"I am not now what I was yesterday, and I am not now what I shall be tomorrow. So you do yourself an injustice to judge me by yesterday when I have moved on."

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Otaku (2) / Dark Mensis - Source 02
posted a comment on Otaku (2) / Dark Mensis - Source 02. over 8 years ago
This is a white label that went on to be released on Injection Records under the name of Source Two.
Various - Universe - Big Love - Main Arenas
submitted Various - Universe - Big Love - Main Arenas. over 8 years ago
Q-Tex - System XXX
posted a comment on Q-Tex - System XXX. over 9 years ago
Definatley released man, probably very limited or even test pressing only. Carl Cox used to play Mix 1 in 1993.
DJ Crystl
posted a comment on DJ Crystl. over 12 years ago
Meditation, The Dark Crystl, Suicidal. He can die in his bed at 85 years of age with huge fucking smile on his face knowing he made those masterpieces.