I'm a DJ and have also been a collector of dance music for years. I don't play everything I own anymore so I've decided to sell some of it here on Discogs. Since I started selling on Discogs, I've also regularly been acquiring new stock from various sources - primarily other DJ colleagues of mine who also are offloading some of their vinyl collection - so check back often, there's always something new! :)

I've got a little bit of everything in my collection - from classic disco to today's mainstream and underground club music. House, trance, electro, breaks, circuit anthems, ambient, D&B, disco, italodance, hi NRG - every genre you can think of, practically - and I have tons of releases from remix services like Hot Tracks, Disconet, Razormaid, Prime Cuts, Eurotracks, Art of Mix and more. If you don't see what you're looking for here, just ask me - there's a good chance I may have it but haven't put it up here yet.

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