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posted a comment on Ge-ology - Ge-ology Plays Ge-ology. over 2 years ago
Dope album. Some killer basslines throughout. Just wish it came unmixed on CD it would be easier to play those cuts out. Despite all that, Its a triumph. Listen again DigitalSignal through an analogue setup. ;)
posted a comment on Books (3) - Feel It In My Bones. over 2 years ago
Feel It In My Bones is an absolute killer. Lovely winding intro and those ever so soulful notes throughout by Zodiac alongside the beats and bassline do a huge amount for me. Absolute winner.
posted a comment on Jovonn - Stump It EP. over 6 years ago
Mine also has a little bit of a crackle on Side A. Side B also starts a little funky. The bass and beats sounds quite distorted but as other have noted it clears the further in it goes. Because of how it was was recorded I bet the copy used has been cued ... See full review
posted a comment on Matt Warren - The Essential EP 4. over 8 years ago
In all honesty 3 out of the 4 tracks on this EP are not really up my street whatsoever. When I was listening to it in the store several years ago it almost ended up back on the shelf. Then I listened to the last track on the EP, 'Angels'. I was instantly ... See full review