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posted a comment on Kuf (2) - GGGGG. 3 months ago
Krem is one of my favourite techno tracks of late. A refreshing change from the cold, brittle techno that is too common theses days.
posted a comment on Ed Chamberlain - Does Ape. 3 months ago
This track is absolutely amazing. I cannot do it justice. One of the best in my collection (For what thats worth).
posted a comment on Synectics - The Purple Universe. 3 months ago
Sorry but my copy sounds loud and crisp, the artwork i feel doesn't stray away too far from the original version AND i didn't pay over the odds for it. So overall, for me, this is a welcome and much appreciated release.
posted a comment on DJ Healer - Nothing 2 Loose. 3 months ago
Better late than never but wow, this is some album. Lush loops aplenty.
posted a comment on Black Dog Productions - Bytes. 5 months ago
Please Warp, this is in serious need of a remastered repress. Timeless stuff.
posted a comment on The 7th Plain - Chronicles I . 10 months ago
Two years on and still no Chronicles II, anybody have any news regarding a release?
posted a comment on Equiknoxx Music, Mark Ernestus - Mark Ernestus Remixes. 10 months ago
Again, B side is the one. Basic but absolute quality. Future classic.
posted a comment on Repeat - Repeats. 10 months ago
Would love to see this little gem get a repress, nudge nudge wink wink.
posted a comment on Justin David - Monument Tracks Vol. One. about 1 year ago
Hemisphere is just perfect. Hope this gets a repress soon.
posted a comment on HOLOVR - Likemind 05. over 2 years ago
This release was always going to be difficult, the bar was set so high with the previous 4! However, its a strong comeback and how good is it to see Likemind return?