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I was an 11 year old kid who thought this was very relevant at that time, your point doesnte really come across
posted a review of Capablanca - Lap Top Less Dance. over 2 years ago
so so so so so so not limited after all....
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posted a comment on Lost Scripts (2) - Hiverned # 4. over 3 years ago
400 wouldn't even really be that limited... its all marketing and drives up prices ridiculously. 14 people selling, E38,- lowest quoted price. Insane for such mediocre tracks
posted a comment on XXX (37) - Noorder Scannen. over 3 years ago
As far as I understood it's Nick Dunton (Surface) and Charlton (Mord)
posted a comment on Breaker 1 2 - Breakin'. over 3 years ago
agreed 110%, B2 gives such a feeling threat, really nice build-up