DJ and Record Collector since 1988 and due to this infected with the jack virus after a short hiphop periode. Really stuck up into funk, oldschool sample (Double Dee & Steinski) style, instrumental hiphop, electro, jazz, minimal techno, disco, dubstep, idm, autechre and trashy dance records of the early 90´s....

Bloggin' about music more than once in a while...
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added A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service to their collection. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Ascendant Masters - Put The Bassdrum On. over 6 years ago
I guess the sample mentioned below is from <a href="">Prince of Darkness</a> by John Carpenter. --- Sorry, I was wrong...
posted a review of As One - Planetary Folklore. over 15 years ago
Through Planetary Folklore, Kirk De Georgio definitely asserts his Jazz ambitions, beyond the weak citations of too many "jazzy" electronic music records. Even if DeGeorgio recognizes that he resorted to a unique sequencer, the Neutron, to reproduce the ... See full review
posted a review of RJD2 - Deadringer. over 15 years ago
Until i heard "June" on a Spex (german music magazine) compilation CD i was a desillusionated hiphop fan who thought that i´ve heard almost every beat & break with my 27 years... But this record opened my eyes again=Fresh Breakz, new ideas, DJShadowlike ... See full review
posted a review of Ultra-Sonic - Annihilating Rhythm. over 15 years ago
The track from which the whacky technopop band Scooter stole their "Hyper, Hyper" idea from... Nevertheless this is a really asskicking track !
posted a review of Materie-Beschleuniger. over 16 years ago
These artists are now producing Drum and Bass on Renegade Recordings, but you´ll have to check out this early release from Mike Bass (of Analogical fame) and former unknown Christian Jeukens (a junglist and synthesizer collector from Duisburg)...
posted a review of Rjd2 - Deadringer. over 16 years ago
Juggling solo ventures, producing rappers, and Djing, the man is certainly in the hot seat at the moment. It has been said by many legendary producers that the ultimate goal is to move a crowd-not just to dance, but sometimes also to feel and think. In ... See full review
posted a review of Le Tigre. over 16 years ago
Not really a piece of electronic music, Kathleen Hannah (Bikini Kill) and her girls do neo-feministic elcectropunk. Though this is more the punk way of music, there are big electronica influences especially on their new album....
posted a review of Jedi Knights - New School Science. over 16 years ago
'New School Science' ushered in the era of the kitschy remembrance of swing past with a collection of tracks that a shell-toed Monty Python would have made. Heralding the retro-electro movement, this album looked back to the days when technology was ... See full review
posted a review of Like A Tim - Freak Funk. over 16 years ago
This is really weird stuff from Like a Tim plus fast tape scratches and squeaking industrial samples. Tim has his own way to phrek the funk and you´ll not find such grooves on any other releases. Once it gets ya it is to late to stop. No chance to dance ... See full review
posted a review of Coldcut - Some Like It Cold. over 16 years ago
This 12" goes out with an "For DJ´s only" print on it, which is totally meaningless because this is an regular elpee. It´s one from the years in that Coldcut did not really know how to go on with their music and had problems with the music industrie ... See full review
posted a review of Massive Attack - Blue Lines. over 16 years ago
Probably the best, certainly the most important , album of the decade, Blue Lines defined the sound of Britain´s carcass after Thatcher had finished with it. Blue Lines was the first representation of a certain kind of syncretic Britishness that would ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Krush - Strictly Turntablized. over 16 years ago
Krush´s most minimal, least jazzy, dirtiest and, therefore, most original album. The flute-led "Kemuri" is the highlight of this album, which is constructed exactly as its title said it was.
The tubercular atmospheres and wheezing bass of the record´s ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Food - Jazz Brakes Volume 3. over 16 years ago
Nice collection of doped-out breakbeats designed to be looped and cut up by producers and DJs. Perhaps a bit dated now, but this collection of beats and pieces was one of the building blox of downtempo and instrumental hiphop, with their bleary ... See full review
posted a review of Vitamin - The Point. over 16 years ago
In former gabba times this track has kicked many asses, but from todays point of view it´s very simple and boring.
A whack hiphop sample from Tony Scott´s pop rap album "The Chief" is triggered on the bassdrum.
Contemporary drum´n´bass producers are ... See full review
posted a review of Oval - 94 Diskont. over 16 years ago
The music of Markus Popp is highly abstract electronic future music. This is a completely different sound aesthetic from our contemporary standards... More inspired by chinese gong music or zen meditations than by any other influences. Maybe that´s why ... See full review
posted a review of Tronik 100. over 16 years ago
Sorry, the alter ego "Working Class hero" does not exist it was only a silly idea by one of the Tronik 100 mebers. The appearance on Djax Up was called "Materiebeschleuniger"...
posted a review of Mantronix - The Incredible Sound Machine. over 16 years ago
A 10 track Lp with 60 percent trash on it: whacky produced, slime covered, miami vice poppy music on "Step to me (do me)", "Don´t go messin' with my heart", "Flower Child" (not soooo bad), "Gimme' Something", "Put a little love on hold" and "Well i guess ... See full review
posted a review of Vainqueur - Solanus. over 16 years ago
Classic Basic Channel style and works as a soundtrack on every muted Sci-Fi movie, try it out. Even the beatless b-side is great to mix with certain instrumental hiphop tunes. Or take a third turntable and roll this record during your whole set, it´ll be ... See full review
posted a review of The KLF - What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral). over 16 years ago
The illuminati adepts of techno pop. The singer of the rock group MC5 John Sinclair (a left wing extremist and cityguerilla theoretic) shouts to his fans in 1969 "Right now its time to Kick out the Jams, motherfuckers" and KLF have sampled this shout. ... See full review
posted a review of Autechre - Tri Repetae. over 16 years ago
The music of the WARP label usually starts at the point, where the discussion clubbing music versus home listening has lost its sense.
And far beyond this point lays the universality (even sharp skins, rude boys with fascist attitude, bong smokers and ... See full review
posted a review of Tronik 100. over 16 years ago
German drum´n´bass producers who release their records on Renegade Recordings,UK. Old friend of mine, Christian Jeukens and Mike Bass, both also known as Working Class Hero or Analogical on Djax Up Beats. German labels didn´t like their tunes :"too ... See full review
posted a review of Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness - The Coldcut Remix). over 16 years ago
Yes, that`s true push-man, and for all those who don`t know it already: Eric B. and Rakim do not like the Coldcut Remix version `cause in their minds it doesn´t have nuff street credibility... Make dis clear for yourselves ..Oldschool rap pioneers ... See full review
posted a review of Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing / Prototyped. over 16 years ago
This is the early definition of a bassline monster. A slow twisted twostep beat, a kung-fu sample and the darkest, deepest and mightiest bassline i´ve ever heard. The blood freezes in your veins for the next minutes. I´ve played this tune in front of a ... See full review
posted a review of 4E - Don't Fuck With Nails. over 16 years ago
A real funky tune with an Janet Jackson "That´s the way love goes" sample on B1 and an endless slow acid orgasm featuring Kölsch Phunk on A1.
Music to murder your postman by on B2. Check dis out !!!
posted a review of Merlin. over 16 years ago
Far underestimated MC out of the UK rap scene 1989... Works
with Bomb the Bass on "Megablast Rap", the Beatmasters on "Who´s in the house" or S-Express on "Pimp, Pushers, Prostituties" (Original Sountrack LP)...
He is the man who mades us dance in the ... See full review
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea. over 16 years ago
There is no doubt that the original 12" mix is the best. Often music writers are misunderstanding this track as Chill Out and though it´s featured on many whacky Chill Out and "Cafe del Mar" Clones. But also for you sophisticated discog users this track ... See full review
posted a review of Coldcut. over 16 years ago
Ever since Grandmaster Flash unleashed "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel" on an unsuspecting world in 1981, hip-hop´s cut 'n' paste method of collage has been just about the only musical style worth a damn.
With the possible ... See full review
posted a review of D.J. Shadow* - Q-Bert Mix (Live!!). over 16 years ago
Ahem.... 2,5 hours of downloading time and after all i found out I already owned this item. Well in the future i´ll take a closer look on 21 MByte downloads.
Nevertheless this record is an essential overview on DJ Shadows work and features most of the ... See full review
posted a review of Plug - Drum 'n' Bass For Papa. over 16 years ago
Luke Vibert purveyor of fine fried funk food. Right now he is blessed with perfect cryogenic cool. But you would never guess it from the unrestrained energy of this album, a raw, clatterbox fusion of jump-up drum'n'bass, heavyweight g-funk grooves and ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Food - Jazz Brakes Volume 4. over 16 years ago
The fourth part of the Jazz Brake series of DJ Food is familiar to all those who know the Coldcut mastermixes and the Ninja Tune Label program. Funky loops and cuts for an adventureous and inspired DJ-Set. PC,Strictly Kev and Coldcut where diggin´ deep ... See full review
posted a review of Deejay Punk-Roc - Chicken Eye. over 16 years ago
When DeeJay Punk-Roc bursts in the bigbeat scene in 1998 with "My Beatbox", music writers started the rumour that he
is the frontman of sum white british producer looking for street credibility…

However, his partyrockin´ imperatives on "I hate ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Krush. over 16 years ago
Krushes most important record is "Strictly Turntablized" launched in 1994 on MoWax …
In the early dayz of instrumental hiphop he refuses boring theory and concept shit and does not try to win the attention of "real" classic jazz musicians (asnow on ... See full review
posted a review of Scooter. over 16 years ago
Worst german dance combo that steals ideas from KLF to Shut up and dance (look at the video, the third mix of "I´m your pusher" and "I´m raving, i´m raving"), and puts horrifying supertramp samples on boring simple breakbeats. "I´m raving , i´m raving" ... See full review
posted a review of Alec Empire - Generation Star Wars. over 16 years ago
Somewhere in deep space, endless width,... all you can get is static noise and variations of the same musical rhythm. Radio noises are interferring the receivers ...but slowly there appears a giant string-sound out of the static, a deep peace took ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Vadim - U.S.S.R. Repertoire (The Theory Of Verticality). over 16 years ago
`Peace to my man DJ Vadim the dream on the dex....yeah..hahah freestyle in the meanwhile...owwwwww` A Nightmare on Valium !! Possibly the slowest record in the world ! DJ Vadim explores the space between the sounds and though creates a ... See full review
posted a review of - . over 16 years ago
The backbonebeats in dis record comprise skeletal, simplistic and mostly laidback hiphop loops. Their placement and sound equalisation proffer an edge of rusting fidelity but the repetition and overall vision for each sketch provides the listener with ... See full review
posted a review of Pizzaman - Trippin' On Sunshine. over 16 years ago
PIZZAMAN is the alter ego of Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, who realized this project sidekick together with Tim Jeffrey and JC Reed. Extremly kickin´ Latin Groove Piano which nobody can resist. Also the video is very cool, a Super 8 documentation of a ... See full review
posted a review of Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives. over 16 years ago
Prefuse 73 uses the human voice as an instrument and is though following the ideas of human beatbox. Stuttered rap voices whom are sampled from a record by putting down the needele on the record randomly. The result is not experimental at all but fresh ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Cam - DJ-Kicks. over 16 years ago
A real phat Hip-Hop DJ Kicks

Year ! Launch the CD in your player, get you a cup of tea and begin .... But stop, this mix compilation by DJ Cam is no well hung couchpotatoe tune for your daily blunt !!! It may seem so at the beginning ´cause ... See full review
posted a review of Bomb The Bass. over 16 years ago
Bomb the Bass

Tim Simenon aka Bomb the Bass rushes in the Billboard-Charts in 1988 with "Beat Dis" on the Rhythm King Label/ BCM Records at the age of 19. Together with "Pump up the Volume" from M/A/R/R/S it was the first Cut-Up Tune that hits the #1. ... See full review