I’ve been DJ'ing professionally for more years than I care to admit and somewhere near Y2K I started selling some of my old wax online and it has since grown into what you see here on Discogs for sale. Information regarding shipping rates and discounts can be found in my seller profile or on any of my items listed for sale; for information regarding how I grade vinyl and CDs, please see below:

All vinyl and CDs are sound checked both before being listed and once again before being shipped.

VINYL:I’m not a scratch DJ so any scuffs you may see on one of my pieces of wax are cosmetic only and the result of normal DJ use – these I grade as VG+. If I’ve graded the vinyl as VG then there will either be excessive scuffs or some kind of minor audio imperfection like surface noise, a faint pop, etc. and I will mention the flaw in the listing comments. I never grade wax as NM but do list vinyl as being in mint (M) condition if it is still sealed in its original shrinkwrap. Sleeves I grade when they are picture sleeves or label sleeves; generic sleeves I do not grade. Label and picture sleeves I grade as NM may have some scuffs or faint ringwear on them. A VG+ sleeve may have light ringwear, heavier scuffs or may have a sticker with DJ notes on it.

CDs: CDs are sent with jewel cases which may have some scuffs or even a small crack from normal wear and tear; when possible, however, I will send the CD with a new jewel case. Note that some older remix services like Razormaid! and Art Of Mix released their earlier CD issues in special jewel cases which are similar to slimline jewel cases available today but are not an exact match so the spine of the artwork does not display exactly as it would in the original jewel case. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, slimline jewel cases of the style that these remix services originally used are no longer being made so if you purchase one of these volumes the original jewel case will most likely have scuffs and/or a small crack or cracks. In these instances, since its not possible for me to provide you with a new replacement case that exactly matches the original one, I'll include the original jewel case regardless of its condition and include a new slimline jewel case which will still be able to house the artwork but won't show the spine - this way you'll have a choice of which you prefer to keep the disc and artwork in. Discs may have scuffs on the back side from normal usage but the scuffs will never interfere with playback. Some older CDs --particularly ones from remix services and DJ pools -- may not play in all CD players, burners or drives.

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