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These records are not promo copy but they were a special limited edition only for deejays of the following discoteques and they were not for sale: Discoteques: Teatriz, Cellophane, Matis, Luxor, Paradiso, Empire Dance, Cocoricò.

Ray Ridha & J.J. Deville ‎– The Sound Of The Future Massive Generation :

Some other TOP hard to find vinyls in my collection:

Fire Galaxy ‎– Brainstorming
Trance Warrior ‎– Brother & Sisters
Stefano Bratti Feat. Bhakti - Hale-Bopp
DAVID E.P. (SV 20)
Dj Evian & Danny Martinez ‎– Check Guitar / Connected Groove
Max Karripa - Apoteosi
Isaac - Untitled
A Energy - Mastermind
Massimiliano Pasini ‎– Sweet Love
DJ Roby Zed - New Age Legend
Mark Angel - Pulsar E.P. Mark Angel - Pulsar E.P.
Stefano Valli - Message Two E.P.
DJ Mask - Vol. 5 EP
DJ Weizen - Virus Of Trance
Antiria ‎– Sound Of... / Tic Toc Bao
Gameland Entertainments Present Alan Afferry - Progressive Zone / Deep In Saudi
Indio Mistery - No Title
Snowday - Sin Sation
Zox And H2O2 - First Quark's
Al Tarf - Melody - Why?
Kelvin Base & 2nd Dynasty - The Rise EP
Vani.Mo ‎– Dont' Cry

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