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posted a comment on Harry Manfredini - Friday The 13th. 2 months ago
I'll make an exact copy for less money than that lol
posted a comment on Taana Gardner - Heartbeat. 11 months ago
The multitrack session I have has no claps, which leads me to believe Larry added those himself in the final mix.
posted a comment on Kon - All About Youx. 11 months ago
Um.. hate to tell you this but Kon is from Boston Massachusetts ;)
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posted a comment on Mobb Deep - Shook Ones. about 1 year ago
I don't think a lot of cats are aware that this has the very rare first original Shook Ones acapella. The pt 2 anthem we all know starts off with Prodigy "I got you stuck off the realness.."
This vocal starts with "the most violent of the violent-ess ... See full review
posted a comment on D.R. Hooker - The Truth. over 2 years ago
It was booted many times, I think some of the unofficial early re-pressings are not listed here.
posted a comment on Tuxedo (6) - Tuxedo. over 2 years ago
Zapp and Roger and Parliament multitrack sessions ;)
posted a comment on Ron Buford / Ural Thomas - Deep Soul. over 2 years ago
Redbone's 18 yr old King Kong Pete Depoe on drums!
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posted a comment on Slick Rick - Children's Story. over 3 years ago
yes just pm me and I'll look around for it.
posted a comment on Guru & Donald Byrd - Loungin'. over 3 years ago
* Note * Track 4 is not the instrumental, it is a misprint. The track is actually Album version
posted a comment on Slick Rick - Children's Story. over 4 years ago
Warning this is **NOT** an official release!
It's a poorly made bootleg. They just added the knock em out the box instrumental and acapella leaked from the master tapes. Not even cd quality :(
posted a comment on Martin L. Dumas, Jr.* - Attitude, Belief & Determination. over 4 years ago
Well Joe if you have any sealed copies laying around you could probably retire off them not even joking. One just sold on Ebay for $2,200! 0_o
How many were pressed?
posted a comment on Outkast - Player's Ball. over 4 years ago
Is the original instrumental instrumental the one with the piano and a much heavier beat?
posted a comment on Diamond* - The Hiatus. over 5 years ago
I'm sorry but I'm calling bs on this release! No one has it and I have not seen it ever since this single came out. Please prove me wrong.
posted a comment on Playboy W - Executives. over 6 years ago
Great tune with guest rappers Mac Dre and Snoop. If anyone out there has a copy of the 12 single on wax for sale or the cd single mp3s pm me please. My copy is badly heat warped.
posted a comment on DJ Quik - Tonite. over 6 years ago
Since nobody seems to have this other than 1200tech and Steve Mackie my guess is that it is a fan made bootleg version of the 12" vinyl. It's the exact same track listing, and I bet it's also a cdr. :)
submitted Playboy W - Executives. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on 2Pac Featuring Outlaw Immortalz* - Hit 'Em Up. over 6 years ago
I'm very skeptical of this cd single. I think it's a bootleg. A friend pointed out that generally promo copies lead off with the version they want played first. In this case the clean edit would be track one. Also the fact that they left off track 6 on ... See full review
posted a comment on Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep. over 6 years ago
I believe the acapella time duration is an error. It lists 2:39 but I'm pretty it's only 50 seconds like all the other pressings. Can someone check to confirm this please?
posted a comment on The Vinyl Rippers - Rapper's Delight / The Breaks. over 7 years ago
The acapella on this 12" is not the Sugarhill Gang. It's a cover group.
posted a review of DirtDiggers - Disco Muff / Raw Funk. over 14 years ago
Explosive House remix of Vernon Burch's classic funk
stomper "Get up" 1979 sampled by Dee-Lite for "Groove is in the heart" A surefire funky house banger guaranteed!