DJ Lil Bastard: / Los Angeles
Born in 1985 and raised in LA,
Watch for this rising phenomenon who has found his New Pulse, a New Sound. from a True Blue {JUNGLE} Turntablist, He is becoming a True Powerhouse. DJ Lil Bastard has his bag packed full of tricks, ready to lay down his epic scratch style with his new banging beats and untouchable maneuvers on the decks. He's delivering conquering bass-lines, and his scratching is on epic levels of astronomical proportions. Soon to be one of the world's most widely requested DJ’s in his New Era, This Old School Junglist Rude Boy is on a mission to spread his sound around the PLANET. Incinerating Dance Floors, Blowing Up The Speakers, Making the kind of Parties You'll Tell Your Grandkids about (or not hahaha). With the world of Drum and Bass Needing New Leaders, DJ LIL BASTARD is calling loud making his Voice Heard, Eager to Start the New Movement. His only hope is to complete his mission of Harmonizing the Scene; making something that will grow even bigger, stronger, and have more Love For The Music then ever seen before. A hope for a World where you never have to hear, "I'm sorry there’s no Jungle at this party tonight". With his Turntablist tricks and Jungle hits, Jumping around from that dark bass pound. Jungle has his back and with his Twisted style of music, producing soulful vibrations, and his Un-Beliveable Touch on Vinyl, He'll be shaking the world for light years to come. (Where he started).he 1st started performing live in LA at only 13 years of age that made him one of, if not the youngest DJ of his kind; blowing it up because of his determination, Not Waiting for that chance but Making it Happen. He knew this would be the only way to launch his dreams into reality, So every week he showed up to the clubs, Headphones, Needles, and Records in hand, Like a True Pro Demanding to Play... Determined even more from knowing that this is what he would do for the rest of his Life. With no doubt of any kind and no such chance of feeling like ever turning his back on his Dreams, He Got his feet in the door Starting by playing in LA Clubs, then Producing and Mashing up New School sounds into old school classics, and rising dark sounds from the undergrounds. Living by his rules of Old School Foundations and Respect For Their Creations, You can see there was no stopping him from breaking into the world of the music he so loved... Now he's on his Journey to Make his Place, Living as one of the Greatest DJs the World/Universe Has ever Seen. He's never short on that Energy, You Know the one that gets Crowds all Crazy Lively, and to be lucky enough to Experience This is something impossible to take lightly... With his lovableness and Persistence, He takes his fans into the depths of the passion he feels. His Music shows us the minds eyes of a True Blue Junglist, always sticking to his roots; this drum & bass artist will give up nothing; as surrender's no option, there is no mountain too hard to climb. We should All Come Together Because at this time in space We are all everyday Junglists fighting for survival. This DJ's Love for His Life In This Universe Can't Be Matched.. ...... PLEASE SHOW MAD RESPECT FOR MY DJ, The (1) and ONLY,.................................................................... {{{{ DJ LIL BASTARD }}}} aka {{{ DJ FRYDAY }}} aka {{{ DJ DANK }}}
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