This was a great day in my life when I met the grammy award winning godfather of house music; Mr. Frankie Knuckles at DJ Hut record store in Washington, DC on Friday, January 13, 2006. Coincidentally, his day happened to be his 51st birthday

I am a chef from Virginia living in Maryland. I appreciate a wide range of fine arts. My appreciation began with visual and soon extended into musical. I Especially enjoy that which is more traditional or oriented toward dancing, such as found at the Smithsonian Folk-life festival in Washington, DC. I enjoy exposing people to unheard of music.

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Syncopation (2) - It's Jazzy
posted a comment on Syncopation (2) - It's Jazzy. over 10 years ago
"Give it up" samples Janice McClain "Smack Dab in the Middle" from 1979, which was a very popular record at the paradise garage - an essential soul/disco record for those that like the "classics". I love that Janice McClain record myself.
The James Bratton Project* - Sound Of A New Era
posted a review of The James Bratton Project* - Sound Of A New Era. over 17 years ago
James Bratton seems to be well liked by certain classic house conniseurs. I can see why that is, having heard 2 12 inch versions of songs on this compilation. But for the most part this compilation isn't strictly garage/house, it is %50 mediocre new... See full review
No Joke - Feel The Music / Midnight Moon
posted a review of No Joke - Feel The Music / Midnight Moon. over 17 years ago
The B Side here "Midnight Moon" is one among the best Deep House/Garage cuts I've ever heard, better for instance than many Strictly Rhythm releases of the same year. It's 116 BPM and 100% instrumental. The Main synthesized instruments are a panpipe... See full review
Larry Levan - The Definitive Salsoul Mixes '78-'83
posted a review of Larry Levan - The Definitive Salsoul Mixes '78-'83. over 17 years ago
For a fact this entire cd was compiled from .mp3's, I tested the algorithms with the free audiochecker program to be found at: The sound quality is dreadful, it is obvious to the ears it was low quality .mp3 for... See full review
Various - First Generation Rap
posted a review of Various - First Generation Rap. over 18 years ago
It's unusual to find hip hop records of the period 1979-81 remastered in such sonic clarity from the original tapes. All tracks here come from the Enjoy Records catalogue and thus make a fabulously superior companion to the more overtly commercial yet... See full review
S.U.N. - Hypnotiki
posted a review of S.U.N. - Hypnotiki. over 18 years ago
I bought this cd after reading escapists enthusiasm over it. My impression is that it has too much of a cheesy "video game soundtrack" production with a hint of madchester alt. dance feeling here and there. Most of these tracks would NOT have survived... See full review
The Boys Choir Of Harlem - Power
posted a review of The Boys Choir Of Harlem - Power. over 18 years ago
the original single/album mix of this is much better than any of the remixes on this 12 inch, I bought the album by the boys choir called "Up In Harlem" just to get it (rest of the album is commercial R&B), it's still good jersey garage/house produced... See full review
Cosmic Force (2) / Clyde Alexander & Sanction - Chocolate Starfish / Got To Get Your Love
posted a review of Cosmic Force (2) / Clyde Alexander & Sanction - Chocolate Starfish / Got To Get Your Love. over 20 years ago
Cosmic Force is a new french group that plays live instruments..dont know of any P&P connections with it. Only the B side here is old, Clyde Alexander - Got To Get Your Love was, "Heavenly Star Records HS 0612" from cica 1980.
posted a review of Moby. over 20 years ago
Moby was one of the premier producers & DJ's of underground funky NY style techno between 89-93. In an interview he said by winter of 1993 in NYC (his home) people stopped having fun dancing. People started doing more xtreme drugs, DJ's worried if... See full review
Rebel MC, Double Trouble - Twenty One Mixes
posted a review of Rebel MC, Double Trouble - Twenty One Mixes. over 20 years ago
It was 1989 and the "let's make a rap mix for the rap people and a rock mix for the rock people and every other style too" idea that would plague the 90's begins at this time..the end of originality nears.
greed is not good.
The MD Connection - Tracks That Move Ya
posted a review of The MD Connection - Tracks That Move Ya. over 20 years ago
"It Ain't Goin One" is a simple SIMPLE track that just drives me nuts! it's got that classic chicago acid bassline and 4/4 808 beat with hand clap/snare/tom tom accents, it mixes well with ANYTHING it is without a doubt a TRACK THAT MOVES YA! HIGHLY... See full review
Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Special New Version) (15 Min Remix By Patrick Cowley)
posted a review of Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Special New Version) (15 Min Remix By Patrick Cowley). over 20 years ago
Few have played a synth with the same virtuosity convincingly simulating a processed electric guitar solo before or since Patrick Cowley did it here.
"I Feel Love", "Sea Hunt" & "I Need Somebody to Love Tonight" (from Sylvesters '79 album... See full review
posted a review of Unidisc. over 20 years ago
the 40+ volume "Star Funk" is the best early 80's funk-disco club classics 12'' CD collection I've ever seen!!! has all the rarest biggest spaciest psychedelic soulful jams. God Bless Montreal's (the best city to party in canada) Unidisc.
Imagination - Night Dubbing
posted a review of Imagination - Night Dubbing. over 20 years ago
I agree with Vinnie, this is one of the earliest most inspirational remix albums I've ever heard. Larry Levan must have loved it, turning the original versions upside down. It is surprisingly echoey & jamaican feeling, showing off the new sound of the... See full review
Jomanda - On Top (Of The Groove)
posted a review of Jomanda - On Top (Of The Groove). over 20 years ago
feat. vocals of Jomanda - On Top (Of The Groove) (Fierce Version), another acappella classic sampled in old skool house/techno "the sounds in the air will make you move and groove"
Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element* - Jummp-Back
posted a review of Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element* - Jummp-Back. over 20 years ago
very nice cover of new york dance classic "Dhar Braxton's - Jump Back", mix them over, in and out of each other.
Problem House - Vol. II
posted a review of Problem House - Vol. II. over 20 years ago
I dont know what to say thats relevant here but personally..Dayner Overload is one of the hardest most exciting old skool hardcore dutch techno tracks Ive ever heard..simple cartoony mayhem sampled loop but unique to me at least..similar to frank de... See full review
House Of Venus - Dish & Tell
posted a review of House Of Venus - Dish & Tell. over 20 years ago
the samples on this record come from what I believe was a rare live concert given by Ms. Loleatta Holloway at some NY underground club like Better Days or the Garage around the early 80's it was played only by the resident DJ (fill in the famous name... See full review
Schloss Tegal
posted a review of Schloss Tegal. over 20 years ago
One half of Schloss Tegal, Richard Schneider, appears to have resided near Frederick, Maryland; not far from where I'm soon moving to surprisingly. He formerly owned Interzone Music an experimental electronic music store which was located on 210 N.... See full review
SL2 - Way In My Brain (Remix)
posted a review of SL2 - Way In My Brain (Remix). over 20 years ago
"Way In My Brain" samples rather un-creatively what is considered by some the first modern digital "ragga" track "Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng, ©February 23, 1985 Greensleeves Records 12'' (Jamaica)" of which i do not know the catalogue # :)... See full review
posted a review of Ratpack. over 20 years ago
I was just listening to "[Fantazia - Showcase (27-11-92)] - Ratpack" one of the famous raves of the time, I think the best Ratpack track ive heard (out of only 5) was played in it. Towards the end, Evenson Allen shouts "its gonna be coming out just... See full review
The Jason Load Experience* Featuring Iyona - Mainline '90
posted a review of The Jason Load Experience* Featuring Iyona - Mainline '90. over 20 years ago
acapella here sampled heavily in too many early 90's club-rave classics to name, some of them are: " Evolution (AKA Sasha) - Metropolis (Can't Stop The Feeling Mix)", "Collapse - My Love", & "Cosmo & Dibs - Sonic Rush". "I can't stop the feeling... See full review
Freeez - I.O.U.
posted a review of Freeez - I.O.U.. over 20 years ago
another building block in jack's house, club classic played everywhere by everyone! Championed by all 5 of the Hot Mix 5 on WBMX, CHicago in the early 80's. what an anthem! I Dub U especially raw, John Rocca & Arthur Baker are the men! "I Want it To... See full review
Master C & J - In The City
posted a review of Master C & J - In The City. over 20 years ago
Rightly included in several prominent DJ's top ten picks of all time. Words cannot describe the subtle peaceful bliss this track brings. Blends well with "Syncbeat - Music" from 84 and "Patrick Cowley - Sea Hunt" from 81. This will also be played at... See full review