DJ Shagz has been spinning wax since 1995, turning what started out as a hobby into a career of solid shows and high-profile gigs.

Shagz has performed in a number of locations across Canada, opening for a variety of artists such as The Crystal Method, Uberzone, David Usher, My Brilliant Beast, Methodology and Audio Playground High & Wide, as well as playing at industry events like the Toronto International Film Festival and the Reel Asian Film Festival. Shagz was also a semi-finalist in the premier North by North East DJ Competition held in Toronto, a guest dj on Focus – an internet radio show hosted at - and has played sets at many Toronto night spots such as the Kool Haus, the Docks, Revival, The El Mocambo, NASA Dance Pub (where he held a monthly residency), Labrynth, the Blue Moon and Area 51.

Shagz spins a varied mix of breaks and house, criss-crossing moods from funky to techy, deep 'n soulful to full-on bangers. However, Shagz's personal musical tastes are quite varied, allowing him to tailor most of his sets to any crowd. Whether it's old school hip hop, vintage funk, blunted down tempo or the occasional drum and bass, he can probably pull it out of his crates, making each set a unique experience.

DJ Shagz can be found spinning around the Toronto area at various locations. Visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for the latest on upcoming gigs, as well as listen to dj sets and internet broadcasts.
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