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posted a comment on Towa Tei With UA - Sound Of Music. about 1 year ago
If you're thinking of buying this because Love Pandemic might be different from the CD, don't. It's the same cut. They didn't even bother extending or remixing it.
posted a comment on Rimshots* - Jack In The Box / We've Got You Singing. about 1 year ago
Jack In The Box - Rimshots (Stang ST-5072A ST-12090-GM 3:10) is EXACTLY the same track as Jack In The Box - Moments (Stang ST-5075B ST-12095-GM 3:09) - the B side of I Could Have Loved You. Al Goodman is NOT credited as an author on the Moments single.
posted a comment on Steve Blame Feat. La Camilla - Give Me Your Love (Je T'aime). over 3 years ago
Nothing worse than a man who can't sing, talking (not even rapping), while a woman who can't sing, lip syncs to someone else's vocals with intermittent grunts and comments. Anyone who pays more than $1.00 for this is wasting their money.