If I've got something you particularly want to hear feel free to ask for a rip (320k .mp3) (not as reliable as I used to be though...)
I've started selling records too it seems so feel free to make an offer if you want something. Please include your offer and where you live so I can look at postage cost.

Biggest wants that are not yet (when I wrote this) on Discogs DB:
786 Approved 786 022
No Noise Recordings NNDJ 003
Full Effect Recordings FERT 113
Hardcore Urban Music URBAN (EP or T) 9
Fu Manchu Recordings FUCHU 02
Strangeways Records SWAY 001
Brutal Records BRUT 003
TMR inc TMR 001
Space Records SPAC 4
Strong Island STR004 & STR005
Vibe Alive Records VIBE 2
If anyone has a copy they'd like to throw my way or at least knows what they are to add them to Discogs..

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Boom Culture - Day Of The Boom EP
submitted Boom Culture - Day Of The Boom EP. 5 months ago
Meshack!* - You Make Me Feel Brand New
submitted Meshack!* - You Make Me Feel Brand New. over 2 years ago
submitted 100 Hz - Catching Spyders. over 8 years ago
DJ Budge - Technoprisoners
posted a review of DJ Budge - Technoprisoners. over 14 years ago
Nice obscure CD this..
Not the best mixing you'll ever hear but the selection is a great variety of UK and European hardcore (maybe a little US too) and makes up for the slightly off timing and cutting on some mixes.
Starts off with "We Will Rock... See full review
Mad Dog (2) - Mad Dog
posted a review of Mad Dog (2) - Mad Dog. over 15 years ago
Wasn't expecting much when I bought this due to the 1st FLUT release not being fantastic and the voted rating not being fantastic either.
After listening to it though I'm well impressed.
The 2 tracks on side B being a pair of premium quality... See full review
The Pharmacist - Untitled
posted a review of The Pharmacist - Untitled. over 15 years ago
A1 track of this was played by Easygroove at Dreamscape 8, the very last tune of the night.
Cool for it to be the last track to get into everyone's heads for the journey home but then again kind of a waste as well with it's inspiring MC vocals;... See full review
DJ Vinylgroover* - Love Released
posted a review of DJ Vinylgroover* - Love Released. over 16 years ago
Some of Vinylgroover's earliest and finest work.
Love Released is the kind of track you put on to have a listen and can't turn it off til you've rewound and replayed 100 times because of it's addictive "show me your heart, hold us together, open your... See full review
Die Happy (4) - Ruff Cut
posted a review of Die Happy (4) - Ruff Cut. over 16 years ago
Bought this record because I'm naturally attracted to obscure white labels and loved it from the first play.
Only problem with it is that the recording is way too fast, like they had to speed the tracks up to fit them on the vinyl.
Played at default... See full review