Co Owner of Collector Cave a small record, CD, DVD, Retro Toy & Collectables shop, 15-19 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY. I have loved collecting records and cds since I was very young. Starting with Adam & The Ants at the age of 8, my musical influences and tastes have changed over the years with a particular fondness for dance music. My favourite genres include Liquid Funk, Drum & Bass, Jungle and Hardcore, Techno, Ambient, Deep House and more. Being a ignorant teenager, I dismissed other forms of music until I started to buy and sell records. Thankfully my love for exploring musical genres and styles has lead me to appreciate many of its forms including Classic 60's & 70's Blues Rock, Prog Rock, Heavy / Hard Rock, Soul/Funk/Motown, 80s US Hip Hop & Electro, Dub, Blues, Electronica and Jazz. After many years on this amazing site, I bit the bullet in 2014 and started up as a seller, with a firm commitment to selling quality music, graded honestly at great prices supported by a simple and straightforward service.
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posted a comment on Sueño Latino Featuring Carolina Damas - Sueño Latino - The Latin Dream. 13 days ago
Everyday is a school day, been into vinyl my whole life and I never knew this was a rip off. Now im going to listen to the original source. Thanks for the tip off.
posted a comment on LTJ Bukem - Earth Volume One. 13 days ago
Yep, got that one two, some wicked tracks on there. Funky Technicians 2010 is amazing
posted a comment on Goldie - Timeless (25th Anniversary Edition). 13 days ago
Yes it aint a perfect package for a number of reasons, but to have all these songs on wax finally is well worth the wait. You cant please everyone, but im stoked to have these on wax finally plus to have Sensual Original Mix is great. Look at the... See full review
posted a comment on Special Request (4) - Modern Warfare III. 20 days ago
Rugged speaker wreckin beats on this three tracker. Defo gonna get the crowd pumped and sweaty with the nice arrangement of heavy breaks, thunderous deep bass and quality samples. A well put together EP.
posted a comment on Circulation - Abstract Funk Theory. 27 days ago
Have to agree with the others, this is a truly brilliant release with very good quality music that is deep as an ocean. 20 years on it still sounds outstanding.
posted a review of Filo And Peri* Feat. Eric Lumiere - Anthem. 27 days ago
Nic Chagall smashes it with a ultra sexy remix. What a tune, proper hands in the air stuff. Who cares if its a bit commercial, it popular for a reason. Yes it might have been over played but blame the DJ not the producers.
posted a comment on Virginia Astley - A Bao A Qu. 27 days ago
Never heard of this lady prior to stumbling across this EP. I have to say I was really taken by her wonderful haunting vocal style. I loved the track Arctic Death in particular which has a very moody and hypnotic synth style, well ahead of its time. A... See full review
posted a comment on Electric Mind - Pick Me Up (Can We Go) / Zwei (Dub Version). about 1 month ago
Top quality Disco Electro vibes, with a Italo House twist. Great music from this period
posted a comment on Kromestar / Cluekid - Get Up / Hovercraft. about 1 month ago
We have one. About to sell. Hit me up with a message.
posted a comment on Various - Shogun Assassins EP Vol 3. 2 months ago
Minus / The Tube are two fat dance floor weapons. Perez & Zero T drop some ultra smooth liquid with Stray and Goes Around. What you would expect from this quality period on this label
posted a comment on Various - Weapons Of Mass Creation Two. 2 months ago
Some of these tracks have aged better than others. My faves in 2021 are 'You Don't Have To Run' and 'Without Sound'. I like the other tracks but style wise they don't gel so well with more up to date stuff. A bit of a low point for Hospital here... See full review
posted a comment on Mikal - New World / This Moment. 2 months ago
I love the A Side 'New World' with its crunchy bass kick/drop and droning techno style bass-line, its wicked
posted a comment on Commix - Be True / Satellite Type 2. 2 months ago
The sign of great music is when it still sounds fresh and original years on. This plate sounds immense, futuristic and relevant. The production is on point. This is why this puppy sells for good prices even after a repress. Its reach is beyond drum &... See full review
posted a comment on Andy C - Cool Down / Roll On. 2 months ago
I love the samples from used from 'Pump Up The Volume' on Cool Down. So cool. Wicked piece of Jungle. That bass-line is nuts.
posted a comment on Rockwell (10) - Full Circle / My War. 3 months ago
2 solid tunes in a futuristic style. Full Circle is so well produced with glitchy technical drum patterns, industrial bass kicks and mutated distorted bass lines all wrapped together with great atmospheres to hold it all together. The flip again... See full review
posted a comment on Icicle - Spartan / Hang On. 3 months ago
Such a great release, two absolute wicked tracks with solid basslines, snappy beats and loads of attitude.
posted a comment on Breakage - Foundation. 3 months ago
For the Drum & Bass heads, the two best slabs from the full album feature here with the mighty Foundation which rolls sweetly with those heavy amens, weighty pounding basslines and dubwise sensibilities. Old Skool Ting, does what it says on the tin,... See full review
posted a comment on Break - Subversion EP. 3 months ago
Agree with Amen Worshipper, 'Food For Thought' is the tune on this EP by a mile. Its not dark, but its hard a hell with seriously sweet distorted bass sitting nicely under slabs of technical drums. Rich hypnotic dubwise atmospherics; a monster of a... See full review
posted a comment on The Insiders - Stepdub / Cold Harbour. 3 months ago
Stepdub is soooo freaking good, a proper foot tappin, head noddin grimy bass monster of a stepper. Yes its a smaller label, but Intrigue has a pedigree, putting on some of the worlds best DJ Producers on its excellent night. The label also features... See full review
posted a comment on Icicle & Spectrasoul - Wounded / Body Language. 3 months ago
Solid release of two apposing styles, but both equally good tunes.

Big double bass style summer roller side one, with lovely tight drums and jazzy elements. The flip is a more rolling techy affair with mechanical drums, and a moody vibe which is... See full review
posted a comment on Kjell (2) - Dunnshine / Empty Wallets. 3 months ago
Side A is a bid dollop of Liquid Funk as you would expect from the home of the genre. Big fat bassline, jazz funk vibes. Nice track. The other side is more stripped back and experimental. Nice switch up.
posted a comment on S.P.Y. & Total Science - Testimony / Jericho. 3 months ago
Both of these tracks are brilliant. The vibes are high on Testimony which has sultry vocals, uplifting jazz elements and punchy beats, that weave around a huge groaning bass-line. Pure Summer flavour.

The drums on Jericho are my kind of sound,... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Marky & S.P.Y* - Riff Raff / Time Moves On. 3 months ago
Both of these tunes are wicked. Riff Raff is something a bit different with these awesome basslines, tribal style vocal chants and great driving vibe. The flip is a nice hands in the air roller. Great vibes
posted a comment on Various - Shogun Assassins EP Vol 4. 3 months ago
Solid EP of different styles. All well produced, 13 years on they still sound fresh. Golden era of the label. Love this period of the music
posted a comment on Rufige Kru - Aptitude Vol 3. 3 months ago
So fucking good. The Commix Remix is on point. Original version is great too. Top draw plate right here
posted a comment on Mood II Swing - I Got Love (Remixes). 3 months ago
The Logistics Remix is a summer roller from the golden age of Liquid Drum & Bass. House vibes and tight beats all the way baby.
posted a comment on DKay* - Move Ya'll / Sunday Morning. 3 months ago
Sunday Morning is a great track with superb bassline, deep jazz elements and tight percussion. Its aged pretty well and has that classic Liquid rolling vibe with a bit of grit. Sunny summer music
posted a comment on Total Science + S.P.Y* - Gangsta / Above The Clouds. 3 months ago
All about that lovely Amen tune on side AA. Wonderful production from this amazing colab. Nice work lads
posted a comment on Total Science - Defcon 69 / Loose Ends. 3 months ago
Ill dive in and give my 2 pennys worth here. Total Science are absolute Dons with likely the largest back catalogue of any Jungle/D&B oufit out there for sure. What separates the greats from others in the scene is being innovators rather than... See full review
posted a comment on Survival (3) - Gravity Borne / Stasis. 3 months ago
A side is a proper roller with heavy beats. The flip is a more deep affair with with searching synths, tight crunchy beats and smokey jazz undertones. A under the radar gem
posted a comment on Survival (3) - Portal / The Beginning. 3 months ago
The Beginning probably should be played at 'The End' of the night as its hard to beat a track of this calibre and intensity. It sounds like a monster chewing on a bridge, these are super crunchy beats man
posted a comment on Break - Symmetry. 3 months ago
its such a hard wearing cover though, unlike most covers which fall apart after being rinsed this one stays togerther
posted a comment on Bukem* & The Peshay* - 19.5. 5 months ago
One of my favourite releases from the early period of the label. So uplifting, sure is a beaut
posted a comment on Roni Size - Fresh / Kiss. 6 months ago
Incredible tuna. Love this early Bristol Styleeeee. Wicked to the Full Cycle crew.
posted a comment on Various - Drum & Bass Selection 3 (The Dub Plate Selection). 6 months ago
Cover needed for the LP if anyone is selling one. Wicked LP of big toons
posted a comment on Skanna - All You Wanted. 6 months ago
Superb sound quality. Nice loud pressing and clear sound. Wicked buy
posted a comment on Tayla - Soul Survivors. 7 months ago
Gotta say that the CD version of this album has some seriously good tracks on it including Project 2, Tokyo Dawn, Jazz Lick, The Peshay Rework of Music, plus to seriously good jams by Tayla. Whats not to like. Plus if you managed to get the mispress... See full review
posted a comment on Danny Byrd - Supersized. 7 months ago
Gold Rush, such a great little summer roller, love it
posted a comment on Danny Byrd - Supersized. 7 months ago
It does, its a double pack I have it. All about the Gold Rush
posted a comment on Funky Technicians / Atlantiq - Realtime / M33. 8 months ago
Also available on this LP mispress which is a nice release
posted a comment on Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (The Remix) / March. 8 months ago
Its all about March for me, just love this little Gem with that little steppa beat and wobbly bassline. Class
posted a comment on Commix, Nu:Tone & Logistics - The Future Sound Of Cambridge 3. 8 months ago
Bear Music, what a tune. Half time Dub steppa which is sublime, Trademark is a classy deep roller too. The Cambridge crew do it again. Nice release of experimental vibes and dance floor tuna. Check the CD for more of the same
posted a comment on Carlito & DJ Addiction - Supergrass / Nothing Better. 8 months ago
Probably my favourite Liquid Funk release ever. The golden age of the sound, timeless music. Gold
posted a comment on Shy FX / Shy FX & T Power - Plastic Soul (Metal Soul Remix By D Bridge) / Feelings (Remix By Nu:Tone). 8 months ago
I love the Nu Tone remix, its so good. Not a patch on the original which is a classic, but none the less it does the business adding a new funky flavour.
posted a comment on Presence - Sense Of Danger (Calibre Remixes). 8 months ago
The Dub version of the track is wicked, surely this must be under the radar as it rolls so sweetly. Bag this beauty for the price its selling for.
posted a comment on Undercover Agent - Borderclash / Trackside. 8 months ago
Trackside has such a bounce to it, ridiculous on a big rig, love it
posted a comment on Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw - The Joy (Face To Face). 8 months ago
Painted Skies has one of the best build ups and drops in a tune that I can think of, a pure crowd pleaser and one to help that rush for sure.
posted a comment on Underworld - Scribble. 8 months ago
The Underworld LP version of this track is superb. Quality tune
posted a comment on Redeyes - Hey Lover. 8 months ago
love that Michael Jackson Hook used in Hey Lover, Nice vibes
posted a comment on Lamb - All In Your Hands. 9 months ago
Urggghhh that Klute mix is a lovely little gem. Wicked breaks and stripped back bass. This is the Vocal style of D&B I love from this period.