Every release in my collection is ORIGINALS, RETAIL VERSIONS in same format as it's listed in my collection! My collection is 100 % up to date always! MP3/FLAC files Is nothing worth and it's not interesting to collect either. I'm sad to see that the music styles I love and collected is more or less gone digital these days, the good side of it I can concentrate to collect the golden oldschool gems released on vinyl and cd.

I bought a lots of stuff here on discogs over the years as it's almost the only place today to hunt down the records/CDs I like to have without spending the whole life searching for them among garbage and thrift stores and just ending up with wasting my quality time ! (TAKE THESE WORDS TO YOUR HEART AND SWIM OUT TO DISCOGS MARKETPLACE AND ENJOY THE PLEASURE TO DIG UP YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC FOR MEDIAN PRICES IN GREAT CONDITIONS ON A DIGITAL PLATFORM WHILE LISTENING TO GREAT MUSIC AND ENJOYING A CUP OF COFFEE =)

I do not always put to much effort when rating my records/cds, normally not between 3 and 4 stars. Many releases is rated after just one listening but could change or being updated in the future. Keep in mind rating it's nothing but a personal opinion!

This is always an uwanted record. Music often make me ill while listening to or miles distance from my taste of music and understanding of it. A record that naturally not belong in my collection and gladly I barely have none! This means it could be a possible 5 star for another listener. This is a release i'm for sure not have paid for but may reached my hands as a bonus through buying a lots/bulk or found among the garbage somewhere. I will for sure trying to sell it!

A record I normally won't pay or have paid for just like 1 star releases but could been bought for chance after recognizing the label or the artist name. Surely I will try to sell this in a near future. it's differ usually from my normal taste or is within my music taste but do not attract me anyway. This is a release I maybe just grab again and bring to the table maximum one time of a year for just see if i can change my mind about it. This release could easily be a 5 star recording for another listener that fully can understand the musical content of the audio. (that's the nice thing that we all have different music taste ;)

Means Good/OK! Could be a release that I may loved for many years ago but then music taste have progressed and changed direction. This release is often collectible for me and can stay in collection without bothering me but as my collection has grown I have began to cleanse out many 3 star rated releases to make room for more wanted choons. A 3 star release could also mean it has bigger meaning spiritual, emotional or lyrical and nostalgic purpose than I really get out of the musical content itself. Otherwise for the music itself it often dwells in my ordinary music style and could be put on the table for 1-3 times per year but will normally not make any bigger impacts and memorable times for me.

Maybe my most used rating and this is for I seldom buy records/cds for chance or try anymore. A release I normally will hunt or put in my wantlist for future purchase. Second hand releases which is colllectible/memorable or good as 4 stars can I spend lots of money for depending how rare and how much I want it for the moment.

Could mean a classic for me or just damn good song over again! These releases are always comfortable listening to anytime, they have a combination of appealing musical content, spiritual emotions and nostalgic value or could be in the future. For getting 5 star it's necessary to range within my music taste otherwise I would not fully understand the musical content and then unable to give it a 5 star. A release I could pay whatever I have to get hold of it! These is releases I always will return to and not growing tired off. For old stuff they have stood the test of time! for new stuff i'm blown away!


I have been seeing and explored that overgrading in condition of CDs and Vinyls here on discogs have been an major problem. I do not want to buy a record graded as VG+ showing up as G or G+ and pay huge amounts of shipping for just getting crap! I would never myself sell records/cds in bad condition if not stated that clear. Many seller takes purpose and protection by their computer screens which makes the buyers not able to view with own eyes what they actually paying for, strange behaviour from sellers but not everlasting which won't last long as buyers on this site isn't complete idiots who think they are on a thrift store.

I also think VG+ grade have more or less become somewhat of a standard regular grade where you can get almost near mint record with just a single hairline, small dented corner or minimal ringwear but you can also get records with heavy worned edges, several dented corners of sleeves and badly removed stickers, Seam splits on several edges, popping disc, worn grooves.

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posted a comment on Psychonaut - Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
This must actually be one of the most underrated albums in the Psy genre in whole (my opinion of course...) but hello!? it's least deserves a 4/5 in ratings. This record is maybe not so original like X-dream - Radio but it's not so far away, at least... See full review
posted a comment on Psychonaut - Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
This must actually be one of the most underrated albums in the Psy genre in whole (my opinion of course...) but hello!? it's least deserves a 4/5 in ratings. This record is maybe not so original like X-dream - Radio but it's not so far away, at least... See full review
posted a comment on Mystica - Age Of Innocence. over 4 years ago
The song Ashes to Ashes is simply one of the top 5 Full On songs I've ever heard! Whole Record put together is the best Israeli trance album out there together with the two first albums from MFG! 5/5
posted a comment on The Infinity Project - Time And Space EP. over 4 years ago
More than 50 users here already says they have this record? Really wonder how many copies there was made.
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I wished this album was released on vinyl. Maybe a 4xLP soon?
posted a comment on Airwave Vs Rising Star - Sunspot. over 4 years ago
IMO the best and most danceable Airwave song ever; Fantastic buildup and drive in this tune! Quite simply but so massive 5/5
posted a comment on Johann (9) - Blow Your Mind. over 4 years ago
The track B2 Forget Yourself is so amazing that I was blown away first time I heard it, second time I played it I almost blowed my HIFI speakers at home, so good Is that track! You can't resist to move your body! BOOOM!
posted a comment on Ovnimoon - Love Is The Key EP. over 4 years ago
Capitalist tactics is usual here when there is only one item for sale. when the time goes and years passes by and maybe 3-5 others found the marketplace with a more normal price their prices will looks silly =)
posted a comment on Shakta - Silicon Trip. over 4 years ago
Taylor was one of the most hard working musicians in the psy genre with many different projects and still going on . He has a unique sound in every style and he really deserves respect and love and THIS album is one of his finest moments !
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Bug. over 4 years ago
German Engineering on top! A really fine example of Goa Morphing into Psytrance 4/5
posted a comment on Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom. over 4 years ago
It was with this album everything went downhill, or upwards if you look to their career as musicians... With this album they wanted to be something more than just pure PsyTrance and began with their experimental sound. They show absolutely top skills... See full review
posted a comment on Kirsty Hawkshaw Meets Tenishia - Reasons To Forgive. over 5 years ago
Mediocre for the time fashion melt down vocal trance going nowhere.
posted a comment on Filo And Peri* With Eric Lumiere - Shine On. over 5 years ago
an awful and commercial pop trance song with male vocals. stay away!
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progressive house classic for sure ! also check out there full length on the same label! 5/5
submitted Mind One - Only Memories. over 5 years ago
submitted Astral Projection - The Astral Projection EP Part 2. over 5 years ago
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Go Straight for the Manwithnoname remix! An instant and timeless classic! the original mix is not wrong either but manwithnoname twist it further. This is a song all trance youngster should hear at first! 5 STARS
submitted Hedustma - Forms 01. over 5 years ago
submitted DJane Gaby - Spiral Lights. over 5 years ago
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posted a comment on Anjuna Records. over 6 years ago
Problematic israeli label, do not support it! Altough the music released by them is high quality!
submitted Various - Flow Two. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on UX - Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond). over 6 years ago
I can tell you all, it's nice to be back in the 90's again! After long time delay and waiting for this piece of plastic i felt like a child placing it into the cd player. For me, with a youth background as a metalhead I naturally like my goa / psy... See full review
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maybe you shoud test out etnica - alien protein or pleiadians I.F.O. Before making such a statement?
posted a comment on Xploring Inner Space* - Electric Rites. over 6 years ago
Very underrated album here seen on the actual rating! This is a nice melting goa trance together with psy trance! Top quality production where you can feel the german engineering which makes the album sounds innovative and fresh even today!
posted a comment on Black Hole Recordings. over 6 years ago
this label is buried with crap these days and you know that to in your heart dancemania! I have a vote for blue tunes recordings!
posted a comment on Nemesis (27) Vs. Pura Natura - DJ Hallucination E.P.. over 6 years ago
pure groove to be found here! check this out and swing your legs! 5/5
posted a comment on Talamasca - The Time Machine. over 6 years ago
The second song on this album is a great full-on choon and alone makes it worth to own the cd!
posted a comment on John O'Callaghan. over 6 years ago
here we have another lollipop trance producer in the new melodic trance era. Flat and plain, souless and uninspiring.... and some are calling him king of trance? are people kidding...Kids, go and search up a random track by etnica/pleiadians instead... See full review
posted a comment on Ferry Corsten - Right Of Way. over 6 years ago
Go straight on for the b-side! Kyoto is really uplifting and mind pushing! Pretty high quality tune for coming out from ferrry in 2004.
posted a comment on Filo & Peri. over 6 years ago
One of the most overrated producers in melodic trance in all time! I can't understand the hype and the fame they got!
submitted Dithforth - The Beach 2008. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Paste - Blow Out. over 6 years ago
Perfect darker psy prog! Such great sounding. Psychedelic trance like these are almost forgotten today! But around 1999-2002 was a great time and very many releases was made. The darker psy prog with a minimal techno twist was an interesting era of... See full review
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Love this! Special tracks! It's not transa in general sound but i wished they released more stuff like this! 5/5
posted a comment on DJ Danjo & Rob Styles - Duende. over 6 years ago
One of the best breakdowns i've heard in a trance track is to be found here! Go straight for the signum remix 5/5
posted a comment on Indoctrinate - Feeling You. over 6 years ago
One of the best oldies i've heard in melodic trance! I guess many missed this one out! Golden gem 5/5!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Son Kite - Remixes. over 6 years ago
For this release it's all about the bumbling loons remix i can promise. It really awaken my ears after the 2 first decent tracks.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago