Grew up in Colorado, went to school in the midwest in the early '90s, lived in San Diego from '98 to '05, and am now in Portland.

My records and CD's are not for sale. I'm happy to answer any questions, however.
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posted a review of Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown - Unity. over 15 years ago
The Godfather of Hip Hop meets the Godfather of Soul. This is very much a funk record, with Bambaataa and James Brown equally providing lyrics. The last track is entirely acapella, and is popular for sampling, most notably Bambaataa's line "Shake your ... See full review
posted a review of Ice-T, The Glove* & Dave Storrs* - Reckless / Tebitan Jam. over 15 years ago
I picked this up on New Year's Day, 1992. Little bit of trivia for Dynamix II fans and sample hunters... the beginning of the Tibetan Jam instrumental is the beat behind the part in Dynamix II's Ignition that goes "What's the situation now? I don't ... See full review
posted a review of West Street Mob - Break Dancin' - Electric Boogie / Let Your Mind Be Free. over 15 years ago
This record is put together from pieces of "Apache" by Incredible Bongo Band. There are scratches and robot-voiced breakdancing instructions. Between this record and "Apache" by Sugarhill Gang, you can pretty much find the entire Incredible Bongo Band ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Florida Electro Artists EP Vol.1 Limited Edition. over 15 years ago
Scratch-D is an alias for David Noller, one of the founders of Dynamix II. In fact, "The Plastic Men" was released as a 12" by Dynamix II.
posted a review of The KLF - Chill Out. over 15 years ago
I own a white label of this record that has some Cheech & Chong samples at the end, with weird sounds in the background. Basically, the album ends, and then the spot from Up In Smoke where Chong gives Cheech acid appears.
posted a review of Rodney O & Joe Cooley - Give Me The Mic / General's Crazy Mega Mix. over 15 years ago
The Michael Jackson track that Joe Cooley mixes with Jive Rhythm Trax and Al-Naafiysh in the Mega Mix is the beginning of "Rock With You" from "Jacksons Live."
posted a review of Wally Badarou - Echoes. over 15 years ago
Massive Attack sampled "Mambo" in the track "Daydreaming" from the album "Blue Lines."
posted a review of Little Computer People - Little Computer People (Remixes). over 15 years ago
Karl Bartos (formerly of Kraftwerk), after releasing some very mainstream, poppy stuff as Electric Music lately, really came through on the remix to show he still has strong electro blood.
posted a review of Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat. over 15 years ago
A review inside one of the old Tommy Boy record sleeves said "The most intricate example of space funk ever to hit vinyl." It went to show that the term "electro" was not well known yet in 1982. Looking For The Perfect Beat strongly took off on its own ... See full review
posted a review of Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Renegades Of Funk!. over 15 years ago
This was the third in a string of four MIGHTY Soulsonic Force electro 12"s. The record cover was designed by Bob Camp of Marvel Comics (as were the two Newcleus albums). The video for this track had some of the same scenes as the Planet Rock video. ... See full review