Rhythm station. Aldershot.1995. This was where it all started for me. Me and a mate got a job at Wokingham Dominoes pizza and our boss took us all clubbing there.I developed a love of breakbeat techno.

The next year i heard shy FX 'the chopper' remix. From that moment on i was a Jungle / drum n bass convert.

Was a local DJ in Reading and did a bit of producing, just for dub plates. Ran a little home studio with my mate until mid 2000's made all sorts of music you can find my soundcloud link on the left.

Recently bought up all the happy hardcore tunes that i used to listen to and will be working my way through cataloguing my sizeable vinyl collection and adding them bit by bit. I think i have a few tunes in the crates which aren't on here so hopefully will be able to contribute!

take it easy.

(by the way my top 3 Music Artists are:)

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posted a comment on Ian Brown - Golden Greats. 17 days ago
Gold vinyl is a very loose description. It's actually bright yellow.
posted a comment on The Cooper Temple Clause - See This Through And Leave. about 1 month ago
The back cover features my old family car and the road i lived on. It was the same road on which the front cover photo was taken. Tom Bellamy lived there,.
posted a comment on Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms. about 1 month ago
I'm with Dev. This record ignited my love of music, brothers in arms is an incredibly emotive track.
posted a comment on Rhythm Assault - Auto Drive. about 1 month ago
Noisy vinyl, but what else would you expect from being clear?
posted a comment on Clark Kent (2) / Dark Agenda - Man Of Steal / Boogie Nights. about 1 month ago
So is this a rare vinyl then? i picked up a copy from record basement UK, i think. This is a great tune and the production is top class.
posted a comment on Camisra - Let Me Show You. 2 months ago
I listened to your record. i quite enjoyed it. happy?
posted a comment on Nirvana - Lithium. 2 months ago
Lithium. Amazing. I mean, if you don't feel anything listening to this - Are You Human?
posted a comment on Capone - Going In / Your Mind. 2 months ago
'Going in' is in my mind the pinnacle of the dillinja sound. TOTAL MASTER - plus theres a really cool squealing noise at the end of the vinyl on side A that loops at the end of the runout
posted a comment on Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box. 2 months ago
The B side starts with one of Nirvana's hardest tunes. Then it ones of the calmest. What an incredibly beautiful tube 'Marigold' is. A clear indication of Dave Grohl's future success.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy. 2 months ago
The original vinyl pressing of 'Flim' one of Aphex's greatest tracks EVER. That means it's an essential purchase
posted a comment on Eat Static - Implant. 2 months ago
The first time i ever i took LSD, i went to an Eat Static gig where they played many tunes from this album and sold copies of it on a stall at the back of the room. I had to take my French oral GCSE the next day. It was not pretty.
posted a comment on Scott Garcia Featuring MC Styles - A London Thing. 2 months ago
No comments on this? this is a great tune - 21 years old and counting!
posted a comment on Peshay - Miles From Home. 2 months ago
I always used to play this tune out, it is immense.
posted a comment on Die* - Clear Skyz. 2 months ago
Clear Skyz is now 20 years old. 20. Years. Old. Just listen to it. It sounds fresher than ever. and its going for a fiver on here.
posted a comment on DJ Hazard - Food Fight / Proteus. 2 months ago
Great Tunes by Hazard, top production, top artwork for sleeve .
posted a comment on T.C. (2) - Tap Ho / Don't Play. 2 months ago
Not a single comment on this tune (except now) but it's going for nigh on £15. It's a banger all right, not very old though.
posted a comment on Afro Kid - Chronic 20. 2 months ago
Yo DJ is a wicked tune, proof of Lemon D's true quality.
posted a comment on Lemon D - B Boyz Revenge / Why?. 2 months ago
I'm with everyone else, both sides are amazing. 10 out of 10
posted a comment on DJ Hazard & D Minds* - Mr Happy / Super Drunk. 3 months ago
The most amazing tune ever. Period. 10/10 GO ON hazard / d-minds.!!
posted a comment on Secret Weapon - The Show / System Exclusive. 3 months ago
What ever happened to Bill Riley? An artist that never got the recognition he surely deserved.
posted a comment on DJ Hype - Global Thang - Volume 3. 4 months ago
Barking Bass is a great tune - hypnotic, off key, harmonic sub base, rolling beats. love it.
submitted Potential Bad Boy, Shy FX - A / A. 4 months ago
posted a comment on DJ Hixxy* & MC Sharkey* - Toy Town. 4 months ago
MC Sharkey you legend! Believe it or not, this was the first record that introduced me to the Amen break - I KNOW! I'm so glad you and Hixxy made this track. Being part of the Rhythm Station club nights was special for me, It holds so many memories. ... See full review
posted a comment on Shy FX - Wolf (Remix). 4 months ago
Love the 45 Roller mix of this, has got the chopper remix vibe to it.
posted a comment on Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Cutslo (Lokuste Mix) / Alien Girl. 4 months ago
I am very happy i have a pristine version of this in my record collection. Cant wait to get this out and play it to the grandkids and watch the look on their faces.
posted a comment on Dillinja / Lemon D - Acid Trak / One Out Of Many. 4 months ago
This record is a prime example of the sound Dillinja was getting in the late 90's - No one else could match it at the time, probably still couldn't now. A stone cold classic.
posted a comment on Trend - New Jam. 4 months ago
Very very simple but mightily mightily powerful, in my humble opinion. RIP TREND
posted a comment on DJ Hype Featuring MC Fats / DJ Hype - Peace Love & Unity / And Remember Folks. 4 months ago
One of the first records i picked up at the basement and even then it was a year or so old. 'And remember folks' is slept on.
posted a comment on Ed Rush + Optical* - Gas Mask / Bacteria. 4 months ago
What an amazing record. This one has stood the test of time.
posted a comment on Weezer - Undone - The Sweater Song. 4 months ago
In 1994 i was ill in bed with something or other nasty, and i listened to this over and over for about two days. It got me through! mainly the B sides. vinyl is noisy as hell.
posted a comment on Trinity - Chronic 13. 4 months ago
Track D 'Supa Niggas' has get serious swagger and in my opinion is an underrated and hidden Dillinja gem, it's use of Reece is amazing. the vinyl sounds really analoguey and compressed like its been recorded onto a DAT tape into the red. It makes for a ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Unified Colours Of Drum & Bass. 4 months ago
There might have been a mix up at the plant on this one. (or record basement) I have the white vinyl but all the others are black. The sleeve inner states the vinyl colours.
posted a comment on Facs & Dylan - It Is Real / Society. 4 months ago
This is one of the first drum n bass records that i bought. 'It is real' almost certainly possibly uses a Biosphere sample.
posted a comment on Roni Size / Reprazent - Dirty Beats. 4 months ago
Satisfied Friends was a massive tune, people used to go mental for it in the clubs i visited.
posted a comment on Mampi Swift - The Long Life EP. 4 months ago
This EP is Swift heading into deep, trance like territory. Hypnotist and LSD my favourite tracks. hints of Plastikman, AFX and a rich palette breaks. most heads slept on this.
posted a comment on Jaydan & Sub Zero (16) / Harvest - Brain Freeze / Supernatural. 4 months ago
Brain freeze is banging. yes i repeat, Brain freeze is banging.
posted a comment on Wilkinson (4) - Moonwalker / Samurai. 4 months ago
I really like Samurai, lovely off key bassline on that one.
posted a comment on Krome & Time - The Licence Remixes. 4 months ago
A great pair of remixes that used advances in production to make a HEAVY tune DOUBLE HEAVY.
posted a comment on Taxman (2) - Konkrete Shoes / Distorted Reality. 4 months ago
Rarely does a D'N'B tune make me feel drunk - This one does it in style. Distorted reality is also a great tune.
posted a comment on Calyx - Morphology / Schitzoid. 4 months ago
Bass tuning on Morphology is really unusual, it seems to my ear to change pitch throughout the loop.
posted a comment on Ray Keith - Something Out There - The Remixes. 4 months ago
The Dillinja Remix on this is very enjoyable, great programming from the big man.
posted a comment on DJ Die - Special Treat / Something Special. 4 months ago
Special Treat is another classic from my early d'n'b DJ days. Amazing tune.
posted a comment on Capone - Friday / Alaska. 4 months ago
Tune. DILLINJA!!! you the man i'm telling everyone. 10/10 wow
posted a comment on Taxman (2) - Evasion Remix. 4 months ago
I mean, really? No Comments?. this is an absolute SMASHER.
posted a comment on Various - Original Sin & Friends EP. 4 months ago
'Coming up for Air' is one of those tracks where you check yourself. Am i really listening to this? Then it's like, YES I AM !!! AND ITS F*&£$ING WICKED!!!!!
posted a comment on Trend - 2 Degrees 2 / Anthem. 4 months ago
Amazing Tunes. - R.I.P Trend. R.I.P Trend. R.I.P Trend. R.I.P Trend. R.I.P Trend. R.I.P Trend.
posted a comment on DJ Hazard - The Platinum Shadows EP. 4 months ago
A brilliant EP from Hazard. Should have got more recognition.
posted a comment on Friction & Nu Balance* - Robocop (Taxman Remix). 4 months ago
I absolutely love this record. It re-ignited my love of jump up d'n'b.
posted a comment on Surge (5) - New Order / Blaze Em Up. 4 months ago
Surge is a producer i never really caught up on, - But this 12" is great.
posted a comment on The Eliminators - Brothers / Chillin. 4 months ago
Chillin is definitely the best tune on this 12". dark.