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submitted PTTRN - Acta Non Verba. 7 months ago
submitted Various - 10 Years Of Beck Audio (Part 2). about 1 year ago
submitted PTTRN - The Opposite Of Light. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on System 7 - Interstate. over 8 years ago
Interstate (Exploding Plastic Mainline) is a under estimated classic, the patterns are groovy and jazzy!!!
posted a comment on Eddie Fiola - Vanderoll. over 8 years ago
Mind boggling techno, Like the first release on the label, loud and over-driven sound witch lots of energy and power!
posted a comment on Crinan - Rocka Lolito. over 8 years ago
A must listen for every house fanatic! Jeti stands out and the whole Ep is timeless!

posted a comment on Sensurreal - Chocolate Stuff. over 8 years ago
Every track on this release is breathtaking! The mastering on vinyl is great! Essential!
posted a comment on Groove Thing - Piano Tilt. over 8 years ago
Piano Tilt (Original Mix) made by Bill Ware, a jazz vibraphone player, delivers a track with a lot of dub flavor successfully merging house with dub and techno!
posted a comment on Model 500 - Starlight. over 8 years ago
They do not crack, maybee its your copy or player.....Both tracks are essential and timeless in its genre!
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Master Builder. over 8 years ago
Master Builder....The groove and programming is beyond, a minimal techno master piece!
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Internal Empire. over 8 years ago
The Core is definitely for the headstrong!
posted a comment on Sasse - Jersey EP. over 8 years ago
Jersey (Original) ...a crossover between deep and minimal house, the bassline, pad and groove have lots of depth. Timeless.
posted a comment on L. N. R.* - Kream. over 8 years ago
House Music (DJ Mix) is a floorfiller! The power of the drums is beyond belief and the hypnotic chord stab just accents its groove! Madnessssss!
posted a comment on Point Blank - Meng's Theme. over 8 years ago
Jeroen Verheij shows his skils here!! Meng's Theme (Original Mix) is layer after layer pure techno emotion!
posted a comment on Night On Earth - 4th Element E.P.. over 8 years ago
Cathedra is rock solid.... Speaking as a dj its one of my never leave the box records...its tension, groove, arrangement and sound are Impressive!