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posted a review of Mayday - Nude Photo '88. over 16 years ago
The remixes on this Kool Kat pressing are much better than the original Nude Photo which was released on Transmat. Both mixes are more energetic and the BPM's are slightly higher. True 1988 style acid house!!!

Until the end of last year, this was... See full review
posted a review of Vince Watson - Moments In Time. over 16 years ago
Warm luscious sounds, beautiful strings, bleepy noises, BUT with soul and emotion. "Soul techno" as it's meant to be. In my opinion these tracks are more appropiate for listening to in your home than being played for a jam packed dancefloor. This CD... See full review
posted a review of DJ Sneak - The Gas. over 16 years ago
Is DJ Sneak trying to do a remake of Green Velvet's - Flash? Just like the Relief honcho, DJ Sneak is talking about a going to a club in Chicago and balloons with nitrous oxide. Not very original though. Green Velvet would say "this is no laughing matter"! See full review
posted a review of Aly-Us - Follow Me. over 17 years ago
I personally don't share the comments above; in my opinion this is one of the most overrated house tracks ever. It just floats on, very basic build up, no real climax. I don't know what the buzz is all about to be honest...
posted a review of Fugees - Killing Me Softly. over 17 years ago
I remember Armand van Helden (yes indeed!) dropping this tune in the middle of a house set at club Chemistry in Amsterdam. By that time, nobody knew what this song was as Fu-gee-La was still the hit at that very moment. However, lowering the BPM's... See full review
posted a review of DJ Marcello Presents Barrington - Generate Love. over 17 years ago
This was DJ Marcello's 'secret track' at the Chemistry clubnights in Amsterdam. Nobody knew what it was but everybody could sing along since it was played almost every week. A proper release on his Secret Love label took the magic away, I feel?!?
posted a review of Those Guys - Love, Love, Love. over 17 years ago
I must fully agree with Easy Rider's comment. One of those magic moments on the dancefloor: excellent warm up track for when the dancefloor is still almost empty early in the evening and the DJ is warming up for the rest of the night. This track... See full review