Owen is a stalwart of the house music scene, beginning his DJing career in 1991. Dates at underground clubs around East London and Essex followed with his big break coming in 1992 when given a spot at the Curtain Road 'Happy Days' Warehouse Party. This was promptly ensued by residencies at the Gass Club, the Arches and guest spots at London’s Ministry of Sound and Passion in Leicester to name but a few.

The summer of 1995 saw Owen head to Ibiza with Club UK for residencies at the Kanya Bar, Space and Amnesia as well as various guest spots on the Island. This era also saw the start of Owen’s production career with releases on labels including Azuli and Champion Records.

By 2008 Owen was DJing and recording under the moniker 2 Good Souls, performing around the UK and releasing records on Nervous, King Street, Stealth and Seamless records, recording with the likes of Kathy Brown, Roland Clark and Kele Le Roc. He was also now a regular at London's Ministry of Sound playing at their biggest nights where he was billed alongside some of the scenes leading artists. Owen also represented HouseSexy @ Ministry of Sound as their tour resident, playing to crowds around the world in India, Russia, Greece and France.

Owen is now resident at Clockwork Orange playing at iconic venues like Printworks, Fabric, Koko, Ministry of Sound, Amnesia (Ibiza) and Magazine, bringing his unique sound of upfront forward-thinking music, and a new twist to the classic Clockwork sound to the oldskool masses. He is also headlining the Newphoria stage at the hugely popular Clockstock festival. You can also see him regularly on the decks at CultureShock, Housework, Resonate and Swag.

Owen's passion for his music is unrivelled and he continues to impress with his abilities to read and educate a crowd. 2020 is already looking very busy and looks like being a big year for him!

Catch Owen every Monday from 4-6pm on Centreforce where you can hear him spinning an eclectic mix of underground house and techno.


All of the records in my collection are up for sale at the right price. Interested in anything - just private message me.

I mail items on the same or following day of receipt of payment and retain proofs of postage for each individual item - as before, please check my feedback and see the comments on swift delivery.

Vinyl is packaged securely in high-quality brown cardboard mailers with cardboard stiffeners, CD's are sent in bubble-wrap jiffy bags.

If you are interested shipping costs will be as follows: U.K. - £5.00 for up to 4 vinyl 12" + £1.00 for each additional 12" (Doublepacks 50p extra), EUROPE VIA TRACKED SHIPPING - £13.50 for 1st 12" + £2.50 for each additional 12" (doublepacks £1.50 extra) CANADA & REST OF THE WORLD VIA TRACKED SHIPPING - £20.00 for 1st 12" + £4.50 for each additional 12" (doublepacks £3.00 extra). USA 20.00 for first 12" + £4.50 for each additional 12" (doublepacks £3.00 extra)

If anybody has anything from my wantslist feel free to contact me, I'm always willing to trade or buy.


Recent Activity

Action Description
Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath (House Mixes)
submitted Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath (House Mixes). 2 months ago
Unknown Artist - Simply Delicious
submitted Unknown Artist - Simply Delicious. 2 months ago
submitted Daisy Hicks - Mistress. 2 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. 2 months ago
Unknown Artist - Believe In Me
submitted Unknown Artist - Believe In Me. 2 months ago
Jonestown - Sweet Thang
submitted Jonestown - Sweet Thang. 2 months ago
Soundzreal - Disco Delight
submitted Soundzreal - Disco Delight. 2 months ago
Shahi - Happy People
submitted Shahi - Happy People. 2 months ago
submitted DJ Quicksilver - Timerider. 2 months ago
submitted Groove Control (5) - Beautiful. 2 months ago
Blow! (2) - Honey 4 U
submitted Blow! (2) - Honey 4 U. 2 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. 2 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. 2 months ago
Unknown Artist - Scott La Rock / Voices
submitted Unknown Artist - Scott La Rock / Voices. 2 months ago
submitted Los Hermanos (2) - Untitled. 2 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Revelations. 2 months ago
submitted B.O.R.G. (2) - Back Once Again / All Bombed Out. 2 months ago
submitted Felix - Don't You Want Me . 2 months ago
Groove Section (2) - Is This Real
submitted Groove Section (2) - Is This Real. 3 months ago
Balance (51) - Trapped'n'Small / Impressive Instant
submitted Balance (51) - Trapped'n'Small / Impressive Instant. 3 months ago
submitted Disco Darlings - Serious. 3 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. 3 months ago
C. Thompson* - Untitled
submitted C. Thompson* - Untitled. 3 months ago
submitted Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (House Mix). 3 months ago
submitted Plux Featuring Georgia Jones - Over & Over. 3 months ago
NBP (3) - Untitled
submitted NBP (3) - Untitled. 3 months ago
submitted Kubical 2 - Untitled. 3 months ago
Various - Vol.1
submitted Various - Vol.1. 3 months ago
Powerhouse Feat. Duane Harden - What You Need (Part 2)
submitted Powerhouse Feat. Duane Harden - What You Need (Part 2). 3 months ago
Pureal - Ease The Pressure
submitted Pureal - Ease The Pressure. 3 months ago
submitted Sister Sledge - Got To Love Somebody Today (House Mixes). 3 months ago
Changing Faces (5) - I Want You
submitted Changing Faces (5) - I Want You. 3 months ago
Unknown Artist - Bells Of New York
submitted Unknown Artist - Bells Of New York. 3 months ago
submitted Scott Mac vs. Shadow - Switchblade / Test This. 3 months ago
submitted Tact - Abuse. 3 months ago
Various - Untitled
submitted Various - Untitled. 3 months ago
The Velours Brothers - Punk Rock
submitted The Velours Brothers - Punk Rock. 5 months ago
submitted DJ Scott (5) / Trickbaby - Chase The Sun / Neelaa. 5 months ago
submitted Thrill Kill Kult* - My Life Remixed (Album Sampler I). 5 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Blue Monday. 5 months ago
Mr Ozone - Flat Broke
submitted Mr Ozone - Flat Broke. 5 months ago
Ice Cream Man - Onshore
submitted Ice Cream Man - Onshore. 6 months ago
submitted The Loop Factory - Club Toolbox 1. 6 months ago
submitted Sensei (2) Featuring Lee Anderson (2) - Lose Your Mind. 6 months ago
Perpetual Motion - We're All Here Together
submitted Perpetual Motion - We're All Here Together. 7 months ago
submitted Flash Harry - Time To Rock. 7 months ago
submitted Funky Lovers - Pussy Lovers. 7 months ago
Fat Tulip - Way Down Inside
submitted Fat Tulip - Way Down Inside. 7 months ago
Unknown Artist - Groover 2
submitted Unknown Artist - Groover 2. 7 months ago
Future-X - Zulu Warrior
submitted Future-X - Zulu Warrior. 7 months ago