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posted a comment on 4 To The Bar Featuring Alexis P. Suter - Slam Me Baby! (S.U.R.E. Shot Mixes). about 1 year ago
Good ol house music nasty lyrics and deep sound. This track always gets a spin with the right crowd who can appreciate it and not be offended by the lyrics. My people always loved it then and now!
posted a comment on Halo (8) - In/Out/Thru. about 1 year ago
In/Out/Thru is definitely for me the best track. My record has everything the same except the color! No green here...
posted a comment on Surgeon - Surgeon EP. about 1 year ago
The track Atol is a real banger! This is definitely my favorite track and has stood the test of time. I put this track on and the place begins to move. It hits now like it was when it was released. Great track!
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posted a comment on Desert - Moods. about 1 year ago
Greatness is here with this track. It is a pleasure to hear such a track, it has worn well throughout the years from when I first heard it. Still can pump in any club and get the heads jumpin'....
My Copy has Sticker stating made in England Tel:... See full review
posted a comment on Carl Craig Presents Paperclip People - The Climax. about 1 year ago
Same here, The Climax definitely cracks a lot (Orlando Voom remix) .
posted a comment on Dajae* - Is It All Over My Face. about 1 year ago
Green velvets crush mix, is where it is at. Really nice deep track.
posted a comment on Breakdown (2) Featuring Steve Austin (10) - Son Of A Gun. about 1 year ago
The Excalibr Super-Mix is a really nice track. It will definitely get you going.
posted a comment on Sole Fusion - Bass Tone. about 1 year ago
This track still rocks today as it did in "94" it will definitely get heads bopping and jumping.
posted a comment on Wonderboy (4) - Jerk It. about 1 year ago
Both sides of this vinyl offer a deep side of trance. A must have for the collection. I am surprised this hasn't gotten a little more attention. Pretty good music going on here.
posted a comment on Voyage (2) - Beyond Time / OAF. about 1 year ago
Beyond time was definitely ahead of it's time in 1994, the track is futuristic. Great track to actually listen the whole way through it's so damn good! From beginning to end it grabs your attention. Both sides offer a wonderful trance experience!
posted a comment on Phuture Scope - What Is House Muzik? / Touch Me Right. about 1 year ago
What Is House Muzik? (Wild Pitch Mix), a must have for the collection. Deep, hypnotic groove.
posted a comment on 51 Days - Paper Moon. about 1 year ago
A few moments into hearing paper Moonback in 1994 I was ready to go to the Limelight. This track is truly deep and brings a hypnotic state of trance into the groove. A must listen to have if you want to experience true music at it's best.
posted a comment on O.C. - Time's Up. about 1 year ago
Hearing this track truly makes a clear statement so many years later. Rap at it's current state has lost the true form of the art. It's ability to send a message is non existent today. The form has been twisted and bent so many times over that it... See full review
posted a comment on KRS-One - Return Of The Boom Bap / Mortal Thought. about 1 year ago
One of my favorites from KRS One. Definitely will get the heads boppin.
posted a comment on Jaydee - Plastic Dreams. about 1 year ago
Going through my old crates as I've been doing the past few months and when I lay this down, I have to sit down and really enjoy the place I journey to in time with this track. Insane organ and synth so, much has been said already. Well, I had too... See full review
posted a comment on Black Rascals Featuring Roger Harris (3) - Keeping My Mind. about 1 year ago
This takes me where I need to be. True deep and perfectly done! Pushing the limits of musical expression here. Did I say I love it? Sounds pretty damn clear after all the years stashed away. A most needed record for anyone who loves house and wants to... See full review
posted a comment on Aphrohead AKA Felix Da Housecat - In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite). about 1 year ago
Thus record was one of my favorites back in the day, this track can bring the dead to life. Still gets things jumping today!
posted a comment on Aztec Jungle - Go With The Tempo. about 1 year ago
Great Track, definitely under rated and that is good not everyone likes the same style of music. It is a incredibly moving deep beat. Love it..
posted a comment on Spooky - Schmoo. about 1 year ago
Very moving track Dub two is my favorite, smooth as you need it to be. Lovin' it!!
posted a comment on Punchunella - San Trancisco. about 1 year ago
Air Tattoo definitely brings back memories and has that midnight express touchy to it. Great Track!
posted a comment on Choo-Ables - Hard To Get. about 1 year ago
Sunday Brunch Pail Mix is spot on. A must listen to!
posted a comment on Los Santeros - Fiesta Santera II. about 1 year ago
Big Screen Soundtrack Mix is what makes this track truly incorporate the sounds of the culture of Yoruba. I really like the native tongue spoken and of course the beats drop heavy.
posted a comment on High Fly - Infatuation. about 1 year ago
Wonderful track, smooth and relaxing vibe. A definite worth having.
posted a comment on Black Rascals Featuring Cassio Ware - So In Love (The Remixes). about 1 year ago
Just to add a little info on this Vinyl.
Side A So In Love (Martini Luv Mix).
Side B So In Love (Martini Love Beats)
This is what my Vinyl has and it's from 1993 when the record was released.
This is Garage and it is a classic must have!
posted a comment on George Acosta & Erick Paredes - House Moods E.P.. about 1 year ago
A New day has a nice piano and a very smooth vibe. Worth listening.
posted a comment on Sensible House - Give A Little More. about 1 year ago
Yes, been having the record since 1993 and quality is not the greatest. All tracks are crackin' and poppin'.
posted a comment on Joydrome - Over. about 1 year ago
Over (Dub), smooth track. Definitely, worth listening to, nice vibes.
posted a comment on Legion Of Boom - Malcalm X. about 1 year ago
Mal Calm Mix is very smooth with some nice horns, sounds familiar like something I have heard before cannot recall. Jazzy, and Hip. Fall back music at the end of a set.
posted a comment on Robin S* - Show Me Love. about 1 year ago
If you were in the club and this came it was mandatory to dance. Usually a shorty would sing it to you to see where your head was at! Song was big in it's days!
posted a comment on Joint Venture - Sound Blaster / Come On. about 1 year ago
Side A and B have a strange twist of a melody, hypnotizing beats. Time to trip on out to the beat!
posted a comment on Ultra Naté - Joy / Show Me. about 1 year ago
Show Me (Masters At Work Wild Dub), good track, worth listening.
posted a comment on Masters At Work Present Nu Yorican Soul* - The Nervous Track. about 1 year ago
The Nervous Track (Horny Mix) is classic, the drums and horns going on in a salsa type flow, music to my ears. Loved it then and still hits it right there! A hit for ever.
posted a comment on Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck. about 1 year ago
This track was the beginning of putting Staten Island on the map as a force of some real conscious rappers, style was fresh and unique. Hip Hop needed this fresh breath! "Heard this first on 89.1 I believe that was the station underground music in... See full review
posted a comment on Leaders Of The New School - What's Next. about 1 year ago
Great Track ( What's Next), brings a different flavor to the scene.
posted a comment on KRS-One - Outta Here. about 1 year ago
In 93 this track was hitting hard! Much respect to KRS-One. Deserves much more credit!
posted a comment on Alex M - It Works / Without Thought / Lakeview Slang. about 1 year ago
My copy states FC 005. along with handwritten information in regards to tracks on both sides.
posted a comment on House Of Gypsies - Change Is What We Need - Remixes. about 1 year ago
Change Is What We Need (Benji's Edit), good track to lay down.
posted a comment on The Underworld - The Afterworld / Angel's Calling. about 1 year ago
The After World (After Hours Mix). Pretty good track definitely under rated for this smooth track.
posted a comment on Nature Boy - Ruff Disco Volume One. about 1 year ago
Crazy, how many tracks are catchy. Love most of them. Definitely get your hands on this, if you can!
posted a comment on D.O.P. - Oh Yeah. about 1 year ago
Oh Yeah (The Chameleon Mix) is definitely a track to hear. Don't sleep on this one.
posted a comment on Mood II Swing Presents The Club Kidds - You Can Take Me / During Peak Hours. about 1 year ago
You Can Take Me (Boy Mix) is definitely a track to be played. The vibe is on point! Don't sleep on this.
posted a comment on Aly-Us - Follow Me. about 1 year ago
This release was when Strictly Rhythm was killing the vinyls back to back hits. Couldn't wait to go to Bates on Delancey street NYC to get my records. Hits at that time came with different clubs and so many beautiful memories. Just one of the many... See full review
posted a comment on Steve "Silk" Hurley - Jack Your Body. about 1 year ago
One of my favorites, started a trend back in the days.
posted a comment on Hayden Andre* Presents Subculture (7) Featuring Marcus* - The Voyage. about 1 year ago
The track is as good today as it was when I first heard it in 1991. Mesmerizing and deep. A definite for any playlist. Time has only made me appreciate it more!
posted a comment on Club M.C.M.* - It's Me / Club M.C.M.. about 1 year ago
This track takes me where I need to go fast (It's Me (Rocman Mixx). Will get you jumping quick.
posted a comment on Ultraworld (2) - Life After Death / Northern Piano. about 1 year ago
The (House Of Aviance Mix) is a great energy lift track. Keeps on going upward! Love this track.
posted a comment on Chocolate Fudge - What You Want / To Be Now. about 1 year ago
What You Want (Baby's Boogie Bump), is a pretty smooth track. It's on a chill level.
posted a comment on Chocolate Fudge - In A Fantasy. about 1 year ago
Every track has a little something to offer, definitely under rated.
posted a comment on Earth Science - It's So Good. about 1 year ago
It's So Good is the track that hits here. Either track on Side B has a clean cut to it.