A Figment of MIND own imagination. That is all...I think?
45 year old and collector of all sorts of music on VINYL since my early teens. I love electronic music i.e. Acid House Electro Techno Hardcore Rave Darkside Jungle DnB Ambient and everything else in-between. I also love Funk Soul Dub Library music Trip Hop Hip Hop Rap Field music Experi-mental Jazz Fusion and anything a little obscure dark and weird behind the ears! I love finding vocal and beat samples that were used by electronic producers so as to inform everyone of how this musical web all ties in together. Music is a life saver! I am a spray can artist who produces art of the abstract kind. I love photography but don't take it too seriously (check my two pics on my page). Also, I am a part-time music producer BUT collecting records is my game. I have three cats which make four including myself. I live by a quote by an anonymous person which is "SANITY IS THE PLAYGROUND FOR THE UNIMAGINATIVE!" I'm am not sure if I am totally human! Peeeaccce
P.s. When you been there and dunnit, you realize that decades later... Represses of a quality nature do totally and correctly have to come about because THE recordings needed to be represented. So for all music lovers... Check your MIND.

Wouldnt it be great if Discogs could donate a small percentage of record sales from us buyers back to the original producers of all music. Just a thought.............
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posted a comment on Ceephax* - Volume Two. 3 days ago
Ah thanks for that. Shame as I would have thought that such a stunning label would still be up and running...
posted a review of Underground Resistance - Interstellar Fugitives. 3 days ago
Well on better hearing I disagree with myself..... This album is has the best run out grooves (When it comes to the end) Locked.. Keep it locked! 2019 ;)
posted a review of Caspar Pound. 6 days ago
I was listening to a track by 303 nation last night (Dos https://www.discogs.com/303-Nation-6-Tracker/master/31233 ) and it suddenly reminded me of Pioneers of the warped groove. That same feeling... Caspar Pound. Believe me when I say...You are still ... See full review
posted a comment on Radioactive Man - Luxury Sky Garden. 6 days ago
Steve Chop makes up for it! I think at least...
posted a comment on Ceephax Acid Crew - Bainted Smile EP. 6 days ago
And it reminds of Acid and Techno going back to 1993... Ghost Train Acid reminds me of the Universal Indicator series!
posted a review of Ceephax* - Volume Two. 6 days ago
£50 plus quid. You must be joking! Rephlex repress, please! I want it for the super crazy TX Ogre!!!
posted a comment on Ceephax* - Acid Quakers 1000. 6 days ago
Maybe its Andy himself? He's a multitalented guy! acid quackers!
posted a review that has since been deleted. 6 days ago
posted a comment on Second Phase - Mentasm. 6 days ago
Omg!!! So I ended up recording “Acid Pandemonium” while I was there instead. (It could’ve been the B-side.)... Now that would have been a crazy 12" record!!! Cheers Acid nutter for the digging deep... I'm gonna copy and paste the interview and put it up ... See full review
posted a review of The Ragga Twins - Wipe The Needle. 6 days ago
The "Rolling" vocal samples this https://www.discogs.com/Mad-Professor-Dub-Me-Crazy-/master/86811 Mad Professor ‎– Dub Me Crazy !! Track entitled Zion. Also SUAD/Ragga Twins sample ... See full review
posted a comment on King Tubby - Fatman Presents: Unleashed Dub From King Tubby's Studio Vol. 1. 7 days ago
If you have the time please add it to the database as a new release. ;)
posted a comment on Warlock (3) - Window Smasher. 7 days ago
Just amended Style section...
Dubstep, Breakbeat, Breaks. Wicked ep from the man like Warlock who has been djing at clubs and on a pirate radio station way back in the day till present ;)
posted a review of Asmus Tietchens. 8 days ago
This guy A.T. took music to limits that other producers later in years would take further (or copy and speed the bpms a bit)! Asmus Tietchens is a seriously important factor in electronic music past present and phuture gone!
posted a comment on Asmus Tietchens - Spät-Europa. 8 days ago
Dark music coinciding with Detroit Techno ;) Cold music with a twist ;)
posted a review of Asmus Tietchens - Litia. 8 days ago
Zeebrügge freaks me out! I always thought this track was regarding the horrible disaster Zeebrugge ferry disaster! But the disaster happened in 1987 but this track by Asmus Tietchens was produced in 1983. The track freaks me out because IT reminds me of ... See full review
posted a comment on Clare Torry. 8 days ago
Can anyone help? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=30&v=2qJt6bMerpM As Seen On TV. Was this ever released?
posted a comment on Undercover Elephant & DJ Secret Squirrel* - Fresh Vegetable / Acid Beard Massive. 9 days ago
Does anyone know any details on the MC who chats ragga on the last track?
posted a comment on DJ Panik & The Freaky - In Da Jungle EP. 9 days ago
Somebody out there must know more details about the MC on this track!? The unknown MC writes and delivers a wicked rhyme!
posted a comment on 2 Kilos ? - Mohamed's Mind. 9 days ago
Is Mohamed's Mind anything to do with this guy? https://www.discogs.com/artist/861967-Darren-Mahommed
posted a comment on Skream - Skream!. 9 days ago
That flute works very well in my humble onion! Layers ...
posted a comment on Consequence (6) - Live For Never (LP Sampler). 9 days ago
Drum n Bass? Am I missing something here! Hmmm ...
posted a comment on Dr. Octagon - Instrumentalyst (Octagon Beats). 9 days ago
Earth People (Instrumental) ... Is this the darker version with that spaced out gnarly bassline?
posted a review of The Kosmik Kommando - Kosmik Kommando EP. 16 days ago
Mike Cullen states on his Bandcamp page 4 Recordings from 1990 to 1992. I'd love to know which ones were recorded in 1990 as they are/were way ahead of 99% of acid made back at the beginning of a new and utterly exciting decade!
posted a review of Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune. 19 days ago
Utter shite! It really is that bad....................... ? SO MANY
posted a review of Nebula II - Seance / Atheama. 19 days ago
Happy -Hardcore (quote unquote) that delivered the aural sonic delivery that if you danced...You danced! 1992! Hardcore defined.. Happy (appy) , intense vibrant and intensley crafted... Confusion? Peace from the old nearly 46 year old git! Love the ... See full review
posted a review of Nebula II - Flatliners. 19 days ago
That piano breakdown (on both tracks) then the shift up is incredible..... Earlier last year in 2018 (yep now its 2thousand&onenine) I had the pleasure of seeing Richard McCormack play a wicked set (on vinyl, of course, huh) at a little festie called ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 21 days ago
posted a comment on Plug. 22 days ago
You summed it up perfectly! No more blah blah words needed ;) P.s. Looking forward to more from the mad'un that is Vibert! Peace
posted a review of Cubic 22 - Rave The Reflex. 25 days ago
Wyro is pure bliss... As we roll into 2019 let's all try to be more kind to each other! This planet deserves it and so do we! PEACE ;)
posted a comment on 2 Kilos ? - The 'No Sell Out' EP. 25 days ago
Yes, mate that is some shout outs to the crew's tribes and respected dj's and producers who made this scene what it is! Love it ;)
posted a comment on Piero Piccioni - Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (The Original Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack). 28 days ago
Yep keep me posted on this guys! Cheers amigos! Peace ;)
posted a comment on The Boy'z Dem From Booby Trap - Mystical Minds. about 1 month ago
Yes read below comments mate... wicked tune and sample .
posted a review of LXC / Senses (2) - I Know U / Rodney's Choice. about 1 month ago
Senses (2) Rodney's Choice . Love the choice sampling of The Boy'z Dem From Booby Trap ‎– Mystical Minds 3... Plus many very more samples from yesterday.. .. Top marks on this tune!
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Jay Chattaway - Maniac - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. about 1 month ago
Got the soundtrack on vinyl.. Now all I need is to buy the dvd and watch it.. Any links as I cannot seem to find this film anywhere!
posted a comment on Mad Ragga Jon & Stetly - Fall Down On Me / The Power. about 1 month ago
Haha ahaha ... 1993 was good and bad which obviously know. Crackheads rockstars ruined rave! But I still love the darker mad hardcore
posted a review of The House Crew - Keep The Fire Burning / Get On Up. about 1 month ago
Get On Up . How Jungle hardcore should be and is!
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Various - Acid Beats 2. about 1 month ago
Hmmmm... There is more to this LP back then and now. Jack Factory Shoom is a belter. The reggae drum roll (is it one of Augustus Pablo tracks?) slams into some crazy abstract stuff! Track samples Phuture Pfantasy Club* - Slam .. Those rolling ... See full review
posted a review of Jessie Deep! - Lost Tracks Vol. 1. about 1 month ago
S.H.U.M. takes the vocal sample from Jack Factory -Shoom https://www.discogs.com/Various-Acid-Beats-2/master/217712 ... Jessie Deep! Has never made a duff track! All his productions are deeeeep and intricate! Love it! S.HU.M. was heavily sampled by ... See full review
posted a comment on Warrior Records. about 1 month ago
Why does this not link up to Warriors Dance? It's still Tony Thorpes label!
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Liaisons Dangereuses - Liaisons Dangereuses. about 1 month ago
Those good old days when everything was recorded pretty much live. Los Niños Del Parque. This track is obviously a classic then and now . But please check the rest of the album. DAF not Daftpunk..... But then again this isn't DAF or daft punk.... Today ... See full review
posted a review of Raw Dope Posse - Listen To My Turbo. about 1 month ago
Super excellent tune! And I (partly) agree with cheebacheeba. Yes, the sound was ironically sounding dated in 1988 i.e. basically harking back to 'It's Your's" style production by (Rick Rubin & Jazzy Jay) T La Rock but it was refreshing to hear the ... See full review
posted a review of Imiafan / Machinepop - Split EP. about 1 month ago
Toothpaste. Darkwaves flowing hovering upside down, inside out over old school beat programming. Old school as in the beats sound Industrial and at the same time like Juan Atkins a.k.a. Model 500.
Those lyrics with the warbled sinister vocoder treatment ... See full review
submitted Cabbage Boy - Genetically Modified . about 1 month ago
posted a review of Unique 3 - Weight For The Bass / Musical Melody. about 1 month ago
Who was the engineer on this whole record? I would love to know! A Weight worth in sub bass jungle gold ;) The way the Bas Noir original piano has been chopped up to fit the beats is incredible. Big up all round! P.s. there wasn't too far a distance ... See full review
posted a review of Unique 3 And The Mad Musician* - Only The Begining / The Theme. about 1 month ago
"We are the original ACID HOUSE creators. We hate ALL commercial house! Masturbaters!
posted a review of The Picnic Suite - Children Of The Rainbow / Virtual World. about 1 month ago
1991? I'm sure this is from 1989 when I bought this back in the day. ? Maybe I am wrong but it has an earlier sound to it than 1991. Brilliant 12" sound. This record always reminded me of French music but at 16 I could never understand why. I still can't ... See full review