Dutch DJ who played at raves, clubs and parties when house started developing into genres and styles.
Played mostly hardcore, techno and trance.
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posted a comment on D.J. Bountyhunter* - Bountyhunter. about 1 month ago
Yeah amazing isn't it, while 'Short Circuit' is one the best he ever made, and one of the top tracks in classic hardcore.
posted a comment on Insider - Destiny (The Remixes). 9 months ago
Huge influencer for hardcore back in the days, this records was played basically everywhere in the early nineties on raves and parties, every dancefloor went bezerk when this record was played.
posted a comment on Talla 2XLC - Love's Comin' Down (Remixes). 10 months ago
The track "Love's Comin' Down (DJ JamX & De Leon's "DuMonde" Remix)" is a trance/hardtrance floorfiller at it's finest!
posted a comment on DJ Amethyst & Wez - The Boundless EP. 11 months ago
Boundless (Original mix) - What an amazing track, really happy to own this masterpiece, turn up the volume!
posted a comment on 24K - No Enemies. 11 months ago
So many good tracks on this album, legendary hiphop classic.
posted a comment on Model 2000 - Flippin' Out. 11 months ago
My collection contains two versions;
- S 5202 Black vinyl color.
- S 5202 Transparent white/blue vinyl color.
posted a comment on Universal Indicator - Universal Indicator Blue. 11 months ago
My copy also is stamped with: "The Aphex Twin" on one side.
posted a comment on Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town (Remix). 11 months ago
Tha Mastas, the label only made one release, this one.
posted a comment on Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town (Remix). 11 months ago
No comments on this super classic hiphop/rap track? One of the better hiphop/rap ever made, five stars!
posted a comment on Dimension 5 - Deep Space 5D / Temple Of Chaos. 12 months ago
Temple of Chaos, One of the best Goa tracks ever made.
posted a comment on Digital Boy - This Is Mutha F**ker! (Censored) Remix. about 1 year ago
Super classic track from the 90's! "This is ... Mother [REDACTED] PIEP
posted a comment on Parker & Clind - Generator. about 1 year ago
I own a version with green label on both sides, text written with black marker: "parker+ clind Generator" on A side