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posted a comment on The Edgar Broughton Band - The Edgar Broughton Band. about 1 year ago
Comes in a really hevy cover, sound is great! Really nice reissue of a surrealistic record.
Buy if you can!
posted a comment on Eagles - Hell Freezes Over. over 3 years ago
Please, tell me the different to the version of 1994, I can not see any different!
posted a review of George Winston - Summer. over 5 years ago
I think, this is not the root, because the label of George Winson is Dancing Cat.
I think, the master edition is: .
posted a review of George Winston - Summer. over 5 years ago
I think, this is the master edition, because this is the label of George Winston, Windham Hill is only the second distributor.
Fantastic album, fantastic sound, one of his best, or THE greatest album of George Winston!
posted a review of Vince Guaraldi Trio - Jazz Impressions Of "A Boy Named Charlie Brown". over 5 years ago
What a fantastic reissue! Great, lovely reproduced cover, sound and color prints. But: The record comes in a cheap paper static inner sleeve. So unpack this fantastic record carefully and use a new anitstatic innersleeve!
submitted Silver Metre - Silver Metre. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Marillion - For All Cucumber Lovers. over 5 years ago
The first fantastic concert of Marillion in Germany. Great sound, great feelings. One of the best live albums I know!
submitted Duncan Browne - Give Me Take You. over 5 years ago
submitted Yes - Relayer. over 6 years ago
submitted Legend (6) - Moonshine. over 7 years ago