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posted a comment on T-Polar - Red Machine. about 1 month ago
hit me up if selling At least 10 words must be entered. Please enter at least 5 more.
posted a comment on Terekke - Plant Age. 2 months ago
A very amazing and interesting release in not only mine, but many others opinion.
posted a comment on Lee Anthony Norris* And Porya Hatami - The Longing Daylight. 6 months ago
agreed with the above. revisiting after over 4 years.... still a beauty. seek it out!
posted a comment on Moss Garden - In The Silence Of The Subconscious. 6 months ago
returning to this 4 years later - still a stunning piece of work, miss at your peril!
posted a comment on Underground Resistance - Electronic Emotions / Like That. 8 months ago
have you any information on whether there will be more for sale after this first run and if they will be more easily available to those outside of detroit?
posted a comment on Den Nard Husher - Nard's Groove Vol.1. 9 months ago
hi there, any progress on this 3 years later? thanks
posted a comment on Will DiMaggio - At Ease. 11 months ago
UH UH OH is an ear worm. 3 more words.
posted a comment on Aleks (8) - Pool Daze. 11 months ago
agreed... sublime. would buy this release for that track alone.
posted a comment on Terekke - Plant Age. 11 months ago
top class lp... dubby ambient beauty, perfect for outdoor summer chill listening times.
posted a comment on Ben Fleury-Steiner - I Often Repeat Myself. about 1 year ago
hey dude - where can i get a copy of this on CD do you know? I got Polygon Universe but cant seem to find this one...
posted a comment on Choice - The Paris EP. over 2 years ago
is it the full 13min version on the digweed record?
posted a comment on Mr. G - Up Hill Battle E.P.. over 2 years ago
I just got an email notification that this has been cancelled after pre-ordering it from redeye, sad news :(
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Lost Archives Special. over 2 years ago
need this badly... any1 willing to sell please let me know will pay decent price!
posted a comment on Head Front Panel - HFP#009. over 2 years ago
wud love this one to get a repress... cmon now!
posted a comment on Head Front Panel - HFP#001. over 2 years ago
agreed! i own 001 & 002 but missed out on 009.... far too expensive now :(
posted a comment on Derek Carr - Knoe 5/1. over 3 years ago
not that i can find. i think a repress is on the cards later on in the year.
posted a comment on Brian Kage - Eight Ways EP. over 3 years ago
this is worth it just for the dennis desantis remix of eight ways! got a lot of plays back in the day and still does
posted a comment on Brawther - Untitled. over 3 years ago
mistake about what?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Club M.C.M.* - It's Me / Club M.C.M.. over 5 years ago
is this the reissue you are talking about
posted a comment on Various - MD2. over 5 years ago
if anyone is willing to sell this please get in touch :)
added The Smoke Clears - Listen to their collection. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Planet Boelex. over 6 years ago
FYI if you havent seen this page, all tunes in a zip file
posted a comment on Various - Music Institute 20th Anniversary (Pt 3 Of 3). over 6 years ago
bought this record for A1 but the untitled B2 stole the show for me... beauty pressed to vinyl in its purest form.
posted a comment on Harri - Subculture - A House Music Experience. over 6 years ago
This is a top class mix cd from one of glasgows finest DJs, Harri.

It is a magnificent journey with every track designed to make you groove, no filler or plink plonk nonsense in this mix.

If this is what the Sub Club sounded like in 1997, I wish I ... See full review
posted a review of Mateo Murphy - Spectrum. over 6 years ago
Halcyon Days here is a melodic belter of a track, with traces of wigged-out UR inspired synth action.

Spectrum is more of a traditional bassy melodic roller with tribal elements found in the tronic stables around the early 2000's.

Both great tracks but ... See full review
posted a comment on Jaxson Payne. over 7 years ago
both albums available here:
posted a comment on Marvin Dash - Workshop 14. over 7 years ago
track B1 has already appeared on the release 'Cold Cuts' by MD in 2007
posted a comment on Slam - Headstates. over 7 years ago
best slam album
posted a comment on AIR French Band* - Moon Safari. over 7 years ago
bent a pale imitator?

nonsense, they have their own sound mate and original producers in their own right.

i agree with zero 7 thou.
posted a comment on EOD - Utrecht. over 7 years ago
utrecht is such a track, could listen to it on repeat for hours.

gutted i didnt buy it first time around, maybe some will surface at a reasonable price someday :/
posted a comment on Shoreless Recordings. over 7 years ago
as far as i know this label is now finished.

the last release due to be released by the label was alteria percepsyne, cloaks of perception.

but before it could be released, the label ended.

it got released on a different label called Other ... See full review
posted a comment on Rick Wilhite - Analog Aquarium. over 7 years ago
no more needs to be said.
posted a comment on Charles Siegling - PLUS Technasia Charles Siegling. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Atlante. over 7 years ago
recently discovered atlante group, only to see a massive amount of releases on mp3!!!

collected all the vinyls except for one (if anyone has ATL 005 for sale please send me a msg!!) as i immediately fell in love with the sound.

melodic and certainly UR ... See full review
posted a comment on Petar Dundov - Escapements. over 8 years ago
nice review - made me dig this album up again for a proper listen and it was worth it, really nice :)
posted a comment on L.T.J Bukem* - Logical Progression. over 8 years ago
thats more like it!
posted a comment on L.T.J Bukem* - Logical Progression. over 8 years ago
do they let one line nonsense 'reviews' like this stay on discogs these days?

at least give some reasoning behind your opinion and why you think it doesnt stand up to dj hype.

it would make it better for people to compare the two if they had no ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - 8 Years Of D1 Recordings. over 8 years ago
i agree with the previous comment - this is a treasured (albeit worn unfortunately) cd in my collection which gathers together a great range of d1 tracks over the years. highly recommended!
posted a comment on Technasia - Future Mix. over 8 years ago
a great selection of a lot of technasia's earlier works, a good place to start.

this was always a favourite choice for kicking off a party, my cd copy shows signs of many many plays!
posted a comment on Planet Boelex. over 9 years ago
as the saying goes on discogs 'i cant believe no-one has commented on here before' - or words to that effect.

this guy makes some of the most beautiful melodic electronic music out there, stuff to stare out the window to with your heart strings being ... See full review
posted a comment on Rob Rowland - The Umbro Chance EP. over 9 years ago
The Diego Remix shows Mr Hostettler at his very best here, full of pure sparkling detroit-infused energy which never fails to get me moving. A top drawer remix from one of techno's finest producers.

I just wish he would start releasing music again, we ... See full review
posted a comment on Lowriders Deluxe - Future Deluxe. over 9 years ago
Review from

The very first time I heard this I was struck straight away by a certain homeliness and familiarity about the chords and beats. Then I discovered that Lowriders Deluxe is a three way team up of Clive Burns, Joseph Auer and ... See full review