I may be willing to sell or trade you a tune you are after. But then again I may not. It depends what you are after. No harm in trying. Anything I have rated 5/5 is not going anywhere so don't even bother trying for them. Save us both some energy. But everything is for sale at my homepage link above.
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posted a comment on T'N'I - Be Straight / Mad Situation . 23 days ago
The videos are mislabeled. The tune with the Yazoo samples is labelled as Be Straight.
posted a comment on 2 Kilos ? - The 'No Sell Out' EP. about 1 month ago
Funnily enough, back in 1992, I got in touch with Joe Cicero when I was visiting London. We met up and went to Knowledge. Adam X was the guest that night. Good times. :)
posted a comment on DJ Dara / Pieter K - From The Vaults Part One. 2 months ago
You are correct. However, Collusion was released on SM:)E and we wanted the remix to come out on BBS so we duplicitously changed the name. :)
posted a comment on Various - MP3 Collection: Jungle Hits. 3 months ago
Tracks 30 - 45 are a straight rip of my cd, Further, on Moonshine Records.
posted a comment on Sound Corp - Spirit E.P.. 5 months ago
Check out Musicology - Bubbles and see if you think Ghost of T&O is a remake. A lot of similarities IMO. https://www.discogs.com/composition/1fb27938-f787-40d5-ab90-faf9f08374a3-Bubbles
posted a comment on Aurora (3) - The Moons And The Melody EP. 7 months ago
Which one was the lowlife who owed you rent money?
posted a comment on Mark One (2) - Hoovers + Spray Cans. about 1 year ago
Anyone know the vocal sample source? I think I came across it years ago, it maybe "I'm just a guy in love", please please help

Always thought it said "I just can't get.....enough". That's what it sounds like to me.
posted a comment on High Contrast - Return Of Forever Remixes. over 3 years ago
We had a close relationship with Hospital Records and released several of their albums in the US. We also released some of the Klute albums. We thought it would be cool to have Klute remix a HC tune. And there you have it. :)
posted a comment on Nut-E-1 + Technarchy* - Tuneful / You Cannot. over 3 years ago
The sample is taken from 1:37 in this - https://youtu.be/0rGe2ND40as

posted a comment on Bedouin Ascent. over 4 years ago
Indeed. Slipstream is one of my favorite tracks of all time. So much detail and so many transitions. Genius.
posted a comment on DJ Dara - Rinsimus Maximus. over 5 years ago
My thoughts exactly ;)
posted a review of 2 Kilos ? - Mohamed's Mind. over 14 years ago
I remember hearing 2 of the tunes off this EP on a pirate radio tape my friend brought from London and deciding this was the music for me. There was no turning back. These tunes still sound unique today and to think they were made 15 years ago is ... See full review
posted a review of Young Free Radical - Slipstream. over 14 years ago
The track Slipstream is one of my 2 favourite tracks of all time. I remember being completely blown away the first time I heard it and it still does the same today. It is a hybrid of techno & hardcore that I have never come across again. The track itself ... See full review
posted a review of Various - We Are I.E.. over 14 years ago
The track "We Are IE" on this record is often cited as being the first proto-jungle tune. It was the first tune to really incorporate a heavy ragga bassline with a breakbeat and was an indicator of what was to come. It was a huge tune played by every dj ... See full review
posted a review of Universal Project - The Soundclash EP. over 14 years ago
Undoubtedly my favorite UP release. Covering many styles from mellow to dark to jumpy, this EP has it all. The track Soundclash uses samples from the old Kicksquad track of the same name released on Kickin Records in 1990, which, incidentally was ... See full review
posted a review of 23 Skidoo - Coup. over 14 years ago
The Chemical Brothers ripped it off alright but ended up having to pay for it. They were both signed to the same label at the time so an appropriate payoff was arranged.