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posted a review of Giulio Aldinucci - Shards Of Distant Times. 4 months ago
"Phoenix" is probably in my top 3 favorite dark ambient tracks of 2020. Just discovered this amazing artist. It's really rare to find something outside of the well known dark ambient circles/labels that can be considered true dark ambient. Dark... See full review
posted a review of Cold Womb Descent - Futurism. 5 months ago
horrible, utter garbage. What a disappointing mainstream turn. Return to your roots or stop writing music
posted a review of Mount Shrine & Alphaxone - Dream Chambers. 5 months ago
Horribly boring mainstream ambient. "Beyond The Gates" is the only dark ambient track on this album, the rest is generic, tired, uninspired and unoriginal, and most importantly too bright for the style. A mainstream cash grab? What is this album?... See full review
posted a review of Ruptured World - Interplanetary. 5 months ago
Worst album so far. Uninspired, tired, Dark Ambient elements have been replaced with mainstream Ambient, a few more steps and we're in lounge territory. Big disappointment
posted a review of Various - Forgotten, Abandoned, Desolated vol.3. 7 months ago
"The Barren Road To Elysium" what a beautiful masterpiece. They compose these masterpieces as soon as I start to say classic Dark Ambient is dead. Each year there's a couple of tracks that keep the old flame alive. Skadi you reset the timer for us... See full review
posted a review of Mount Shrine - Shortwave Ruins. 11 months ago
Unoriginal, mediocre compared to previous works. I hope it's not a downward spiral for this talented artist 2.5/5
posted a review of Council Of Nine - Davidian. about 1 year ago
Very generic mainstream ambient, hard to find "darkness" in this uplifting MTV-friendly collection of copy-paste tracks. No personality, no soul, no darkness, no memorable parts, this is far from true Dark Ambient!
posted a comment on Mount Shrine - Secluded Loops. about 1 year ago
Very nice of the artist to release this for free, but the tracks are very generic and soulless. This is actually plain simple Ambient, and not Dark Ambient.
posted a review of Flowers For Bodysnatchers - Alive With Scars. over 2 years ago
Most overrated act in the industry, producing mainstream ambient with silly piano tracks, nothing "Dark" about it. A bit less silly piano tracks on this album, but makes up for it with cliche-ridden elements lacking style or personality.
posted a review of Crisis Actor (4) - Statement Of Intent. over 2 years ago
A brilliant little gem, nice melancholic style with a new and refreshing style, oftentimes reminding me of the best years of Raison D'Être, while adding something unique to the mix. Just the perfect amount of melody and industrial elements, really... See full review
posted a comment on Flowers For Bodysnatchers - Alive With Scars - Prologue. over 2 years ago
First track sounds like music from a cheap TV ad targeted at pensioners. A total misunderstanding of the style "Dark Ambient"
submitted Crisis Actor (4) - Statement Of Intent. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 - Ur Djupan Dal. over 3 years ago
Simon, please stop collaborating. Musical quality drops as soon others meddle with your work. You're a one man army, others can't even come close to your art. Thanks Herbst9 for dragging him down to your dull, mediocre level.
posted a comment on Antikatechon - I Feel Nothing But Repulsion. over 3 years ago
worst album so far. I hope it's not a sign of decline in quality. "From Defeat To Disintegration" only good track on par with previous works
submitted Cousin Silas - The Law Of Contagion. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Canis Arboris. over 3 years ago
"Ne Bojte Se Nista" is clearly their Magnum Opus. Extremely well composed uplifting Dark Ambient track with immense emotional depth. I love the voice tracks resembling the heyday of Martial Industrial thrown over it
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Instincts / Bustum (3) - The Mystery Visions. over 3 years ago
This will drag your soul to the depths of the void
What a brilliant masterpiece
posted a comment on Arcana. over 4 years ago
You can't compare Arcana to DCD, Arcana is on the dark side while DCD is much more mainstream and experimental, sometimes going full retard on the experimental cheesy stuff. Arcana built up it's own unique, dark, melancholic sound never selling out to... See full review
posted a comment on Metatron Omega - Sanctum. over 4 years ago
Shallow, bland, uninteresting and too ordinary compared to their unique debut album "Gnosis Dei"
submitted Enmarta - The Hermit. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Ordo Catharis Templi - Evolution (Templum Comparatio II.). over 4 years ago
Absoluthum 07 is an absolute hidden gem, especially the part with the cathartic male chant, gives you goosebumps. Very underrated. This screams for a re-release with a few remixes by talented dark ambient or industrial artists.
posted a comment on Catafalco - That Which Is In The Afterworld. over 4 years ago
"Ancient Invocation To The Gods" is one of the best dungeon synth tracks of the year, very original
posted a review of Phragments - All Towers Must Fall. over 4 years ago
Just another generic drone borefest. I weep for the abandonment of the old martial industrial era. What a waste of talent, what a horrible waste.
posted a comment on GoatCraft - The Blasphemer. over 5 years ago
"Satan In His Original Glory" is truly glorious, It's the artist's magnum opus. Black Metal on a piano. Wonderful, unique piece of art.
submitted Fraunhofer Diffraction - Todesopfer. over 5 years ago
submitted Skadi (2) - Retrospective II. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Vinterriket. over 5 years ago
Not monotonous at all. If you find this monotonous you should avoid dark ambient and similar genres.
posted a comment on Plaguewielder - World Funeral Requiem. over 5 years ago
"Shadows Of Mortality" is clearly the highlight of this EP, a unique track mixing elements of black metal and dark ambient, hope to hear more of this artist
posted a comment on Metatron Omega - Gnosis Dei. over 5 years ago
Best dark ambient release of 2015 without doubt, a unique underrated gem
posted a comment on Majdanek Waltz - Nachtlied. over 5 years ago
Boredom of the year. Nachtlied ("Night Song" in german) is a perfect title, 4 minutes in and you're sleeping tight.
posted a review of Les Colonnes De L'Éternité - A Soldier Of Lifeforce. over 5 years ago
Severly underrated melancholic martial industrial masterpiece.
It's incredibly difficult to find anything similar, "dalakouras" has no idea what he's talking about. Venezuela? China? please PM me those artists

This album is a unique gem, it 's on... See full review