Years In The Soleilmoon Lounge). over 20 years ago
A very strange kind of anniversery release. Soleilmoon started as a kind of recording studio for radiostations. These recordings feature family members of the first soleilmoon-owners. You can hear some silly family-partys with little children singing... See full review
m² - War Of Sound
posted a review of m² - War Of Sound. over 20 years ago
The new CD of the Panacea sideproject quickly became my favorite among the m2 releases. The first release (14id1610s) was quite boring, but after that m2 became better and better with any release. This CD features some nice spoken words lyrics which... See full review
Various - Für Jasmin - Das Blümchen Remix Album
posted a review of Various - Für Jasmin - Das Blümchen Remix Album. over 20 years ago
A remix album of the other kind. Some german underground acts remix tracks of Blümchen - a silly dancefloor girl for teenagers. Meant to be music for little kids, Blümchen also got some cult status elsewhere - maybe not that serious but those fans are... See full review
Ars Moriendi
posted a review of Ars Moriendi. over 20 years ago
Being one of the main project for many other german industrial projects like Asche, Morgenstern, Synapscape, M.o.a.t.a. Omen or Templegarden's made Ars Moriendi important to the history of the Ant-Zen label. Founded in 1989 they released several... See full review
posted a review of Hybryds. over 20 years ago
It's hard to describe Hybryds with a few word. They made a lot of different recordings, so if you like one the next one might be just crap to you. You'll find tribal-industrial, techno, dark ambient and dark trip-hop beneath the releases of Hybryds.... See full review
Radboud Mens & Jaap Blonk - Bek
posted a review of Radboud Mens & Jaap Blonk - Bek. over 20 years ago
The cooperation between voice-artist Jaap Blonk and more technoid based Radboud Mens brought us a very interesting release. The aim of them was to record one track for different kinds of electronic music without using synthesizers and drum machines... See full review
Einstürzende Neubauten - Silence Is Sexy
posted a review of Einstürzende Neubauten - Silence Is Sexy. over 20 years ago
The newer releases of Einstürzende Neubauten are completely different to their older recordings. You will not hear that much industrial noise and screams, more symphonic sounds are added to the newer tracks. That might be an effect of Blixa Bargelds... See full review
Omenya - The Esoteric Perversions
posted a review of Omenya - The Esoteric Perversions. over 20 years ago
First official release of a project that existed for some long times just to play in the living room. Omenya is inspired by the works of Robin Storey (Zoviet France, Rapoon) and reaches the quality of his recordings, but not copying it. This special... See full review
Pan Sonic, Charlemagne Palestine - Mort Aux Vaches
posted a review of Pan Sonic, Charlemagne Palestine - Mort Aux Vaches. over 20 years ago
I was somehow disappointed by this release. Ok, both artists are known for their minimal works, but THAT minimal? All of the tracks are made up of a very slow evolving drone. All you can hear while listening very closely are some small interferences... See full review
L'Ombre - Medicine For The Meaningless
posted a review of L'Ombre - Medicine For The Meaningless. over 20 years ago
One of my favorites in 2002. Dark, but melodic soundscapes, well evolving tracks from the start to the end with some strange cold mood. Sometimes it gets a little bit noisy and rhythmic, but that aren't my favourite moments - the more ambient and calm... See full review
Golan Levin / Scott Gibbons / Gregory Shakar* - Dialtones, A Telesymphony
posted a review of Golan Levin / Scott Gibbons / Gregory Shakar* - Dialtones, A Telesymphony. over 20 years ago
This CD is more or less a documentation about an art installation. Besides the 3 audio tracks there are lots of articles, pictures, videos and other additional information at the CD-ROM track. One special point of this recording: not the artists... See full review
Jan Jelinek / Computer Soup - Improvisations And Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001
posted a review of Jan Jelinek / Computer Soup - Improvisations And Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001. over 20 years ago
Usualy I like glitches and clicks'n'cuts sounds, but this record bored me. I can't figure out what exactly isn't in my vein. Maybe the tracks are too chaotic, too unstructured and without a main thread in it. I know this are improvisations, but I've... See full review
Caroline K - Now Wait For Last Year
posted a review of Caroline K - Now Wait For Last Year. over 20 years ago
A real classic in my eyes. It's the only solo release of Caroline K. who worked a lot with Nigel Ayers at Nocturnal Emissions. Besides the cult song "Tracking with Closeups" the A side of the record with the long, hypnotic ambient track is my... See full review
P·A·L - Live At 2:00 A.M.
posted a review of P·A·L - Live At 2:00 A.M.. over 21 years ago
This is the recording of a one-time-only live performance of P.A.L at the Maschinenfest 2001 in Aachen, Germany. You will not find P.A.Ls usual techno-industrial beats on this CD, it's more like a dark ambient cut-up session with sounds from P.A.L... See full review
Ammo - Beautiful People
posted a review of Ammo - Beautiful People. over 21 years ago
If you currently look at the ratings of this release you can see that not all really like this record. But when I heard it the first time I thought "Wow" - an idea nearly everyone makeing electronic music surely had before, but not many really did it.... See full review
Salt - Re.wasp
posted a review of Salt - Re.wasp. over 21 years ago
act 100 - the anniversery release of Ant-Zen isn't the usual "one track by each labelartist" compilation. It's one of Ant-Zen masterminds Stefan Alt rare recordings. The 3" features 2 long dark ambient drone tracks, which where recorded at S.Alt's... See full review