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posted a comment on Zoviet France - >. 6 days ago
I just did a side-by-side and the 10" version clocks in at 8:44 while the LP version is 9:26. Also, right before the end where it changes up and stops, there is a brief snatch of some orchestral sample on the new version that isn't on the old one. So... See full review
posted a comment on :Zoviet France:* - Music For A Spaghetti Western. 6 days ago
OK, listening again and yes there is a sample that says "The End Of Nothing, The Beginning Of Everything", so I guess this will be retitled and included in the box.
posted a comment on Zoviet France - >. 7 days ago
just the fuckin' best, an absolute triumph of remastering with essential bonus material. five stars.
posted a comment on :Zoviet France:* - Music For A Spaghetti Western. 7 days ago
are you sure about that? the titles and track times here don't seem to match either of the two unreleased albums included in the 2nd Chasse volume.
posted a review of Jonathan Richman - SA. about 1 month ago
This is a really astonishing album from a true talent, his best in years. So happy to have the updated version of "Old World" on vinyl after seeing him do it live. Well worth your time and attention and money
posted a review of Neil Young - Touch The Clouds. 3 months ago
Just a fantastic bootleg, one of the best overall grab-bag style discs out there
posted a comment on Stereolab - Fluorescences (Demo). 3 months ago
got mine today! in Oregon. it's a lovely thing, to be sure.
posted a comment on Mecht Mensch - Acceptance. 5 months ago
for the love of god, someone please reissue this amazing record!
posted a comment on Sun Ra And His Arkestra* - Horizon. 6 months ago
this can't be from 1972 if it was distributed by Recommended, maybe 1982?
posted a comment on Articles Of Faith - Wait. 6 months ago
one of my biggest "had it, sold it, regretted it" moments was with the original of this. I'm so happy they reissued these with the original mixes!
posted a review of Half Japanese* - Calling All Girls. 7 months ago
one of the greatest debut singles of all time, essential
posted a review of The Red Crayola* - Born In Flames. 9 months ago
Their finest moment IMO, a tour de force that is essential for all Swell Maps/Raincoats/Essential Logic fans as well as those who dig Mayo's postpunk period
posted a review of Kingdom Scum - Punk. 10 months ago
side B (listed as side A here) has a double groove and more tracks that I don't think are listed here. great album!
posted a comment on Muslimgauze - No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel. 12 months ago
um are you familiar with this period of his work? take a listen to Farouk Enjineer or Tandoori Dog and then decide if what you hear on this record should be there
posted a comment on :zoviet-france:* - Châsse. about 1 year ago
thank you for clarifying the "Burning Bush" mystery, I was wondering about that based on track times
posted a review of :zoviet-france:* - Châsse. about 1 year ago
The easiest 5-star rating I've ever given, the #1 essential reissue of 2019. Bonus points for the extra material included on the Gris LP (which is absolutely incredible), the sensitive remastering, the Mohnomishe lock groove on side E, and the... See full review
posted a comment on Sun Ra - I Am Strange. about 1 year ago
Sun Ra is credited on "space harp" as per the Art Yard "Singles" 3CD release liner notes
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Biota - Invisible Map. about 1 year ago
arguably their best album, certainly top five for me. bewitching and essential.
posted a review of Stereolab - Switched On. about 1 year ago
This reissue sounds absolutely goddamn majestic, best version I've heard and I've owned both OG vinyl and CD. Highest recommendations for this whole series.
posted a comment on Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms. about 1 year ago
As per the 2015 comment below, this is a terrible pressing. Inexcusable flaws throughout, the kind of distortion that lasts a full revolution and is easily visible with a wave editor. Avoid at all costs.
posted a comment on Coil - Wormsongs. about 1 year ago
incredible stuff, essential if you're a fan. grab it now.
posted a comment on Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. about 1 year ago
sadly no, although they played a few "reunion" shows on the West Coast in 2004 or so and ATP in 2011. they could really use a reissue program, one of the best bands in the US during the 90s.
posted a review of Esther Suarez - La Bolognesina. about 1 year ago
superb, dreamy huaynos music, very highly recommended if you are a fan
posted a review of Various - Switched-On Eugene. about 1 year ago
Truly amazing record, a wide variety of styles and approaches.
posted a comment on Organum - Raven. about 1 year ago
has anyone heard this? I'd love any input as to what\'s going on with this release.
posted a review of Die Kreuzen - Cows And Beer. over 2 years ago
the definitive reissue, primo Midwest hardcore that constantly threatens to careen off the rails but still somehow maintains the tight unity of the band as they burn through six early classics.
posted a comment on Evil Twin (14) - Living In Vain. over 2 years ago
not the same band as the Karl Blake project that this is filed under, please change
posted a comment on Coil - Astral Disaster Sessions Un/Finished Musics. over 3 years ago
my pressing is flawless, really, I was genuinely impressed with the quality
posted a review of Eyvind Kang - Plainlight. over 3 years ago
incredible album, buy now or regret it later. the sort-of followup to Live Low To The Earth..., and almost as satisfying.
posted a comment on Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders*, Jeffrey Fredericks & The Clamtones* - Have Moicy!. over 4 years ago
can anybody comment on how this sounds compared to the original Rounder LP?
posted a review of Jandek - Toronto Sunday. over 4 years ago
A particularly amazing example of "modern era" Jandek, featuring the representative sing-speaking his way through a surprisingly dynamic and beautiful score for orchestra and 3-piece rock band.
posted a comment on Unrest (2) - Imperial F.F.R.R.. over 5 years ago
this should be under the master release page, not separate
posted a review of Sun City Girls - Torch Of The Mystics. over 5 years ago
the sound on this is superb, I have heard all three versions and this is by far the best to my ears.
posted a comment on Robbie Băsho* - The Falconer's Arm II. over 5 years ago
me too, a total waste of money
posted a comment on Loose Joints - Pop Your Funk. over 5 years ago
I just bought one today in Oregon, USA
added Various - Badaboom Gramophone #4 to their collection. over 8 years ago